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“You see, Sylvia,” he said, “Your family owes me a great debt. A debt that they have yet to repay. And I intend to extract that payment by whatever means necessary.”

Sylvia shook her head, swallowing hard. “I don’t understand,” she said.

His eyes grew dark and any trace of mirth left his face as he continued to hold her chin in his grip.

“Do you know how unfulfilled debts are customarily rectified?” He asked, “If the debtor is unable to pay the promised sum, then his children will enter into servitude until the debt is worked off. Audrey owes her life to me, and therefore, so do you.”

Sylvia, the daughter of a London dressmaker, has always wanted to leave the city for the place where all her mother’s fairytales take place. But after she is sent away to Dartmoor to escape the Blitz, she finds herself trapped in a terrifying fairytale of her own when she is abducted by Der Erlkönig: the ruthless hunter king who haunts the woodlands. Insisting that her family owes him a great debt, Sylvia is forced into servitude within the castle at the heart of the Underwood. Trapped in a strange world of spirits and monsters, she must use her skills as a seamstress to one day earn back her freedom. But when she meets the King’s beautiful, red-haired gamekeeper, her needlework suddenly begins taking on a life of its own. If the King discovers these new “talents” of hers, will he ever want to let her go?

Rated mature for sexuality and violence. GxG romantic subplot.



A young witch and her sister have been fleeing the Inquisition for the past few weeks. Suddenly, however, she’s faced with the reality the only person left in her life has gone missing. There is little doubt surrounding who took her, but to attempt to save her she’s now forced to accept help from the most unlikely of allies. A kelpie…and better yet, one has already made one attempt at her life. What lays in store is a fragile attempt to survive a world filled with ancient magic, political intrigues and secrets. Authours note// Concept art can currently be found in a separate chapter, though I’m kinda flirting with the idea of adding some illustrations to the story. In any case, expect a lot of rewriting.


She slowly reached down to pick a small silvery object, wedged between a couple rocks. Wet fingers slipped over the muddied patterns carved into the handle as she brought it closer to her face. There was no mistaking it. She was holding Damitri’s dagger. The one she herself had gifted her on her last Kupala.

Her whole body took to tremble. Every fiber, in every muscle taut like a bowstring. She couldn’t breathe. Her throat felt impossibly tight. All she could hear was her own pulse.

Then, something different. Rustling in the reeds behind her… Her grip around the dagger shifted.

To read follow this link



Two gunslingers with mysterious pasts. A girl with a psychic connection to a demonic, parallel reality. A priest on a quest to save the country and redeem himself. A radical cult. Who will take control of the frontier?




An ancient shrine lies hidden away from the rest of the world, which has the power to grant one wish. Guided by the three souls each preventing evil intent, Clifton Letholdus had travelled far and wide whilst on the verge of hopelessness. His wife had fallen critically ill, and now the only way to save her is to pursue the souls and grant a wish.


Mutilated, dejected and out of options Lucius Cromwell is approached by a demon claiming to be his salvation, that is, if he agrees to make a deal with it. At first it seemed too good to be true. A simple trade of his soul in exchange for power, but the deal meant so much more than that.

Constantly tormented by his inner voice and manipulated to do the demon’s bidding, Lucius finds his life thrown into a pandemonium of murder, loss and coping with his slowly fading sanity all while realizing the insignificance of a lifetime of power compared to an eternity of suffering.

Read the first book here!


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Title: Daya- Eternal Pursuit


Summary: Daya’s family has been cursed for generations. She, like her mother before her, is pursued by an immortal being named Rooker who won’t stop until her entire family line is wiped out. To save herself, she travels across Maloria seeking allies and searching for ways to defeat him. It’s a story of endless pursuit and the will to survive, of gods and magic, and of self discovery, as Daya seeks to uncover her family’s connection to Rooker and her own strength in the face of immense power.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/168917081-daya-eternal-pursuit

Excerpt: Suddenly Wren stopped in her tracks. The wind had quieted, replaced by an eerie calm, as if the entire forest was holding its breath.

“Lewin, there’s a chill in the air.” She pulled her furs more tightly around her neck, eyes roaming the woods around them.

“Well, I should think so!” he exclaimed. “It’s colder than Aquilon’s frostbitten toes, that’s for certain.”

“Shh.” She lifted a hand up to stop him. “I don’t mean the cold. I… have a sense about these things.”

Lewin eyes widened in alarm. “Oh.”

She sighed. “It could mean nothing. Just a spying fairie, perhaps. Or it could mean much more. Let’s just get back to the house.”

Lewin draped his arm protectively over her shoulder, and they headed back the way they’d come.

From the shadows, a figure watched them leave. Inhuman eyes stared out from the darkness under a hood of white bear fur, eyes the color of piercing, glacial blue. The figure move silently beneath the trees, following Lewin and Wren until they closed the heavy oak door behind them. Then it watched. And waited.