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Yo. I’m looking for new RP partners. Lately I’m really into a post-apocalyptic science fantasy setting where the world was changed when fantasy creatures crossed over from their realm into ours, but if you’ve got any better ideas I’m open to hearing them. I’m casual about post length, a few paragraphs are fun every now and then but short posts to keep things moving along are good too. For shipping stuff, I prefer a slow burn buildup most of the time, at least for a first-time RP. Fantasy creatures and anthropomorphics are more interesting to me than humans.

Email or Discord preferred. If you’re interested, DM me! (And please say something more than just “I’m interested,” give me something worth replying to. Tell me what kind of character you’d like to play and any plot suggestions of your own you have.) And look, I don’t want to sound like a grammar nazi, but I prefer literate roleplayers. It kills the fun for me if I basically have to stop to decode what someone else is trying to express.


Now that things have settled down in my life, I am looking for some long time roleplayers. I am capable of doing any kind of roleplay that is given to me or we plan together. I am well versed in all genres except dysoptian and sci fi. I am trying, but it hasn’t looked very pretty.

Genres I can do

  1. Fantasy
  2. Thriller
  3. Paranormal (supernatural)
  4. Historical Fiction
  5. Modern

I am not a fan of always playing the male, despite being good at it, I’m not a fan of having to do it all the time. I am a girl, let me be the girl sometimes.

I do gxg, bxb, bxgxb all of it. I’m down for whatever


Looking for a 1x1 roleplay. I have a few ideas. I’m open to any new ones!
I only do bxg and I prefer we double so it’s fair.
I don’t like one liners and prefer at least five sentences so we can keep the rp interesting.
Feel free to PM me!


Hello! I’m looking for a long term RP partner. I’ve been roleplaying for over 5 years now however I haven’t been very active lately. I’m ready to get back into it

I’ve got a few preferences:
• I do all pairing, when doing bxg I do want to double up
• please be semi literate
• I write a lot when I’m really into the story so I expect somewhat of the same in return
• try to move the story forward as much as possible.
• genres I do are usually slice of life, anything realistic and a few fandoms. also I like to incorperate some romance in the story.

I’m probably missing a few things, but if after all this you’re still interested in roleplaying with me please just message me. thank you!


Looking for people who don’t mind roleplaying in private messages. My current roleplay interests are hospital or mental health themed. If your interested, please private message me for more details.

I do not roleplay nor will I roleplay with anyone else who writes in first person.


All filled up now, thank you for your interest!


Partner found!!


What’s your username on Wattpad? I can’t find you to DM you.


Hello!! I’ve recently settled back into life and am craving a few new roleplay partners! I’d prefer to be roleplaying with someone whose 18 or older, as I’m an adult and don’t want to roleplay with minors. I do all pairings, all genres. I especially am into fantasy, Harry Potter, Marvel, or realistic/slice of life styled roleplay right now, which are ironically on opposite ends on the spectrum, haha. I require doubling up on a roleplay and I really like to build an idea with my partners.


Looking for a rp partner!

What I do:

  • Only g x b

  • double ups only

  • R rated (for violence and language)

  • fandom (SPN, OUAT *though I'm in season 2 * , teen wolf), spies, Black Butler, Kane Chronicles, Percy jackson. I'm open to suggestions

  • 4 + lines

  • Forms (Mostly because I want to know what age your character is to rp accordingly. Will be a very simple form.)

  • Please have good grammar and rp in 3rd person only.

Don't do:

  • ghost, vampire, fantasy, sci-fi

  • less than 4 lines

That's all! I might be forgetting something, but for now this is what I'm mostly comfortable doing


Hello! Seeing that things in my life are starting to settle down I am back and looking for people to roleplay with. Like most people I have a few rules that I would like to list and make known beforehand.

  1. Please do not control my characters! They are my characters not yours therefore I should have complete control over them.
  2. We all have lives, I myself can be very busy at times so please do not blow up my notifications asking if I am there or still interested when its only been a day. If I haven’t responded in 3-4 days just shoot me a message. To add on to that if you are no longer interested in roleplaying with me please make it known so I am not waiting for a response and can just delete the chat.
  3. Absolutely no one liners! It is extremely hard to reply when there is nothing to respond to. Also NO TEXT TALK unless the characters are actually texting each other!

Those are my rules it may seem like a lot but I don’t think I am asking for much.

Besides that here is the things I am willing to do.

Genres: Teen Fiction , Realistic Fiction (slice of life) , Romance(required)
Gender Pairings: I do all gender pairings so GirlxGirl, BoyxBoy, and GirlxBoy
Ratings: R and up (Violence, Use of Drugs and Language)
Note: I happen to use very explicit language and a lot of it.

That’s all! If you have any questions feel free to message me! If you are interested in roleplaying with me send me a message ! :grinning:
I am not as mean as it looks I swear.


Hi there!
I’m looking for some new RP buddies to, well, RP with.
I usually prefer to do college/high school romances but I am okay with doing fantasy too. I am open to discussing other potential genres if you want to drop me a message :slight_smile:


Hello! I am looking to get back into Roleplaying! I have been on Wattpad for 8 or 9 years now and fell in love with roleplay but I have not roleplayed in quite some time. That being said, here are my expectations in a partner!

  • Must be 18+ simply because I am 18 and would prefer someone around my age.
  • Must be capable of responses 5 sentences or longer. I understand the need for shorter responses in certain circumstances during the roleplay, but each response must keep the story going
  • third person is preferred (and please don’t assume control of my characters)
  • I prefer to double up, but I’m not super picky with it as long as our characters are interesting
  • be open to brainstorming with me! As I have not role played in a long time, I don’t have anything in mind but prefer each roleplay to be unique with my partner so let’s figure something out together! I do, however, love incorporating romance into any plot that I do.

Send me a message if you’re interested!


Hi! My name is Em and I have been on and off wattpad for six years. I want to get back into roleplaying for character building reasons. Please DM me if interested.


I’m up for it :slight_smile:


Happy Holidays everyone! I’ve been watching a bunch of Christmas movies which sparked some roleplaying ideas for the holiday season. I’m looking for a one or two BxB role-play partners for some Christmas role-plays!

The holiday roleplay ideas are based off two Christmas movies; A Christmas Kiss and A Christmas Kiss 2 [they showed back to back lol]! You don’t have to know anything about the movies/watched them because the plots are simple, generic and cliche Christmas romances. I can give you the break down of the movies but we’re most likely going to add in our own twists to the plots as well.

Here is what I prefer/do:

-In general, I do a lot of slice of life/realism, romance, and fantasy based roleplays. i only really do sci-fi and darker plots in group roleplays. The two holiday roleplays ideas are basically slice of life and romance specifically love at first sight [well, more like love at first kiss because that’s how both movies start off] and denial. I love anything and everything with angst and drama which is why I loved these two corny movies lol

-I play top/seme, bottom/uke, and switch. I have no preference of which role my characters are in but I love it whenever people aren’t set on only playing the bottom. I’m not a fan of doubling up but if one person wants to double up, then I’ll probably role-play with the same roleplayer instead of two different partners.

-Staying on topic of characters: Mary sues, overpowered, overdramatic, etc are types I usually stray away from. Sometimes I’m in the mood for really wild characters but for these two role-plays, that’s not the vibe I’m going for.

-My responses are typically 1,500+ so I would love a roleplay partner who could do the same. This is kind of a deal breaker for me because short responses doesn’t give me much to work with unless there is a resting/slow break in the roleplay before things pick up again.

-I’m in college so my schedule is very hectic and random. I’m either really busy, really tired because I was really busy, or really free because my responsibilities are completed/on hold. So it is pretty normal for me to be on top of my responses while I’m break or have free time but disappear once my semester starts picking up again. But I do try my best to let you know I’ll be gone for a while/reply when I can! [I’m on winter break right now so I’m schedule is practically free as a bird for a few weeks!]

PM me if you’re interested :slight_smile:


Hey I’m new in wattpad, specifically here for the roleplay. Contact me in PM for a 1x1 roleplay, I’m interested in developing plots and characters. I’m in the middle of a writer’s block

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