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Tales of the Inglorious Brotherhood

Volume 1, Episode 1 NOW COMPLETE!

The king is dead. And those that did it are literally getting away with murder. Thanks in part to framing two innocent men: one a former and trusted general of the late King, and the other his naive, not-so-worldly son, the prince.

Together, they must join forces to track down those who actually did the foul deed, bring them to justice, and clear both their names. But, as with all things that sound so simple, they rarely, if ever, are.

When a former associate of the general turns up, making an offer they can’t refuse, these two mismatched companions are sent down a path to new adventures that neither of them ever asked to be a part of. And in the process, they will give rise to a new legend: the legend of The Inglorious Brotherhood.


Title: No world without hatred
Genre: Dark fantasy

a world that is divided into two kingdoms , Eichland and Sorder

In Eichland when the person reach the age of 17 he naturally gain an ability which could be anything but in the other hand the people of Sorder are pretty much normal

People of Eichland became arrogant and full of themselves and started to look down on Sorder in the other hand the people of Sorder became envious of Eichland

And slowly, the Hatred between them began to grow more and more

Our protagonist Christopher lives in Eichland but he has no purpose in his life, he is just going with the flow and due to his childhood he has a little twisted personality


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Have you ever thought about waking one day and realizing that everything, starting from your life to identity was nothing but a huge pile of lies covering up a dangerous truth?
~Neither did Luna.
Luna Sienna was unlike any other average nineteen-year-old girl.

Except, one day she woke up to having nothing at all and ended up in a place she had never been and never even heard about before, a place that was darker than it looked, and had a history of ruin, chaos, death and ultimate darkness at every step of life.

Many said that this girl might be the salvation and her destiny was to cure them but only a few know that it wasn’t ‘the destiny’ that held the ace anymore and hers was bound to a centuries-old prophecy; a prophecy that was the result of a fight among the strongest, a betrayal from a loved one and death of an unborn, that was still hidden beneath the history of Xaeleaxus.

Embark on the journey with Luna to find what this unknown prophecy holds and find the person who is still hiding under the shadows, Valfred Prowler.



Reincarnation - one of the many faces of the afterlife, believed by humankind. The one nicknamed Korsyo certainly did not believe in such a thing; that until he learned that he is the vessel for Tiasha, the Mistress of Ravens - a mysterious woman that managed to tame death to an extent, now coming back in order to continue her plan after being dormant for many decades. Within the modern days of life, the time for the Mistress’ resurrection is at hand, aided by her trusty friends that followed through death and deceived it as well.

Her host must face major changes within his life that will affect not only him, but his family and friends as-well. While the inevitable is doomed to happen, old and new secrets slowly unfold with each passing moment. With everyone involved chasing their own desires, sacrifices will need to inevitably be made.

Cover by: edenuwu -> https://www.wattpadwriters.com/u/edenuwu



Thorn cover


SUMMARY: Under the darkness of Frostford’s starless night sky, the Unseelie Court celebrates Nocturnus Day. Every fifty years, they choose a member of the court to kidnap a child, replacing them with a Changeling.
This year is Marrowrenfell’s turn. Given the human name ‘Mallory’, she ventures into the world of humans and technology, desperate to earn her place under the Unseelie King’s rule. She becomes the thorn amongst roses.
It all changes when she meets Laura, the twenty-three year old mother of the unborn child Mallory has been ordered to steal.



TFDK by @saramirtra

Dark Multiversal Society: The First Dark King

While Archeron was not the first King of Terpola, he was the first Dark King. The Dark King is the weilder of a power opposite to that of the Photon Core; the power of darkness instead of the power of light. Similar to how the Core chose one who weilds its power, only one can control the power opposite to the Core.

This is not enough for the Dark King

He believes the power of the Core is rightfully his. He already controls the ultimate darkness, so why should he not control the ultimate light as well? It only makes sense. At least, that is what he thinks. Even he does not know how far his people are willing to follow him with this belief as he has no idea how many of them also believe. Betrayal could occur at any moment.

How far is Archeron willing to go to take the power of the Photon Core away from it’s Guardian?

Will anyone survive?


temp cover


Genre: Dark Fantasy
Sub Genres: Romance, LGBT, Mature
Summary: “Do not pity the dead,” they said, “do not pity the dead, for when the moon rises high and darkness fills the sky, the dead will not pity you.”

Mischa is a Temple Knight of a magnificent kingdom. Born a peasant yet living like nobility, he is a living example of Bheldes Lla’s talent-loving values. Not only that, but he is the guardian knight and close friend of Ellisla, the second princess and rising star of the royal family.

But, unbeknownst to Mischa, everything is not what it seems.

Ignorant of his fate, Mischa embarks with Ellisla on her maiden battle along the bottom of the Al’Duhl mountains. However, when things take a turn for the worst, he’s forced to escape with the princess into the treacherous depths of Death Knight Keep. There, within the darkest, bloodiest ruins in the world, Mischa’s destiny is finally revealed.


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The Vangen have served the Contanis Empire faithfully for nearly three centuries. Hand picked from foreign lands, men of the Vangen hold no political ties, agendas or creeds except to the Emperors and Empresses who sit upon the Onyx Throne. They are vanguards, protectors, loyalists.

They are the Vangen Royal Guard.

As the officers of the Vangen lay siege to the lands of the Oriens, a letter is received bearing the seal of the Empress. Contained within are orders that are as simple as they are direct. Take the hill and return home. As to why, the Empress does not say, but with their loyalty bound to those who sit upon the Onyx Throne, the decree leaves nothing for debate.

What trouble then has stirred within the Capital that leaves her orders so vague? As more becomes clear with time, loyalties are questioned and a black tide turns. Will the Vangen stand to fight another day or fall forgotten to history?

Interested? Click here to check it out!


paradoxical existence2
Half- Grim reaper and Half-Goddess what could go wrong? I know not of my existence the nature that I have. The good and evil fight driving me to insanity. I will seek my revenge on those who oppose me. I am Life and Death.

A 12 year old girl among this chaos. My name? What day is it? A name I will not bear until I find my true one. The one that every being has. I explore my sanity and powers those who are frightened. Those who want to control me, I need to get stronger. I am to find allies in this world? Trust something hard to come by. My life descends into the darkness when will the light shine?
Paradoxical Existence


Title: Kingmaker
Status: Completed (third draft)
Approx 130,000 words

After witnessing the brutal beheading of his best friend, nineteen-year-old Kinsha travels to the capital to exact his revenge. Facing deceit and betrayal, he risks exposing his life as a notorious criminal, yet should he fail, he’ll lose the chance at vengeance forever.


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Main Genre: Dark Fantasy (esp. Dreampunk, Magical Girl, Vampire).
Sub Genres: Action, Thriller, LGBT.

Rating: Mature.
Warnings: sexuality, violence, self-harm (3rd chapter), emotional trauma.

Promises are meant to be kept, but a promise to save a beloved sister leads a group of high school magical girls into a dream of many literary landscapes. Out of this dream of Carroll’s wonderlands and Poe’s nightmares comes a monster that threatens to invade the waking world. Their promise forms the opening act of a play they can’t stop, so to prevent this monster’s debut into their world, they must play their parts to the end at all hazards to their lives. If you love quirky magical girls, bloodthirsty femme fatales, fight scenes, love scenes, twisty plot lines, fantastic settings, the possibility of dreams, and the uncertainty of nightmares, this story is for you.

URL: https://www.wattpad.com/story/114399550-days-of-blood-and-roses

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Anne and Tom are two young children that wake up in a dark and abandoned facility. With no prior memories but their names, they set out to find purpose. With the telepathic emotional connection they share, they make their way into reality. Yet times are dark. A past event that shook the world left it scarred, and now strange happenings creep into reality, leaving bloody scenes where it touches. Anne and Tom need to survive being lost, hunted, bleeding and broken as they find themselves pivotal to setting the course of history.


11 chapters done as of this post. It will be uploaded within the next week.
Thank you! And please enjoy it.


Happy Thursday writers! Hope you all are having a fantastic day! Here’s the blurb for my 1st novel, The Monster Within

Twin brothers with extraordinary abilities are set to clash and none of them may survive when it’s all over.

Odion senses something abnormal about his brother, Apollo, and hopes to get rid of him before his nightmares turn into a reality. His deepest fears rise to the surface when paranormal abilities begin to waken in Apollo, making him a prime suspect for a list of grisly murders that take place the night of their high school dance. Consumed by anger and a lust for revenge, Odion stumbles upon an uncomfortable truth that rocks him to his core: he too possesses the same paranormal abilities Apollo has, carrying the same abnormalities with it. Accepting this truth, and being the only one powerful enough to challenge him, Odion embarks on a mission aided by a Detective of the Excelsior Police Department to take him down.

Now considered a fugitive, Apollo knows he’s innocent of the crimes that took place the night of the dance. But with virtually no way of clearing his name, and nearly every task force unit in Excelsior and beyond hunting him, Apollo is forced to make a decision: sacrifice his freedom for a heap of crimes he didn’t commit, or defend his rights by unleashing the monster he had buried within, even if that means innocent lives will be forfeit.

The Monster Within is the first book in a new speculative fiction series that features page-turning action, compelling characters, and a gritty world where having superpowers makes you the villain instead of the hero.

TAP here to read The Monster Within


(Okay, I put “Dark” “DarkFantasy” and “Fantasy” in my tags.)


In this dark adult re-imagining of Peter Pan, Peter is thrust off the island violently only to land himself in the world of pirates. In this alternate tale, we’ll discover the darker side to the Peter Pan story as Peter dives into the world of adults, piracy, kidnapping, and his journey towards becoming the great Captain Hook.

Please rate, comment, critique, whatever you’re so inclined to do. (And if my tags are STILL incorrect, let me know so I can fix it. Thanks.)

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Bellator the Dragonslayer
Belleviere’s dreams for the future are nothing more than what his small village expects of him - to get married, build a home, and raise a family. His peaceful and predictable life comes to a halt when his older brother dies. He is asked to give-up the future he has dreamed of and the girl that he loves in order to take his brother’s place in becoming the village’s next shaman. This journey to become the spiritual leader and guardian of the village reveals the powerful dragon’s magic which has protected his people for centuries from the dangers of warring world beyond the valleys.

Updates on Saturdays, three chapters posted!


The Black Unicorn - A Six Worlds Tale

The Sterile Queen Aveliene, the most feared of the legendary Wraithkillers, has been sent by her step-mother, the Eternal Elba, to look into rumors that the black unicorn has returned. After over a century of war, the Six Worlds lie in ruins, and an ill omen like the black unicorn appearing could mean that the troubles are still not over.

A story set in the Six Worlds of Shtar, it takes place during the same time period as Echoes of War, but is a complete, stand-alone work.

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Izzy is a college student struggling to maintain control over her daily life while also dealing with vivid nightmares she’s suffered with since childhood but when dreams start to cross into the boundaries of reality it begins to set in motion a series of events that threaten the very fabric of her reality. Soon Izzy is pulled in to center of a eons old battle between the forces of good and evil and realizes that everything g including her past must be called into question.

Rosalia - From Ashes


A young man must come overcome a life of struggles to survive a world that wants him dead rather than alive.

Keegan Spencer story Debut![quote=“KeeganSpencer, post:25, topic:207706, full:true”]

A young man must come overcome a life of struggles to survive a world that wants him dead rather than alive.

Keegan Spencer story Debut

Engulfed by Aries (Fallen Star #1)

Chaos was the creator of all and ruler of nothing. Over the next several millennium, it watched its descendants enjoy life’s luxuries while it dwelled within the heart of oblivion. Its envy and rage grew, leading it to seek solace in the heart of the ruler of the in-between realm, Erebus. It hoped to make the other deities and the mortals pay for forcing it to live a life of obscurity.

When Erebus and the Goddess of the Stars, Asteria, meet, they end up falling in love, which leads to the creation of the thirteen strongest constellations in the world, the Zodiac. Their love sealed the mortals’ fate, for each Zodiac embodied an important mortal value. The Dark Lord’s thirst for power has overtaken Erebus’ body and corrupted the Zodiac, thrusting the mortal world into a colorless dystopia.

“Engulfed by Aries” focuses on teenage blacksmith apprentice, Hestia Castellanos, as she struggles with her duty to corrupt Aries and her looming father, and her unrecognizable feelings for comrade, Alastair Romanos. Can she regain the courage to stand up to Aries and free her people? Or will she give up everything, including her one chance of happiness with Alastair?

<<In the year of 2808, earth’s continents have become fragmented in which each country is now ruled by one of the thirteen Celestial Deities, also known as the Zodiac. The world has evolved for the worst as humans are plunged into a state of anarchy, fear, and disillusion. No one is safe from what was deemed to be the mythical, not even the children.

On Hestia’s thirteenth birthday, she is chosen, along with her childhood friend, Alastair, to move to Redwater and become an apprentice to the hardened blacksmith Master Haemon. She has all but one goal: to create a weapon worthy enough for Celestial Deity Aries to wield against her most hated sibling, Celestial Deity Libra.

With Libra and her subjects, the Concordeans, moving in on the borders of the Isles of Aithne, Hestia decides to join Aithne’s army, the Pyrkagía, despite Alastair’s vehement disapproval. In a place where love is forbidden and feared, Hestia has to choose to fight for what she wants or to let it perish into oblivion.>>

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/173909656-engulfed-by-aries-book-1-fallen-star-series-✔

Extended Version available here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/196507774-engulfed-by-aries-book-1-extended-fallen-star (Note: This version includes Erebus’ arc which explores his duties, how he met Asteria, and his descent into darkness. It also includes more details about the Isles of Aithne.)

Imprisoned by Scorpio, coming in March 2020!

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/193174614-imprisoned-by-scorpio-book-2-fallen-star-series

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