Dark Creatures?


I’m currently trying to compile a list of the supernatural creatures in my book. My story revolves around a group of hunters that hunt the bad things that go bump in the night. The opposing side is demons, and they’re the high and mighty rules of the dark world. I need some more creatures/ races to include. Trying to stay away Greek mythological creatures and the usual vampire/werewolf.

So far I have
-hell hounds

  • perhaps banshees??

And that’s not a lot. I want different creatures or maybe even different levels of the above creatures? Nothing too crazy like “unicorns” or “dragons” or “griffins”, creatures that are seen as dark and are related to the underworld (but once again no Greek myths please! They’re not my favorite things to write about)


Trolls :slight_smile:


Demons, hell even mermaids have some pretty dark origins, if you wanted you could look up vampires and werewolves from other cultures that are literally NOTHING like the western vamp and have a name all their own.


Try dnd manuals. Lots of monsters root in folklore & are not overused.



Nachtzehrer, guaxa, aloja


I don’t know about that, but perhaps you can experiment with something new, like make a normally naughty character bad.
Examples : Pixies
This is just an opinion,cause I don’t think any race is absolutely bad and/or absolutely good. :slight_smile:


Anything fae is generally dark and pretty damn scary.


What about the Wendigo? Its a creature from Native American lore. They crop up in times of greed and desperation usually in the winter. They’re cannibalistic and really nasty


Banshees are from Celtic mythology, and so are the vast majority of faeries.

If you type in “Celtic faerie types” you’ll find A LOT to work with :smile:


Ifrits are pretty cool


There are sea creatures, like mermaids (which in many myths are freaky AF) or krakens. Or there are some more obscure ones like rakshasas and shtrigas, which are some of my faves from Supernatural. Honestly, looking up a list of that show’s monsters would probably be one of the best intros to a variety of dark creatures for you characters to hunt



  • Tenome, from Japanese folklore - a spirit of a blind man with eyes on his palms
  • Umibozu - a giant, creepy sea freak
  • Fext - a human-like creature from Slavic mythology which is basically invulnerable, especially to firearms
  • Vodnik - also Slavic. A green, frog-like guy in funny clothes who likes to drown the bypassers and store their souls in ceramic mugs
  • The Jersey Devil - looks like a demonic kangaroo with wings, fangs and horns
  • Mothman - a dark creature with wings and glowing red eyes which appears before some kind of catastrophe happens
  • Skinwalker - a shaman who is able to transform into an animal by wearing its skin
  • Nukekubi - another Japanese freak, this time a woman whose head can detach from the body at night, then roam freely and do nasty things like drinking blood
  • Tokoloshe - a dwarf-like creature with no eyes created by a shaman from a dead body. It’s then used to terrorize designated people


Try yokai from Japanese folklore maybe? Those freak me out a lot. Or maybe ghouls, zombies, or dark elves (I’m thinking of Norse mythology


Accidentally clicked reply too early haha. Anyways maybe trolls (as someone already mentioned), orcs or gnomes. Or just create demon versions of animals? Demon rat or demon wolf or demon rabbot or fish or whatever. A demon insect would be really cool though.


I don’t have heaps of knowledge on this area, but maybe try to create some of your own? If you’re into Harry Potter at all I’m pretty sure J.K.R made quite a few of her creatures up and the readers grew to love them. That way, they can fit into your story perfectly and be as creative/realistic/dark as you like. You also have the freedom to them work in some cool backstories.


I don’t know if kelpies of hulder have been mentioned?


Here’s my weird list that may or may not (probably this one) be helpful
sirens (mermaids’ eviler, singier, lure-boats-into-rocks — ier, cousins)
hermit crabs? (stop pinching me slither! I feed you! what could be more evil)
sea serpent?


Shapeshifters that are “super human” but can only shift into humans. They would just have enhanced senses or speed or whatever you like. Older ones can shift faster and younger ones shift slower and in much more pain.
Sirens, beautiful women or men who sing songs that hypnotize the anyone who is attracted to their gender and kill them, control them, force them to do stuff for them
ghosts? LOL


Tree nymphs and Dryads. I used Dryads in one of my stories and I feel they need to be used more on others!