crushes suck and here's why



at least he likes you…


nah its gotten to the point where its super creepy…if u scroll up a bunch youll see some stories regarding him and you’ll see what a weirdo he is :((


well damn, run girl/boy if he’s obsessive- I ended up having a guy like that on my back too at one point, heck somehow he managed to find my address and then proceed to stare at me through the window downstairs…


I get what you mean by they literally crush you-but then again, i should only be mad at myself since I pushed him away.
But then he is a manipulative piece of charming and charismatic shit at the same time.
But somehow I still have feelings for him


that why its so hard to find a boy who isnt gay!!!


can’t relate, I tend to fall for the bad boys, fuck boys or player types
as you can see, I have terrible taste


I remember this one crush i had he lead me on :sob::sob::sob: supposedly he liked me because he would always talk about me on his snap and he would give all the signs but never asked me out…he was a bad boy too


ughhh! exact situation I’m in now,
but I know it’s my fault


yeet this guy now knows i have english first period from simply seeing me in the hallway where all the english classes were…also he once stopped me right in front of the bathroom door just to talk to me even though i made it pretty obvious that i didnt wanna talk…and he keeps tagging along with me to the library…and he just keeps on looking at me

^thats just a shortened summary of all the weird experiences ive had with him…


just kick him in the balls and he’ll never bat an eyelid at you ever again-worked for me


i thought my crush was gay for a lil bit lmao then it turns out hes straight and has a girlfriend :smiley: fun times


I don’t know whether that’s worse or better…


ok but i have absolutely no reason to kick him in the balls…if he ever tries to come onto me then hell yeah ill beat the shit out of him


right, soooo I’m now going to proceed to spill the tea and write this pointless rant because why tf not, I’m in pain :slight_smile:


way worse that hes straight bc if he was gay, at least then id know i dont have a chance with him at all


Around summer last year before breaking up from school, I had my best friend’s ex crush, who is also my friend’s ex (who I gave successful relationship advice to when they were together and managed to get them to stay together for another six months before he decided to cheat on her) approach me and randomly start talking to me.
Keep in mind, I know he’s a piece of shit, but my dumb ass decides to let my guard down.
I don’t know why I didn’t cut him off- I guess it’s because I was like to myself, “Oh, but I’ve not heard his side of the story!”.

Regardless, it was first period. Music, a bore since the class is dead. Anyway, he randomly starts talking to me, being all funny and manages to ease into not only conversation, but my life. And friggin flip my world upside down. Somehow, I still don’t know how, this guy managed to get me to tell him not only about my ex (I kept our whole relationship a secret and very low key so no one found out) and my crushes, who no one knows about. In my defence, I only let my guard down and told him about them simply because he told me about his crushes.

It’s like after that one conversation, we were friggin’ glued together, wherever he was I was (guess that was mainly because he’s in the same form as me and we had most of our classes together).

Nevertheless, I was apparently a very “mysterious person” to him. He wanted to know my secrets.


Anyway, he told me everything about his life, I told him very little of mine (I’ve been through some screwed up shit that I’m not willing to tell anyone). Two months into knowing him and I caught butterflies- I remember being on holiday in Spain and whenever I had free time and wifi, I was always snapping him or dming him. Our conversations felt like minutes but lasted hours- I didn’t want to let go of this feeling but I wanted to run away at the same time because I was terrified of not only getting hurt, but hurting his ex too who I view as a little sister.

He is and was very flirty, I accidentally lead him on but then friendzoned and literally brotherzoned the guy like and idiot because I kept on denying my feelings and running away. Keep in mind, he’s a notorious fuckboy at my school, was hated for cheating on his ex when he first started talking to me (got popular again this year) yet very funny, charming and charismatic- able to manipulate and weave his way both into and out of things.

I saw through it. Managed to figure he was searching for someone like his ex (keep in mind, me and his ex look very similar appearance wise and have the same hobbies/interests). Later, he figured I was/am a very broken person and that I wasn’t going to give into his games no matter how strong his fuckboy antics may be.
And now I regret it…






The thing is, I was literally terrified.
I’m going to be very honest with you, my dad knocked my mum up and took up and left, therefore, I’m terrified of getting close to a person because one of my greatest fears is that happening to me.
My ex also cheated on me with another girl- heard another girl in the background whilst calling him, turns out he was sleeping with her since I wouldn’t give it up to him.
At least I’m now aware of some deep rooted issues I never thought I had after that little situationship of an experience…