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Hi! I’m offering simple and minimal covers for a simple credit in return. Your story should be posted or soon to be. Also, these covers are for personal use only, so they can’t be used in paid stories here in Wattpad or anywhere else. For commissions, kindly PM me.

The only rules are: i.) use the form I provided, ii.) inform me whether you’re using the cover or not, iii.) never edit the cover I make for you on your own, and iv.) credit me in your story description or author’s note while it’s in use. Covers that are not claimed within three days will automatically turn into premades.

I have more examples but these are my favorite works. Let me know first if you’re reposting any of them.

Copy the form below, paste it as a reply, then fill out the information needed.

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Title: The Destined

Subtitile: power brings greed, greed brings war, and so it begins…

Author: HOSAM_MZ

Theme: vampires, djinn, kingdom, fantasy

Summary: a vampire clan attacks his hometown and forces him to search for provsions for his family, so he goes to a (cursed) mountain which contains a gem that gives superpower, made by the djinn of ghoulfang. He and the vampires’ king Magnus each takes a half of the gem, Magnus wants his clan to invade Aduzura Kingdom (place of the story) and take it from King Nigel using a vampiric powerful army via the gem’s power. Edgar finds himself forced to fight for the kingdom.

Idea: Features Edgar and Magnus in their transformation + any indication to a king + a bold knight holding a sword + some demonic figure (these could be small figures)
maybe the background should be some forest landscape
Edgar: full plate armor with the gem in a plate in the chest, right arm is replaced by a long sharp blade
Magnus: same armor but darker, has two wngs in the back, right hand is instead a long claw’ed
Gem shape: rhombus, red, glowing
These are old covers to further help you
For the new one the 2 characters don’t have to occupy the whole cover, so you can make room for the rest of things I mentioned above

Thanks in advance…

(can you tag me when your open?)

@HOSAM_MZ sorry but i don’t think i can do justice to your ideas, good luck with your cover search though!
@billyjaycob this thread is open now :blush:


TITLE : Whiteboard
SUBTITLE : a profile guide
AUTHOR : Billy Jay
GENRE/MOOD/COLORS : it’s non-fiction. But light colours such as whites / reds and pinks.
IDEAS : I don’t know if this is possile (probably isn’t) but I love the cover that you did for Killer Queens and was wondering if you could make something similar but with Niamh Blackshaw (she’s my icon) as the one on the cover. Maybe she could be standing by a lake or simply in front of a field of pink flowers? If you are going to go with a similar theme (i love matchy match covers) could the markings over her face be white? If that’s possible. Or something similair to the cover for Game of Hearts (I love the panelling/paper effect on the bottom) if you go for that route, I’d love Niamh as the model on the cover. But if there’s no super high quality images, any model with light skin and brown hair will do.
PICS/INSPO : Killer Queens (by you - the graphic on my profile) Game of Hearts (by you)
ANYTHING ELSE : i love your graphics hun, they’re amazing. ur super talented
IS YOUR STORY POSTED? : not yet, it’s in the drafts. :–) but i can post on delivery, like I did with Killer Queens x

TITLE : Leave It Be
AUTHOR : BobaWritez14
GENRE/MOOD/COLORS : Romance, Fan-fiction
IDEAS : Ladybug and cat noir together. Cat noir being flirty
PICS/INSPO : 6f1cf36c35920a9ebf48190a9added04
ANYTHING ELSE : Maybe your name on the bottom left corner telling them you made the cover

TITLE : Colorblind
SUBTITLE : A Harry Styles AU
AUTHOR : -Styyles
GENRE/MOOD/COLORS : Fanfic/Romance
IDEAS : I really like your cover “All we’ve ever been” and would like something like that but have Harry Styles on it, could you possibly photoshop sunglasses on him or find a picture with him wearing black sunglasses. Or the cover could be something like that but with the girl, Kaya Scodelario and have it half black and white, same for the other idea.
ANYTHING ELSE : thank you. (I didn’t see a password)
IS YOUR STORY POSTED? : I plan on posting it this coming week.


You don’t state explicitly so I thought I’d ask if you’re alright with thread hopping? I’m at the bottom of a very long queue and I could promise to keep your cover up for at least two weeks.

@Styyles @billyjaycob @BobaWritez14 accepted!
@lastredhotswami it’s fine by me! as long as the other designer is fine with it x


sweet tysm x

The other designer is cool with it as long as you are so it works out!!

TITLE : Out of the Blue
AUTHOR : S. T. McQueen
GENRE/MOOD/COLORS : It’s a coming of age with a back theme of romance. It’s set in 2001 and September 11 is going to happen in the middle of it, plus the MC is breaking away from his family so there’s a somberness.
IDEAS : MC comes from a long line of Roman Catholic NYPD. He’s gay (securely in the closet and won’t be coming out that’s not the plot) and opting to be a corporate attorney with political aspirations. I am down for anything. If you’re keen on a model he’s tan, mid twenties with blonde curly hair. If you wanna do object maybe a NYPD police badge?
PICS/INSPO : I’m not really very visually creative sadly.
IS YOUR STORY POSTED? : first chapter will be going up within the next few days. (If not tonight)

TITLE : All It Takes
AUTHOR : Omaima Akbar
GENRE/MOOD/COLORS : Teen-Fiction/Romance; light and happy; green/white/pink/yellow
IDEAS : The story revolves around two teens - Na’il who is South Asian and a soccer player and Marnie who is a typical blonde beauty and a cheerleader. Soccer plays an important role in the story. So I’d like the background to be of a green grass. Maybe you could add the goalpost - make it vibrant! I want the font to be cursive and happy; hopefully white!

Another idea: is to have the drawings of a boy and girl together. The boy has to have brown skin, black hair, though. Them against a green background.
PICS/INSPO : I really am struggling to find something exact.

I like your All I have ever been cover.

Then I like this one:

And this one:

ANYTHING ELSE : Thank you!
IS YOUR STORY POSTED? : I am currently writing the 20th chapter. I’m hoping to finish the story by the 30th or max 35th chapter. I wrote 7 chapters in three days. In a week or so, the story will be completed and I will post it!

Do you have premades?

@OmaimaAkbar @lastredhotswami accepted!


does the story have to be posted?

yes preferably, or soon to be posted (:

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hello, here’s your cover! I tried to match it with the “killer queens” cover I made and came up with this. let me know if you want any changes. if you’re using this cover, do let me know and credit me in your story description or author’s note (e.g: cover by @ointments) if you don’t see yourself using it, that’s totally fine. kindly tell me still! (:

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OMFG :sob: pure perfection x

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