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Sylvia, the daughter of a London dressmaker, has always wanted to leave the city for the place where all her mother’s fairytales take place. But after she is sent away to Dartmoor to escape the Blitz, she finds herself trapped in one of her mother’s darker tales when she is abducted by Der Erlkönig: the ruthless hunter king who haunts the woodlands. Insisting that her family owes him a great debt, Sylvia is forced into servitude within the castle at the heart of the Underwood. There she must use her skills as a seamstress to navigate this strange world of spirits and, one day, earn back her freedom. But when she meets the King’s beautiful, red-haired gamekeeper, her needlework suddenly begins taking on a life of its own. If the King discovers these new “talents” of hers, will he ever want to let her go?

Now complete: https://www.wattpad.com/story/166914741-into-the-underwood


Now available: Out of the Castle, the second book in The Needle and the Bow Series!


"In a city of dreamers, there are bound to be nightmares."

When a contract leads Jespar Dal’Varek, mercenary and professional cynic, to the island nation of Kilé, he sees it as a chance to turn the page.

He quickly finds that the “Land of Opportunities” and it’s glittering metropolis walk on a tightrope. While the upper class lives in luxury, a controversial decree has birthed an insurgency among the poor.

As Jespar learns that the First Magnate has fallen into a supernatural coma and that it’s his mission to find out what caused it, he realizes that in a city of dreamers there are bound to be nightmares. And that sometimes, it’s only a thin line between the sleeping and the awoken.

“Dreams of the Dying” is the official spin-off to the Skyrim Total Conversaion “Enderal” and explores the past of Jespar Dal’Varek, one of its protagonists.

New chapters every Friday!

Read here or on Patreon. I’m grateful for every reader! :slight_smile:



LINK: https://www.wattpad.com/655218388-a-badlands-fairytale-father-john

A Badlands Fairytale:
It’s the Old West but not how you remember it. Demons, magic, parallel universes, and a priest on a quest to save a psychic child named Maisie from the clutches of a mystic cult. But Father John isn’t alone. A slew of criminals and bounty hunters want to harness Maisie’s power to further their own plans. Who will take control of the frontier?




Five hundred years have passed since Empress Gardenaria was defeated and two hundred since the Empire of Zarciria fell from grace, and with it the tyrannical rule of the sorcerers. The continent of Antiquea lives a relatively calm period of peace, with only a few wars that finish almost as soon as they start. But, in the kingdom of Mythala, young princess Amineba lives an uneasy life. Married against her will with a young zarcirian, she seeks to break free from the destiny that her sister and queen Madáin has chosen for her. Waiting for her first child to be born, Amineba soon discovers that, when you are a princess, freedom is the most expensive of luxuries.

Impending Destiny is a tale of war, love, magic and political intrigues, in which family and duty face ambition and pride in a conflict that will engulf, once more, the continent in the most absolute of chaos.

Novel, updates every two weeks. Critiques and corrections are welcome.



Book: Pangea: Approaching Darkness
Author: Erik L.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/175552197-pangea-approaching-darkness
Description: After the death of his roommate, afraid he will be accused of murder, Mason flees from his dorm, knowing no one will ever believe what truly happened. On the run with the police hot on his trail, how long will he last with little sleep? Will his nightmares catch up to him?

Excerpt: “Mike!” Mason screamed, seeing the jaws of a hound ripping the flesh from his friend. “Nooooo!” Mason tried in vain to move, his arms and legs seemed stuck against the wall by invisible restraints. The hound stopped chewing on Mike, to look at Mason, a repulsive grin on its face. Mason looked at his friend who had blood spilling from the wounds in his chest. Mason thought his friend was dead, until he heard Mike start laughing manically.
“Mike! What’s wrong with you?” Mason questioned, with pure horror on his face. The creature now faced Mason, the grin on its face getting wider. Mike continued to laugh as he stood up, blood spilling out of his injuries. Looking down at the hound, Mike pat it on its head as if it was a good dog. The creature looked up at him, face contorting as it joined in on the laughter. Mason watched in disgust as the two inched their way closer to him, still un able to move, Mason started to panic.

Mike and the hound suddenly stopped laughing, although their faces were still twisted into a hideous grin. Mike brought his hand to his face, with one finger out, “Shhhhh.” He told Mason.

A knock came at the door, Mason tried to scream for help, but his voice had abandoned him, the knock came again, this time with a voice. “Mason, come on. We’re supposed to watch a movie tonight.” (Jenna…) He thought. He had forgotten that they were supposed to watch a movie when Mike left.

Mason tried as hard as he could to scream to warn Jenna, but nothing came out. Mike looked at Mason with that same grin, mocking with his finger, a tear rolling down his face. Both Mike and the hound walked towards the door to open it, stopping only to torment Mason by pointing at the doorknob, asking if they should open it. Mason continued to struggle, feeling hopeless, unable to move a muscle or make a sound as Mike grabbed the door knob, opening the door, and greeting Jenna with that horrendous smile.



summary: ten years ago, the earth prince went missing. no ransom note was left and no price was demanded. king liu chen and queen jona ran themselves ragged trying to locate their son. they sent troops to every planet in the solar system. normally such a daring act would be considered an act of war, but everyone wanted prince haru back, not especially because they cared for his safety but because they feared cheng’s wrath.

when one month turned into six, cheng had no choice but to bring his troops back and piclivly declare his son dead. mercury, venus, mars, saturn, neptune, uranus, and pluto sent their deepest condolences.

strange enough, jupiter was silent.

not even a week after haru’s funeral, his mother miraculously found him sleeping in his bed. beaten and bruised, but alive nonetheless. earth barely got to celebrate the good news until the bad about jupiter reached them.

the gas planet that held ten billion people only a day before vanished without a trace. jupiter was completely desolate.

earth foolishly decided not to link the to events together. but little did they know, the seemingly harmless decision would be the first of the mistakes that would lead to their downfall.

link: https://my.w.tt/tQSE3AJq9T


Mutilated, dejected and out of options Lucius Cromwell is approached by a demon claiming to be his salvation, that is, if he agrees to make a deal with it. At first it seemed too good to be true. A simple trade of his soul in exchange for power, but the deal meant so much more than that.

Constantly tormented by his inner voice and manipulated to do the demon’s bidding, Lucius finds his life thrown into a pandemonium of murder, loss and coping with his slowly fading sanity all while realizing the insignificance of a lifetime of power compared to an eternity of suffering.

Read the first book here!


For fans of Game of Thrones

Finally Sebastian is old enough to be a warrior. He has dreamt about joining his friends, Alex and Nick, for as long as he could remember. Little Fox doesn’t like it one bit that he still has to wait nine more moons before he can prove himself a real man.

But something is stirring in the Forest of Lane. Katla the Fire Magician has been sent south to unleash hell. Torn away from the protection of their parents, the four children become stuck as pawns in a life-threatening game played by Kings, Generals, and power-hungry magicians.

Nothing is what it seems. Nobody can be trusted. And the only way out of the reigning clutches is to rise to power themselves…

Read the prologue here


Title: Law of Tyranny

On alien planet Maelstrom, a battle-hardened empress’ quest for justice and a disturbed adolescent’s struggle for freedom stirs the embers of a centuries-old grudge between two imperial monarchs.

Victoria’s been sentenced to life in exile on alien planet Maelstrom, and sold for illegal trade under the heinous Black Market. With her skin branded to stone, she has acquired the advantage of additional physical strength and newfound power. She must learn to hone these powers and utilize the knowledge she gains in order to get to freedom and safety. But what is this talk of magic? Of curses? And the disappearance of the legendary Lady Vivynth?

Although presumed dead for nearly 200 years, the search for Emperor Dueydalor continues. The fiery Empress Nifylus, who has been ruling in his place, is determined to find him, but running out of options. She could give into the murderer’s impossible ultimatum by returning his love, Lady Vivynth, in exchange for Dueydalor, but she’s not willing to compromise just yet. There may be another way. But she may have to sacrifice more than she bargained for.





Elli Nilsson is twenty years old when she is abducted as hostage by a horde of blood-suckers called the Vampists. The Vampists, from a magical kingdom called Reminis, have threathened Elli’s father into making them suits of chainmail that would prevent them from being killed. The villains, however, didn’t fulfill their promise. They kill Elli’s father once they receive the suits of chainmail. Driven by hatred and fury, Elli vows to avenge her father. She has teamed up with three sorcerors in her quest of bringing the Vampists down.

As the quest goes on, Elli soon realises, the kingpin of the Vampists, Vadiraj, is nobody but a confused man who strives to earn the respect of his kin. While everyone sees him as a vicious blood-sucker who desires to conquer the kingdom of Reminis, they didn’t see his loneliness. While everyone sees him as a vicious man who kills to live, they didn’t see he’s capable to love. While everyone sees him opening the portal to the human world to get the protective chainmail, they didn’t see he’s there for a hidden motive. It all starts with a prophecy.

I’d like to emphasize that I don’t own the pictures or the videos in the Multimedia column. The songs may not have any relation to the story line. They’re, however, my favourite. They’re not meant to be listened along the story.

This story has intense plots and every scene. Please note that English is only my third language. So, if you see any grammatical mistakes, forgive me. I love feedback and will always return the favour.

This story has two parts in most of the chapters. The first part is under Elli’s POV. It has stronger fantasy cum adventure elements. The second part is under Vadiraj’s POV. It’s more towards romance and paranormal genres.


Tournament of Thieves

Open Novella Contest 2019 entry.

For a thousand years, the outside world of the Nine Worlds meant nothing to the Norse trickster god, Loki, and his devoted wife, Sigyn. The little world inside the cavern in which Loki was imprisoned was everything. Neither of them seemed to care anymore about what happened outside the cave.

But when Thor, god of thunder, appears with a proposition for Loki, they are thrust back into the real world. Loki is tasked with tracking down the thief of Freya’s necklace, Brisingamen. No one else knows where the thief could be hiding; Odin cannot even find him from his throne. And since whoever holds Brisingamen holds violent sway over Freya, the Aesir send their old problem-solver – and problem-causer – to find their new enemy. It takes a thief to catch a thief, right?

Loki’s quest won’t be as easy as he believes, for the thief inhabits one of the most powerful and magic-ridden places in the Nine Worlds.

But as Loki embarks on his quest, he realizes that this is not just his chance to redeem himself to the Aesir… it is also his chance to redeem himself to his wife. For once, he’s not just fighting for himself.

He’s fighting for his relationship.




They speak of a legend, about the three souls, tucked away at the edge of the world. Each soul, holds the granting of a combined, yet single wish, and each soul, holds the combined power of virtue. The Soul of Finis: who prevents the intent to kill or harm another. The Soul of Era: who prevents the intent of effecting the past and future. And the Soul of Fictitious: who prevents the wish for something that does not exist…

Clifton Letholdus had travelled far and wide across the land of storms. Tiresome, exhausted but determined with his wife deeply ill and burdened in his arms, the apothecaries would foresee her death in a matter of days. Clifton refused the fate his wife would soon meet, and left his home in search of the legendary souls, hidden away at the edge of the world.

Deep in a crypt of roaming dead, an illusion plain in sight, and the ambiguity of insanity lies a void, a corruption of existence to the origin, and a sacrifice between life and death.



Action / Dark Fantasy / Magical Girl / Thriller.

If you love action-packed magical girl thrillers with a Gothic twist, this story is for you. Dream divers Colbie, Celia, and Kendra indulge their fantasies, but when Mara drops in on their party, she carries death with her and spreads it to the others. When her sister Nico witnesses their actions, she decides to put her trust on this trio to save Mara from her own fate.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/114399550-days-of-blood-and-roses


House of Crows: Rise of the Dark Soldiers

Genre: Dark Fantasy / Mystery / Adventure

Death is not the end but the beginning for Five women. Brought together by to a sovereign that uses unconventional methods to win the game of saving the world. Read the story of five women that discover they never lived till a certain Crow knocked on their death door.

Welcome to The House of Crows.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/170791354-house-of-crows-rise-of-the-dark-soldiers


A cosmos unbuilt, a world untamed and a Queen uncourted. What can one man put right?

An epic fantasy series begins.



Updates Every Month

Sophie has never been a gifted witch, despite her strong lineage. Struggling with just-average-abilities, she hopes to one day gain the respect from her peers. That is until children and teens, including her classmates, start going missing.

As she crosses paths with Vita, a murdered girl whose soul is trapped in a puppet’s body, Sophie realizes that something much darker and terrible is taking over the city. By making an unlikely alliance she hopes to solve these mysteries and bring back those missing… before it’s too late.

But they need to move fast. More children are going missing and the community is falling into chaos with everyone pointing fingers at each other. As for Sophie…it’s only a matter of time before whatever has taken everyone will come after her.


It is our choices that define us as sinners or saints.

If you think you have read dark fantasy. You have not read this.

When Abel Magia is attacked by an unknown assassin in the city of Letterdam a saviour comes and takes him on an enthralling journey on the continent of Emirulore.

Meanwhile his elder brother Cain who had killed his parents some fifteen years earlier is looking for the keys that unlocks the Beasts box. He might get more than he bargained for.

Mari is horrified when her child goes missing and she decides to find her daughter Ella on her own.

Myrich is pure evil and dreams of ruling Talamh. He cements the foundation. In an evil way.

Welcome to Talamh home the of damned



Title: Leather Feather
User: RashidPrime
Genre: Science Fiction
Intro: What happens when a young bat falls in the middle of an intergalactic war between birds and rodents? Not even Pat himself can determine such fate. Good and evil. Bucks and Beaks. Fur and Feather? Those are the symbols of a conflict that spanned our eternal universe. But only one faction will prevail…

Hello! I’m new around here :see_no_evil: Please give this story a read you won’t regret it! It is just the two chapters. so far… I’d like everyone to join my little corner and read my stories, see my comics ,and also see my illustrations that I post in my chapters. I post weekly.
I’d truly appreciate it :smile: :smile:
Link 1: https://www.wattpad.com/story/177458562
Link 2: https://my.w.tt/tECPDjwC9T

Note: can’t seem to upload the cover sorry :heart:


Displaced Corvus Queen Orinthea has turned to Detective work in order to make ends meet and claw back her throne.

Between petty cases, an Emissary of the Thorn King arrives requesting Orinthea’s help. The Thorn Princess has just been murdered and the Thorn Court is in disarray.

Orinthea immediately accepts the case, but it isn’t long before other Princesses start turning up dead and dark truths point towards a culprit Orinthea doesn’t want to contemplate.

In a world ruled by different courts and powerful Royals ready to go to war, can Orinthea solve the case and prevent chaos or will her most dangerous case be her last?

Written for the Open Novella Contest 2019
Fantastical Fiction Prompt 6: Supernatural Detective