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Do you like to roleplay? Are you as obsessed with asylums as I am? Do you have an insane character, a doctor, a therapist, or a guard you would like to roleplay with?

Then come join us!
We are always open!
Just apply!


I’m familiar with roleplaying games, but I get the impression “roleplay” in the context of Wattpad is something else. Can someone enlighten me as to what this means, precisely?

Thank you,



role-play on wattpad is more of a conversational storytelling style, so you describe what your character is doing and saying rather than acting it out yourself as you would in a larp, think writing out small parts of an interactive story - hope that helped a little


Saint Morticia’s Academy was founded in the 1800’s when the first demon plague infested the human world- vampires, they soon adapted with the times to provide overall protection from all monsters as the two worlds merged further.

The Academy hires the best and brightest, testing and training them from the ages of sixteen to nineteen and sending them out into the field to add to their ranks- in 1930 the academy made the decision along with the human bill passed in parliament to accept witches and wizards (few that still remained) as recruits, in 2002 they began to allow for half blooded or less recruits of supernatural heritage with the shift in purpose from extermination to containment and safety.

Now in the modern day graduate ‘Morticians’ act as a militant force against anything unearthly, fighting to rid this world of it’s infestation, it was believed that with the defeat of the demon lord Lizak in 1948 that morticians would only be needed to protect human towns and cities, keeping the peace and preventing supernatural entities from straying out of their territories.

However Omens have been sighted, and rumours are spreading about the rising of a second demon lord, there have been more and more rebellions from the supernatural populations, loyalties will be tested, many will perish, if another war breaks out the mortal world will need Saint Morticia’s more than ever.




Legacies is a no commitment Harry Potter roleplay, hosted by Jax that will run through all of 2019. It is a community where we help to develop each other’s writing by creating original characters which interact with each other in a setting that many know and love very much.

If you sign up at legacies, I can guarantee that by the time you leave, you will have improved your craft and developed many characters at once. With a loose structure that allows you to come and go whenever you please, legacies is a place where you should be during 2019.

so, come to legacies, just click welcome to legacies <3

all my love, jax <3


The world has been overrun by zombies. What are your plans to survive and avoid infection?

Enjoy this zombie infested roleplay!

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