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An amateur cover shop on Wattpad that focuses on any of the following types of stories. Dark, emotional, dystopian, paranormal, and mystical. Even if your story isn’t any of those types, you can request novel covers if not the previous types. Teen fiction, chick lit, and general fictions are welcome as the previous types.


Please fill out the form on the form chapter. Also, be kind and patient. I put work into the cover. If you don’t like a cover, I make I will make another one for you. I always make multiple versions and attempts. The password is the number of letters in your username. I want you to be satisfied. I have the right to decline any request. I also have a life outside Wattpad so be patient. Please give ideas, but I will not accept recommended/use images on the cover unless a fan fiction or an image that is yours. I don’t want to risk using copyrighted images for a cover.


I don’t request much for payment. I enjoy making covers and getting the chance to practice. The payment is giving me credit somewhere as long as you use my cover. It can be anywhere with the first few chapters of your story or in the description. That’s all I ask. So please don’t credit me and then get rid of crediting me because you don’t want it there anymore. It makes sense to subtract me if you get a different cover.

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