crushes suck and here's why



That’s literally what everyone has told me.
But my late ass has fallen for him…it’s too late :sob:


:sob::sob::sob::sob: NOOOO tenor


The worst part is he’s now completely ghosting me both publicly and on social media.
a couple of months back he got very passive aggressive, started slamming doors on me and throwing erasers at me and shit. I didn’t retaliate because I knew he wanted me to say something, scream at him for not only that but ghosting me and leaving.

He’s made it very awkward for himself, I sit next to him in maths now. We used to have so much to say to each other but now there’s just this stagnant, silence between us


what’s your story?




Hey, no pressure, I’ve got time


doubt you fell for one of the most popular, notorious fuckboy’s in your school


he was not popular but kind of a fuck boy…he was going on and off with this one girl…once she found out we liked eachother she would send me these glares so i found he on snap and added her and said and i qoute
“Do you have a problem”
then she read me and didnt reply then i said again
“Do you have a fucking problem??”
then she said i didnt need to cuss
then i said wellit got your attention


wait, ooolalalaaaa love is in the airrrr you both like each other!!!
If you ever become a thing make sure you make it loud and clear that you don’t want any of your relationship issues being told to others- if he;s friends with her chances are she’ll try to spilt you up, seen it happen so many times before. It’s like a route of self sabotage


that was a long time ago… :joy::joy::joy:


damn, my bad


they say time heals
but thats a friggin lie


bitcchhhhh I feel this

I went without seeing this one dude for like 2.5 years and the SECOND I glimpsed his ass at some social function I almost went and died. That inspired my first complete story, but bitch, I finished that story and six months later was I feeling better?? no!! no I was not!

but I’m not taking him into 2019 with me so I’m yeeting that whole experience out of my life

oh man. that was a crush to remember


It hurts like hell, god, at times I feel so alone because I don’t want people to know how I felt about him since I can’t trust anyone in my social circle.
Hoping yours wasn’t a mind game type of player


I didn’t tell anyone about mine, either, for the entire two-ish years I loved him. See, I knew I couldn’t tell my friends, because… yikes… and I couldn’t tell him, because… YIKES

So he never, never knew I liked him. Never. None of it was his fault. He liked someone else, I was perfectly content to just deal with it alone since I knew I had no chance

I was just playing myself tbh

At least you have us to help you!!


And I’m so grateful for having you guys here simply because of that,
funny thing is, the player tried to play me but I ended up playing myself.
Going to read your story now xx


wait, which book is it?


Yeah, it’s so cool to have a community to talk to, ya know??

Aww, thank you!! It was (ah shit misnamed my own book) MAKE YOUR MOVE, which is conveniently finished lol

You don’t have to if you don’t like it, my writing’s gotten a bit better since then!


Damn, as long as it’s relatable rn it’ll do me a lot of comforting
Thank you so much, glad I’m not the only one who’s been through this


I changed the title some time ago from High Stakes to Make Your Move (which, ironically, is what I DID NOT do) and I still fuck it up All The Time