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Tales of the Inglorious Brotherhood

Volume 1, Episode 1 NOW COMPLETE!

The king is dead. And those that did it are literally getting away with murder. Thanks in part to framing two innocent men: one a former and trusted general of the late King, and the other his naive, not-so-worldly son, the prince.

Together, they must join forces to track down those who actually did the foul deed, bring them to justice, and clear both their names. But, as with all things that sound so simple, they rarely, if ever, are.

When a former associate of the general turns up, making an offer they can’t refuse, these two mismatched companions are sent down a path to new adventures that neither of them ever asked to be a part of. And in the process, they will give rise to a new legend: the legend of The Inglorious Brotherhood.



The Vangen have served the Contanis Empire faithfully for nearly three centuries. Hand picked from foreign lands, men of the Vangen hold no political ties, agendas or creeds except to the Emperors and Empresses who sit upon the Onyx Throne. They are vanguards, protectors, loyalists.

They are the Vangen Royal Guard.

As the officers of the Vangen lay siege to the lands of the Oriens, a letter is received bearing the seal of the Empress. Contained within are orders that are as simple as they are direct. Take the hill and return home. As to why, the Empress does not say, but with their loyalty bound to those who sit upon the Onyx Throne, the decree leaves nothing for debate.

What trouble then has stirred within the Capital that leaves her orders so vague? As more becomes clear with time, loyalties are questioned and a black tide turns. Will the Vangen stand to fight another day or fall forgotten to history?
Interested? Click here to check it out!



Sophie has never been a gifted witch, despite her strong lineage. Struggling with just-average-abilities, she hopes to one day gain the respect from her peers. That is until children and teens, including her own classmates, start going missing.

As she crosses paths with Vita, a murdered girl whose soul is trapped in a puppet’s body, Sophie comes to realize something much darker and terrible is taking place. By making an unlikely alliance she hopes to solve these mysteries and bring back those missing. Before it’s too late.

But they need to move fast. More children are going missing and the community is falling into chaos with everyone pointing fingers at each other. As for Sophie…it’s only a matter of time before whatever has taken everyone will come after her.

Updates Every Month

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/128221305-the-magic-in-murder


Main Genre: Dark Fantasy (esp. Dreampunk, Magical Girl, Vampire).
Sub Genres: Action / Thriller.

Rating: Mature.
Warnings: lgbt, sexuality, violence, self-harm (3rd chapter), emotional trauma.

Promises are meant to be kept, but a promise to save a beloved sister leads a group of magical girls into a dream of many literary landscapes. Out of this dream of Carroll’s wonderlands and Poe’s nightmares comes a monster that threatens to invade the waking world. Their promise forms the opening act of a play they can’t stop, so to prevent this monster’s debut into their world, they must play their parts, but for one unlucky player, death is only the beginning. If you love quirky magical girls, femme fatales, fight scenes, love scenes, twisty plot lines, Gothic settings, the possibility of dreams, and the uncertainty of nightmares, this story is for you.

URL: https://www.wattpad.com/story/114399550-days-of-blood-and-roses



A collection of short stories revolving around a mysterious group of Fairy Hunters.

The world of Fae is bleeding into ours. Protectors of our land are tactfully called “Hunters.” They deal with the goblins, trolls, dragons and the monsters of Fae. Saving common folks from gruesome fates.

There is a ridiculed group of foreigners roaming the land, calling themselves The Faerie Hunters. Are they truly a joke? Or are they the only ones who can save the world?




Have you ever thought about waking one day and realizing that everything, starting from your life to identity was nothing but a huge pile of lies, covering up a dangerous truth?
Neither did Luna.

Luna Sienna, a nineteen-year-old, ends up in a place she has never been and never even heard about before, a place that is darker than it looks, and has a history of ruins, chaos, deaths and ultimate darkness at every step of life. Kingdoms are born, ruined and slaughtered, even relations by blood are poisoned.

Many say that this girl may be the salvation and her destiny is to cure them but only a few know that it isn’t ‘the destiny’ that holds the ace anymore and her’s is bound to a prophecy, a prophecy that was the result of a fight among the strongest, a betrayal from a loved one and death of the unborn, that is still hidden beneath the history of Xaeleaxus.

Embark on the journey with Luna to find what this unknown prophecy holds and find the person that does not want to be found, Valfred Prowler, her father.



Reincarnation - one of the many faces of the afterlife, believed by humankind. The one nicknamed Korsyo certainly did not believe in such a thing; that until he learned that he is the vessel for Tiasha, the Mistress of Ravens - a mysterious woman that managed to tame death to an extent, now coming back in order to continue her plan after being dormant for many decades. Within the modern days of life, the time for the Mistress’ resurrection is at hand, aided by her trusty friends that followed through death and deceived it as well.

Her host must face major changes within his life that will affect not only him, but his family and friends as-well. While the inevitable is doomed to happen, old and new secrets slowly unfold with each passing moment. With everyone involved chasing their own desires, sacrifices will need to inevitably be made.



Title: The Grey Necro
Genre: Dark Fantasy Action
Status: On going added to 12/10/19
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/775437274-the-grey-necro-1

A child is sick of the abuse they suffer every day, so they finally stand up for themselves and end up sentenced to death. How will they survive? With aid from the dead maybe? In a world where Demons rule the night, how will a young Necromancer beat the Demon’s. Sensei Gorgon helps are young necromancer to reach their goal of keeping their extended family safe.

{Author’s Note}-This story in no way portrays anything in real life. The main character is narrating their life throughout the story. I took some inspiration from the world of DnD for this story.


Sample chapters of my book Tournament of the lost :smiley: https://www.wattpad.com/742141198-tournament-of-the-lost-prologue :smiley:
Bellow is a short blurb and if you like it make sure to support it, all support is welcome.

In a macabre ring world forgotten by time, a tournament is to be held, a tournament thought to never plague the divided kingdoms of Aeden again. A band of unlikely friends will join the tournament as they test the perils of hell and taste heaven’s forbidden fruits. But who stands behind this tournament and more importantly why now? Ten thousand will fight for riches beyond your dreams, six kingdoms will be the devils playground, one will survive but none will be left standing in the Tournament of the Lost.


Title :: Behind the Veil
Genre :: Short Story Anthology
Status :: On going, updates on Sundays and occasional Wednesdays

Warlocks in coffee shops, vampires coming down from mountains to kidnap young girls, children following lights in the forest to places unknown. Strange things happen behind the veil.


Half- Grim reaper and Half-Goddess what could go wrong? I know not of my existence the nature that I have. The good and evil fight driving me to insanity. I will seek my revenge on those who oppose me. I am Life and Death.

A 12 year old girl among this chaos. My name? What day is it? A name I will not bear until I find my true one. The one that every being has. I explore my sanity and powers those who are frightened. Those who want to control me, I need to get stronger. I am to find allies in this world? Trust something hard to come by. My life descends into the darkness when will the light shine?

Paradoxical Existence



The beasts have been attacking for months now. Each night, they enter the town, tear apart houses, and devour the inhabitants. Weapons are useless. The townsfolk have nowhere to go and no hope left. And then a huntsman walks into town. The first day, he kills three of the beasts, bringing back their heads as trophies. The huntsman’s band continues to rid the forest of the monsters, bringing back heads and pelts every evening. They’re heroes. Or are they?

NOTE: Contains a number of intense scenes and a fair amount of violence.

Complete story. Quick and short read

https://www.wattpad.com/story/188205778-lilithantha-a-most-wonderfully-gruesome-tale 1

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The Wizard

The path of good or path of evil are options for becoming the most powerful wizard in the universe. When the Grand Master is killed by his apprentice, it’s up to his youngest pupil to find a way to restore the balance of nature.

In this hardcore high fantasy adventure, the wizard joins a mad-scientist tinkerer, a frankensteined ogre, and a mysterious rouge to go after a megalomaniacal necromancer with more than a dragon up his sleeve. Will they choose righteousness or revenge?



STATus: Ongoing

What if the world was completely based on numbers? What if people changed when those numbers increased? What if it was all strange, to begin with?

I heard some guy last week never came back after he went into the forest. What is he doing in there I wonder? is he lost or…

That girl came back, when did she start looking dangerous? All alone in that shack hunting as others will. Maybe she’s looking for something.

I hope Cheil comes home soon… I swear he’s too much sometimes.

Will Marlin ever tell me why he’s teaching kids from the town for battle… so they can be 'guards"?

A Different time in the same place holds stories as well.

STAT is a fantasy story based in a fantasy world. Most chapters will follow that chapter’s character’s perspective inside of the world that they live in, it will have multiple points of view. See-through other’s eyes into their reality as they either fight for their life or someone else’s. Will they survive?

To be ongoing

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/203279114-stat


Chaos was the creator of all and ruler of nothing. Over the next several millennium, it watched its descendants enjoy life’s luxuries while it dwelled within the heart of oblivion. Its envy and rage grew, leading it to seek solace in the heart of the ruler of the in-between realm, Erebus. It hoped to make the other deities and the mortals pay for forcing it to live a life of obscurity.

When Erebus and the Goddess of the Stars, Asteria, meet, they end up falling in love, which leads to the creation of the thirteen strongest constellations in the world, the Zodiac. Their love sealed the mortals’ fate, for each Zodiac embodied an important mortal value. The Dark Lord’s thirst for power has overtaken Erebus’ body and corrupted the Zodiac, thrusting the mortal world into a colorless dystopia.

“Engulfed by Aries” focuses on teenage blacksmith apprentice, Hestia Castellanos, as she struggles with her duty to corrupt Aries and her looming father, and her unrecognizable feelings for comrade, Alastair Romanos. Can she regain the courage to stand up to Aries and free her people? Or will she give up everything, including her one chance of happiness with Alastair?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/173909656-engulfed-by-aries-book-1-fallen-star-series-✔

Extended Version available here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/196507774-engulfed-by-aries-book-1-extended-fallen-star (Note: This version includes Erebus’ arc which explores his duties, how he met Asteria, and his descent into darkness. It also includes more details about the Isles of Aithne.)

Imprisoned by Scorpio, coming in March 2020!

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/193174614-imprisoned-by-scorpio-book-2-fallen-star-series




Since the dawn of man, humanity has strived for a way to escape their mortality. Folklore taught us that there are beings amongst us, blessed with supernatural powers. After dying for the first time and being resurrected in someone else body, I found out that immortality is just one of many things a being could be in this world. They live amongst us, hidden in plain sight, each with their unique gifts and talents. Unknowingly to the public, many of the most pivotal moments in history involved one or many of these beings. While I searched for my place in this new world and a cure to make me mortal again, I learned of Cecilia Page. A woman only referred to as the mother sat at the center of everything that has transpired in human history since the thirteenth century. This highly feared and respected woman held the answers to me becoming human again. The solution was straight forward yet impossible, kill her.


User: @KitWulf
Book Title: Shy Walking Shadows
Cover: SWS%20Book%201%20cover%20mash%20-%20worded%20-%20resized

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/204614472-shy-walking-shadows

Blurb 1:
Sisters Kierra and Faline are about to be thrust into a world of darkness when a Vampire comes calling for the younger sibling. While Faline is being taken, Kierra tangles with a Werewolf and is left for dead. The search is on as big sister tries to deal with a new world, a new charge, new males, surprises, and secrets. Humor and heartache are in store for each
side as they traverse new territory, learning about just what all goes bump in the night, as well as during the day.
A Blood Moon is just over the horizon, and shy walking shadows wont stay hidden forever.

Blurb 2:
Sisters Kierra and Faline come face to face with things they thought only fantasy.
Ripped away from each other and their lives, both have to survive the perils of having become a different species if they want to see the other alive again. While Faline finds herself trapped in a place unknown to her, Kierra is left out in the world with only an old cursed wolf to help her. Help does come from mysterious sources, however, but will it see the sisters back together at last, or dead before they can see each other again?

((Tags fixed))


I wonder who lives in the Hut? And why? I will not rest until I find out…

The Hut



Tragically mutilated and stained by the blood of his loved ones Lucius Cromwell, a naïve child of high society strikes a deal with a devil to get his life back, blissfully ignorant that he’ll consequently find his sanity on the line.

Dejected and out of options Lucius Cromwell is approached by a demon claiming to be his salvation, that is, if he agrees to make a deal with it. At first it seemed too good to be true. A simple trade of his soul in exchange for power, but Lucius had no idea how much more there was to it.

Constantly tormented by his inner voice and manipulated to do the demon’s bidding, Lucius finds his life thrown into a pandemonium of murder, loss and coping with his slowly fading sanity all while realizing the insignificance of a lifetime of power compared to an eternity of suffering.

Read the first book here!

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