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Tales of the Inglorious Brotherhood

Volume 1, Episode 1 NOW COMPLETE!

The king is dead. And those that did it are literally getting away with murder. Thanks in part to framing two innocent men: one a former and trusted general of the late King, and the other his naive, not-so-worldly son, the prince.

Together, they must join forces to track down those who actually did the foul deed, bring them to justice, and clear both their names. But, as with all things that sound so simple, they rarely, if ever, are.

When a former associate of the general turns up, making an offer they can’t refuse, these two mismatched companions are sent down a path to new adventures that neither of them ever asked to be a part of. And in the process, they will give rise to a new legend: the legend of The Inglorious Brotherhood.

TFDK by @saramirtra

Dark Multiversal Society: The First Dark King

While Archeron was not the first King of Terpola, he was the first Dark King. The Dark King is the wielder of a power opposite to that of the Photon Core; The Silent Core. The power of darkness instead of the power of light. Similar to how the Photon Core chooses one who wields its power, only one can control the power of the Silent Core

This is not enough for the Dark King.

Archeron believes the power of the Photon Core is rightfully his. He is already willing to control the ultimate darkness, so why should he not also control the ultimate light? It only makes sense to him. At least, that is what he thinks. Even he does not know how far his people are willing to follow him with the belief. He has no idea how many of them also believe. Betrayal could occur at any moment.

How far is Archeron willing to go to steal the power of the Photon Core away from its Guardian?

Will anyone survive?

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Main Genre: Dark Fantasy (esp. Dreampunk, Magical Girl, Vampire).
Sub Genres: Action, Thriller, LGBT.

Rating: Mature.
Warnings: sexuality, violence, self-harm (parts marked with *), emotional trauma.

Promises are meant to be kept, but a promise to save a beloved sister leads a group of high school magical girls into a dream of many literary landscapes. Out of this dream of Carroll’s wonderlands and Poe’s nightmares comes a monster that threatens to invade the waking world. Their promise forms the opening act of a play they can’t stop, so to prevent this monster’s debut into their world, they must play their parts to the end at all hazards to their lives. If you love quirky magical girls, bloodthirsty femme fatales, fight scenes, love scenes, twisty plot lines, fantastic settings, the possibility of dreams, and the uncertainty of nightmares, this story is for you.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/114399550-days-of-blood-and-roses

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Reincarnation - one of the many faces of the afterlife, believed by humankind. The one nicknamed Korsyo certainly did not believe in such a thing; that until he learned that he is the vessel for Tiasha, the Mistress of Ravens - a mysterious woman that managed to tame death to an extent, now coming back in order to continue her plan after being dormant for many decades. Within the modern days of life, the time for the Mistress’ resurrection is at hand, aided by her trusty friends that followed through death and deceived it as well.

Her host must face major changes within his life that will affect not only him, but his family and friends as-well. While the inevitable is doomed to happen, old and new secrets slowly unfold with each passing moment. With everyone involved chasing their own desires, sacrifices will need to inevitably be made.

Cover by: edenuwu -> https://www.wattpadwriters.com/u/edenuwu


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The Vangen have served the Contanis Empire faithfully for nearly three centuries. Hand picked from foreign lands, men of the Vangen hold no political ties, agendas or creeds except to the Emperors and Empresses who sit upon the Onyx Throne. They are vanguards, protectors, loyalists.

They are the Vangen Royal Guard.

As the officers of the Vangen lay siege to the lands of the Oriens, a letter is received bearing the seal of the Empress. Contained within are orders that are as simple as they are direct. Take the hill and return home. As to why, the Empress does not say, but with their loyalty bound to those who sit upon the Onyx Throne, the decree leaves nothing for debate.

What trouble then has stirred within the Capital that leaves her orders so vague? As more becomes clear with time, loyalties are questioned and a black tide turns. Will the Vangen stand to fight another day or fall forgotten to history?

Interested? Click here to check it out!

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The Wizard

The path of good or path of evil are options for becoming the most powerful wizard in the universe. When the Grand Master is killed by his apprentice, it’s up to his youngest pupil to find a way to restore the balance of nature.

In this hardcore high fantasy adventure, the wizard joins a gnome tinkerer, a frankensteined ogre, and a mysterious rouge to go after a megalomaniacal necromancer with more than a dragon up his sleeve. Will they choose righteousness or revenge?


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Without the Iron God, the world has plunged into an icy blight. Among the survivors are the Razaghal, illegitimate descendants of the lost god, gifted with unusual abilities and long lifespans. Now, they face extermination at the hands of the Iron God’s apostles, the Ferash Therall, who deem it necessary in order to bring back their deity.

Zoromon and his partner Azvalath dedicate their lives to protecting other Razaghal from genocide. For them, it’s all about looking after family. But when they’re forced to take the battle to the Ferash Therall, things become far more complicated. Perhaps they aren’t the heroes they think they are.


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thumbnail_large-212 purple energy
Embark on a daring adventure with the young Elven princess UkiNara, of Snow Willow Hollow. Life was peaceful for her before the humans attacked the Elven woods in search of a magical tree that would give eternal life to any who consumed its bark. When a human king slaughters the entire Elven realm to gain control of the power this tree possess, UkiNara finds herself all alone and injured in a humans world that she has never been to. Sacred and afraid she befriends some of the craziest people along the way as she races against time to save the world from the worst destruction you could imagine. With the humans meddling in magic they don’t understand and an underground group of magical beings who want nothing more then the humans to perish. This lone elf must find a way to bring peace to both worlds all while being followed by a Sexy Soulshifter named Osaki who has a terrible temper and is now bound to the Elven Princess by his cunning creator. Osaki must learn to obey UkiNara’s every command and help her take back control of her world if he wants to gain his soul back and be free. A story of lusting passion, greed, dangerous obsessions and magical realms are waiting for you in this steamy 18+ fantasy. This book has very mature content, sexual content and profanity, use caution when reading.

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Title: Grey Necro Book 2
Author: @Haddes97
Genre : Dark fantasy
Status : Ongoing (added to 3/27/20)
Link :https://www.wattpad.com/837769533-grey-necro-book-2-1
Book 2 in the Grey Necro series,
In this part of the story line we will be focusing more on action verses passive aggression but the best offence is a good defense. In a world where Demons rule the night, how will a young Necromancer beat the Demon’s. Sensei Gorgon helps are young necromancer to reach their goal of keeping their extended family safe. With slimes and skeletons we will take back the night. Only thing is how will this war be waged?

{Author’s Note}-This story in no way portrays anything in real life. The main character is narrating their life throughout the story. I took some inspiration from the world of DnD for this story.

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The Dark Queen
The Dark Queen cover

Seven kingdoms, two warring queens, bloodstained soil, and one powerful sorceress willing to risk everything she has to stop it. The demons crawl out of the pit in infinite waves, slaughtering the opposition by the thousands.

Camilla Blackrose is a Commander, the highest ranking warrior in her kingdom, and said to be the most powerful sorceress in the world. She knows that there is only one way to stop the war: the dark queen has to die. She has only one mission, however, given to her by her queen: find help. But if she doesn’t succeed in her mission, she will be hanged at the Gallows, her title, her family, and her life stripped away.

River Lockwood is a killer. He has been his queen’s assassin since childhood, and was amazing at it. The people told legends of him in the poor villages; he became the creature that lives in the night, a shadow, if you will. But no matter how many missions he’d completed, the abuse never stopped. The pain never ceased. There is only one thing on River’s mind: revenge.

Two people, two kingdoms, one goal. One ruthless and bloodthirsty, the other ambitious and desperate. Will they succeed in their mission, or will they die trying?


Please read and comment! I’m always looking to improve!

worth a read… just the title got me. :grinning: :grinning: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

# Engulfed by Aries (Fallen Star #1)

Chaos was the creator of all and ruler of nothing. Over the next several millennium, it watched its descendants enjoy life’s luxuries while it dwelled within the heart of oblivion. Its envy and rage grew, leading it to seek solace in the heart of the ruler of the in-between realm, Erebus. It hoped to make the other deities and the mortals pay for forcing it to live a life of obscurity.

When Erebus and the Goddess of the Stars, Asteria, meet, they end up falling in love, which leads to the creation of the thirteen strongest constellations in the world, the Zodiac. Their love sealed the mortals’ fate, for each Zodiac embodied an important mortal value. The Dark Lord’s thirst for power has overtaken Erebus’ body and corrupted the Zodiac, thrusting the mortal world into a colorless dystopia.

“Engulfed by Aries” focuses on teenage blacksmith apprentice, Hestia Castellanos, as she struggles with her duty to corrupt Aries and her looming father, and her unrecognizable feelings for comrade, Alastair Romanos. Can she regain the courage to stand up to Aries and free her people? Or will she give up everything, including her one chance of happiness with Alastair?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/173909656-engulfed-by-aries-book-1-fallen-star-series-✔

Extended Version available here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/196507774-engulfed-by-aries-book-1-extended-fallen-star (Note: This version includes Erebus’ arc which explores his duties, how he met Asteria, and his descent into darkness. It also includes more details about the Isles of Aithne.)

Sequel: Imprisoned by Scorpio , now available on Wattpad!

Updates every other Saturday

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/193174614-imprisoned-by-scorpio-book-2-fallen-star-series

Wattpad Proportions Blood and Tines No Bleed RGB

Summary: This isn’t your grandmother’s Beauty and the Beast.

A question to the reader: Do you know how to survive? If your creature comforts fell away and you were forced to endure under the reign of a foreign power, would you live to see the sunrise?

That question has become the culmination of Ria Erfinder’s life. Since fleeing the London fires under the cover of darkness as a child, Ria and her family have fought to remain anonymous. To remain hidden. To survive. That’s how Witches in the era of the Hunts live, but when tasked by her twin sister to deliver a sensitive package to a hidden village, Ria takes a stab at freedom, never anticipating the cost would be so high.

Driven off course by weather and wolves, Ria finds herself trapped as an interloper in a world far beyond her understanding. It will take every scrap of determination to survive, but if exposure and starvation don’t kill her, the pawn she has become in a supernatural struggle raging in Tree Spring will.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/157051146-blood-and-tines

From Hero to Villain
As a child Wendigo was saved from the villain, but not before giving her a gift that would change her life forever. After a nasty fight with her brother, how far will Wendigo go before she becomes the villain she was meant to be?


A bullet severed him from the world of the living.
Now, one man fights to right his previous life.

:us: :uk: Hi there everyone !

I’m new here and I think publishing and reading stories on Wattpad is going to be very great! It seems to have huge community here :blush:.
I just published the second chapter of my story. It’s in french, but it’d mean the world for me if you could read it.

:fr: Bonjour tout le monde !

Je suis nouvelle ici et j’ai l’impression que publier et lire des histoires sur Wattpad va être super ! On dirait qu’il y a une communauté gigantesque ici :blush:.
Je viens juste de publier le deuxième chapitre de mon histoire. C’est en francais, et ce me ferait extrêmement plaisir si vous y jetiez un oeil.

Voici le résumé :
Marie se réveille et quelque chose va changer. Ou a déjà changé. Elle le sent, cette journée est différente. Les ténèbres ne sont plus loin. Peut-être sont ils déjà là? Oui, ça pue l’angoisse et les ténèbres. Et pourquoi tout le monde crève ici ?

!!:warning::warning::warning: ATTENTION​:warning::warning::warning:!! Cette histoire peut en choquer certains : elle parle de mort, de suicide, de meurtres, de folie… Je déconseille aux âmes sensibles et jeunes.

User: @KitWulf
Title: Shy Walking Shadows (Mobile-Friendly Version)
Cover: Commissioned SWS Cover - Mobile - New

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/213018739-shy-walking-shadows-mobile-friendly-version

Sisters Kierra and Faline are about to be thrust into a world of darkness when a Vampire comes calling for the younger sibling. While Faline is being taken, Kierra tangles with a Werewolf and is left for dead. The search is on as big sister tries to deal with a new world, a new charge, new males, surprises, and secrets. Humor and heartache are in store for each side as they traverse new territory, learning about just what all goes bump in the night, as well as during the day.
A Blood Moon is just over the horizon, and shy walking shadows wont stay hidden forever.

Blurb 2:
Sisters Kierra and Faline come face to face with things they thought only fantasy.
Ripped away from each other and their lives, both have to survive the perils of having become a different species if they want to see the other alive again. While Faline finds herself trapped in a place unknown to her, Kierra is left out in the world with only an old cursed wolf to help her. Help does come from mysterious sources, however, but will it see the sisters back together at last, or dead before they can see each other again?

Comments given:
“Never thought I’d be so entranced by a Werewolf/Vampire genre. The way you describe events and actions play out so vividly in my head.”

“It’s so raw and delightful to read!”

“Your writing is almost flawless, lush and beautiful, and incredibly captivating on a level that I would say this book definitely deserves publication. Diction and grammar are flawless and the flow of the chapters is just wonderful - its one of these “flowing” reads I usually only know from traditionally published books.”


❝ All the devils are here ❞

Lana Flanagan is a monster.

Known as the Queen of Death, she’s killed her way up to the top of the food chain in Seattle’s underground. As a member of the dying race of Banshees, she’s done little to sway the negative opinion of her kind. In fact, she’s encouraged it. So long as people fear her, Lana will remain in power.

After a spell goes sideways she slips into a ninety-two-year long coma and awakens to a very different world. Firstly, the supernatural has come out of the closet; now a war is brewing in the streets between Humans and the Other Blood. The second and most important, her kingdom is in ruins, her crown shattered, and there’s no chance of ever reclaiming her throne.

The city is instead controlled by gangs, and no one is keen on sharing the power with a woman supposed to be long dead. If she wants her power back, she’s going to have to kill for it.