Current Wattpad Reads?



What is everyone currently reading? Completed or ongoing, how are you liking it? i hope this is in the right club
I should’ve read Dead In Bed way sooner but whatever. White Stag is great I want it in paperback so badly :sob: Discovering Anna is historical fiction, not the usual thing I read. I am actually on chapter four Wattpad is just glitching it. I haven’t started Prisim’s book yet so shhhh.



How dare you not have started me dramatic huff I’m heartbroken. Traumatized. Woe is me! :laughing:


*runs to read the first chapter*

i really like pre-formatted text


this is the best combination :lumi:


Looks like a typewriter :grin:


i cri everytim


I lowkey just remembered that tomorrow I need to set up Diary Of A Writer :rofl: there goes all the excitement when I first came up with the idea


I stopped reading on Wattpad because the constant ads were driving me nuts.

Last I remember, though, I was reading The Secret Society of Wattpad by AliciaM21.


I actually haven’t read any of her works yet.

I should check them out some time.

I literally have no ads :rofl:


That book was the first I started reading by her. The premise is interesting.

I’m jelly. My app kept giving me unskippable video ads that’d take over your entire screen.


change your location to Greece and boom xD :stars: no ads :stars:

I’ll add it in my library among the other 5 stories I haven’t started yet xD and 3 I’m currently reading


God bless ad blocker on the web lol


Ahahaha. How does one even do that? :rofl:

Hope you enjoy it! I’ve got plenty of other recommendations if you need them.


the magic of hacking? :thinking:

Thanks! remind me when I run out of stories which I sort of doubt will be anytime soon xD


Of my many random skills, hacking is not one of them. :rofl:

No problem! Sure!


dO yOu WaNt It To Be

lol idk what I’m saying don’t ask :rofl:


Hm… I’m not sure. I’ve been picking up coding recently. :thinking:

Ahahaha, okay.


Haven’t done any coding either :ded: but i’ll need to in order to post the writing megathread i’ve been thinking about.


If you post it here, you won’t need to learn much code.