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Yo. I’m looking for new RP partners. Lately I’m really into a post-apocalyptic science fantasy setting where the world was changed when fantasy creatures crossed over from their realm into ours, but if you’ve got any better ideas I’m open to hearing them. I’m casual about post length, a few paragraphs are fun every now and then but short posts to keep things moving along are good too. For shipping stuff, I prefer a slow burn buildup most of the time, at least for a first-time RP. Fantasy creatures and anthropomorphics are more interesting to me than humans.

Email or Discord preferred. If you’re interested, DM me! (And please say something more than just “I’m interested,” give me something worth replying to. Tell me what kind of character you’d like to play and any plot suggestions of your own you have.) And look, I don’t want to sound like a grammar nazi, but I prefer literate roleplayers. It kills the fun for me if I basically have to stop to decode what someone else is trying to express.


Now that things have settled down in my life, I am looking for some long time roleplayers. I am capable of doing any kind of roleplay that is given to me or we plan together. I am well versed in all genres except dysoptian and sci fi. I am trying, but it hasn’t looked very pretty.

Genres I can do

  1. Fantasy
  2. Thriller
  3. Paranormal (supernatural)
  4. Historical Fiction
  5. Modern

I am not a fan of always playing the male, despite being good at it, I’m not a fan of having to do it all the time. I am a girl, let me be the girl sometimes.

I do gxg, bxb, bxgxb all of it. I’m down for whatever


Looking for a 1x1 roleplay. I have a few ideas. I’m open to any new ones!
I only do bxg and I prefer we double so it’s fair.
I don’t like one liners and prefer at least five sentences so we can keep the rp interesting.
Feel free to PM me!


Hello! I’m looking for a long term RP partner. I’ve been roleplaying for over 5 years now however I haven’t been very active lately. I’m ready to get back into it

I’ve got a few preferences:
• I do all pairing, when doing bxg I do want to double up
• please be semi literate
• I write a lot when I’m really into the story so I expect somewhat of the same in return
• try to move the story forward as much as possible.
• genres I do are usually slice of life, anything realistic and a few fandoms. also I like to incorperate some romance in the story.

I’m probably missing a few things, but if after all this you’re still interested in roleplaying with me please just message me. thank you!


Looking for people who don’t mind roleplaying in private messages. My current roleplay interests are hospital or mental health themed. If your interested, please private message me for more details.

I do not roleplay nor will I roleplay with anyone else who writes in first person.


Uh, hi. Looking for a 1x1 roleplaying partner for a fresh story. I’m usually pretty good about replying but I do have work and school so I’m not always online. Must be 18 or older to apply, just because writing with a person younger than that is weird for me. I do gxg, bxb, bxg pairings and most genres, I really like sci-fi, fantasy and world building. If you have a plot that’s cool. I’ve been kinda into the idea of avians/people with wings or some type of steampunk inspired story. I’m pretty open to plotting, so hmu if you’re interested!


Hey! I’m looking for one x one roleplay partner (long term or short term, doesn’t matter to me). Right now, I’m interested in a few ideas:

A Fallout themed roleplay; just based around Bethesda’s Fallout universe
A post-apocalytpic zombie universe; Just a zombie roleplay, kinda like the walking dead but wouldn’t be the walking dead, y’know?
I’m always down for a Harry Potter Universe rp; I have a few plots in mind for one of these, and I prefer to use OCs or do something with the Scorose ship.

I’m entirely open to coming up with ideas together as well!

I would like my partners to be at least 18 (I’m an adult, I want to roleplay with an adult), and someone who is comfortable with mature themes. I prefer to do mxf pairings, and doubling up would be no problem with me for any of these (Lord knows I have plenty of characters hssksks). I prefer longer replies (but not everything has to be perfect). I’m super into romance stuff, and I prefer slow burn romance for that, but there doesn’t have to be romance in it. If you’re interested, shoot me a PM and we can work things out!

Yikes, turns out changing my name on wattpad doesn’t change it here! My @ on WP is Acciowolfsbane!


What’s your username on Wattpad? I can’t find you to DM you.