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I also like dark themed stories. Maybe not in general, but there are different stories with dark elements which are executed good enough for me to read. I don’t really read novels that much, but manga, anime and games is something I read/watch/play a lot. For my part it’s easier to like dark and horror with graphic pictures, so that’s probably something important in novels as well, to allow readers to create a picture in their head when reading.

Yet, a good story and interesting characters is important. Be it novels or something else, a story where characters never dies or gets injured, despite many dangers, it takes away the sense of danger. Might be the reason I like some dark elements even in non-dark genres, because it reminds and proves that this world I’m reading about can go in a darker direction. You can feel worried, nervous, or fear for a character’s life when they do something dangerous.

I also really like good dark stories because I sometimes just want to feel scared. But the content and the characters should be interesting too.

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Dion Statovci0 writer on Wattpad

What kind of dark horror do you like the best? Supernatural/Ghost? Serial Killer? Sci-Fi/Horror? Something else entirely?


I write dark stories!

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Anyone know any dark romance stories on Wattpad?

I would suggest mine, but I don’t know if I can do that.

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I’ll check it out anyway lol

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hello I am writing a dark romance but I’m not sure if it will be too hard to swallow because it’s quite twisted. If you want to give it a look you can

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right chere

Yes please send it my way lol

Liliana Evans used to babysit three young boys when she lived in her small hometown called Clarkson. She leaves Clarkson to only return as a high school teacher where she is teaching those exact same boys, except they seem different. A whole lot different. What happened to the sweet little ones that she grew up with and who are these bad boys that took their place?

Most importantly how will she survive with them claiming she belongs to them? Especially since she was engaged.
Together Forever

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