Darwin here, new to Wattpad, but not to writing!

Hello all!
I’m Darwin (AKA Denise), and I finally took the plunge to join Wattpad.

Prior to this I’ve been posting on Fictionpress, but as it’s gotten larger, it’s gotten harder to find stories I want to read and to get people to come to my stories and give feedback. I know that’s not exclusive to FP, but I wanted to cast a wider net and discover some new reading material and network with more writers!

I am a self published author with 14 novels (and more on the way later this year) in the supernatural, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi and YA genres.

I grew up on classic 40’s-60’s science fiction such as Andre Norton, Alan Dean Foster, some Asimov, Anne McCaffery and more. More recent author faves include Joan Vinge!

I started writing seriously right around the age of nineteen with Fanfictions of my favorite movies, comics and TV shows of the '90s. In 1991 I wrote my first original story and really didn’t look back!

I’m looking for a network of creators I can read, review and get feedback from! Looking forward to getting to know more people here! :slight_smile:

14 novels! That’s crazy! What’s your secret ??

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Nice to meet you. I’d love to read your work and also see what sort of feedback someone with so much experience could offer! I’ve only been on this site a couple of months myself and this is the first time I’ve made a regular habit of my writing.

Welcome Darwin (AKA Denise)! I recently joined as well and from what I can tell the writing community here is pretty great. I’ve received helpful feedback on my work and am reading some excellent stories on top of that.

Also, congrats on already being amazing at writing! Sounds like you write some fun stuff. I look forward to seeing you around!

Hey there! That’s an insane amount of writing - 14 novels and here I am with my little 6 WIPs and complaining lol. I also have write on FictionPress and so far haven’t seen any real engagement. :woman_shrugging:t5: I just figured it wasn’t my area i guess lol.

An over active imagination would be my guess! LOL!
I’ve always had that “What if…” in the back of my brain… what if a cyborg was trying to live a normal life… What if Vampires weren’t undead but scientifically explainable beings… along those lines.

I have SO MANY storylines running through my head at any given time. Some breathe full blown life over the months (or years) and some kind molder in my digital files. Some I have lost through multiple moves and computers (dang it I liked that Robocop fan fic I did back in the day! :stuck_out_tongue: ) But I keep on thinking, planning, writing and editing stories… I love em, and I hope to find an audience that will love them as much as I do!

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Hey! Thanks for popping in on Refuge and leaving a comment, I hope that it will continue to interest you!

As I explained to others, Refuge is my ATTEMPT at a horror story… I have NO IDEA how well I hit those notes. HEH…

I will have to return the favor in the next couple of days!

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Hi there! Glad to meet you Kade!

And it’s good to hear that there might be some more engagement than what I was seeing on FP!

Don’t get me wrong, I met a LOT of people through the site I still call friends and co-writers, but lately it’s been crickets! :slight_smile:

Well I have been doing this since 1991, so that’s a lot of time to accumulate stories! It wasn’t until Fanfiction/Fictionpress (The internet while we’re talking) became a thing that I even got those works out in public. They were just in my computer!

My one “universe” The Only Half Saga has the majority of my 14 novels in its corner… 6 full length novels (Ranging from 175 to over 350 pages)…

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Thank you EVERYONE for the warm welcome so far!!

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ah, well yeah, when you put years into context it seems more normal, haha. but still to complete that many is an impressive feat. :wink:

Thank you, I appreciate that! :slight_smile:

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That’s super cool! Would you ever consider traditionally publishing or do you enjoy self-publishing? Is it worth it?

Welcome to Wattpad. If you check especially the pub, there are a few groups/threads for writers of a more “mature” age i.e as of their twenties, thirties etc. Those can be great ways of finding like-minded authors. Also, the Industry Insider has a few.
I’ve written only ten novels and the first is getting trad-published on 1 July. Wattpad is a great place, but it’s social media, so networking is key.
Also, if you have good stories, make sure to get involved in things like Open Novella, the Watties, or the various contests run by the community profiles. If you need more tips, just respond and I’ll be back. I’m hanging around in the community a lot - for obvious reasons, LOL
I started writing because of WP, finished my first novel in 2014. The next year it won a Watty. The third is the one now getting trad-pubbd, and my publisher has first dibs on the sequels.
So, it CAN work. Okay, I’m not in the big five, but that’s even more difficult these days

Well I would love to get a traditional publishing gig (a tv deal, movie deal?) but I hate rejection? So I’m in a bit of a quandry over sending pitches to publishing houses and dreading every minute I wait until they give a return response. (if they give a response)

So I’ve rather stuck with the Self-Publishing. It’s not as easy to get noticed or network, it’s definitely not lucrative except for those few who get noticed and then get big. But I like the control it gives me over when and what I put out any given year.

I’ve been going through Kindle Direct Publishing which is really quite easy, especially now that they handle the print side of things as well.


Thanks for the tips.

That makes sense! I’ve never queried, but it seems like a totally daunting process. I’ll have to suck it up and try if I want to get a movie deal eventually though :sweat_smile:

Welcome! I’ve found Wattpad to be the best most welcoming platform for writing so you’re in the right place!

My daughter keeps trying to push me to try it… I keep digging my heels…

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So far I’m really liking what I see… and the interaction so far has been phenomenal! Hopefully it will stay that way! :smiley:

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