Decline in Reads

So, I’m not sure how exactly to research this, but I’d like to know if the decline in reads is limited or widespread.

Any information you can provide on a potential decline in your reads this year or earlier would be very helpful. Screenshots, diagrams, pie charts, however, you want to present it.

If you’re unsure, maybe watch your reads and report when you can. I’ll definitely be doing that.

For now, I’d like to just know how many of you have experienced some sort of a slowdown since last year/this year?

(This was brought to my attention by @MaryFahey)

I experienced this slowdown in reads like this month. And the only reason this was brought to my attention was because my story was promoted twice, but hasn’t changed in ranking.


Hi -
Suggest taking a look at this thread, and this similar thread, and this unresolved issue in the Wattpad support list.

Wattpad is kind of broken right now.


I believe I have already seen/looked through that thread but thank you for the link.


Hmmm. I’m aware the rankings are broken.

Have you seen an increase in reads since being promoted?


I’ve known that the tag rankings were broken for a while now. It’s pretty common knowledge but the declines in reads seems to be new.


Not even. I’ve just gotten 4 reads since being promoted. :roll_eyes:


My reads have been slow as well lately. :thinking:

From the beginning, it was crazy high. Guess I’m not the only one experiencing that.


Rather than type it all out again, I’m more or less cut, copying and pasting what I put in another thread.

Yes. My reads have declined - from a few hundred overnight to 10 if I’m lucky. Stories that used to get 1k a week are now getting next to nothing.

I’m just lucky that I had followers - who are extremely loyal, some re-readers and so forth or else I wouldn’t have had any reads. I also entered ONC so got traffic related to that - I had a story search thread going in here about it but would also have read many entries myself.

My stories are superficially ranking but down a bit and hidden usually by a sprew of banned/ illegal content around them in the worse case scenarios. In others, there is low read or unrelated to the tag stories that haven’t been updated for years and have clearly been abandoned.

Most of the tags, have a few specially placed, promoted reads near the top. (eg the Beta ones, Watty winners or others on the radar). Then there’s a pile of low reads odd things unrelated to the tag - so a genuine reader is going to stop scrolling. Eg WTF I’m looking for #ValentinesDay and that’s a rant book. The next is BTS gifs followed by rebel song lyrics and a porn story.

Further down - there’s mine - but the reader has already gone or is, as Wattpad may have intended, reads the promoted story.

Obviously banned content -child porn, smut roleplays and banned images along with abandoned stuff and spam is creating a thick wall that would impress Donald Trump. The supreme ones are on one side of the wall and what they want to suppress on the other side of it.

I’ve investigated numerous tags and reported hundreds of items - but nothing has changed. New, even foreign language stories have arrived to take their place. So perhaps a Hungarian one-shot written in 2015, a Vietnamese copywrite comic and a spam a/c for a Spanish call girl service.

Like Donald Trump aspires to, it’s an impenetrable wall and designed to keep certain classes powerful and others hopeless and unwanted.

This has been going on for about 4 months now but I blamed myself at first.

I blamed my Christian/Muslim romance for offending someone. (not that anyone commented about that - mainly things were positive - that it was realistic, funny, perceptive).

Then I blamed my ONC entry likewise - although most readers are finding it hilarious.

I also had a Christmas story, that although (very strangely) was not ranking on any Christmas related tags - found repeat readers who also seemed to bring in more - and they read the other ones.

if I’m so hidden, book clubs here, further competitions etc are a waste of time to attract reads. I’ve 8k done for Opennovella and will finish that.

However, on the plus side, I’m thinking, if Wattpad has gone to the trouble of hiding my stories either deliberately or by accident of them being too popular, they might (with a round of edits as they’re all rough drafts), be better than I thought.

Unless there’s a backstop by the weekend, I’ll take this as an omen to take them elsewhere. This border control has been going on for nearly a quarter of a year and I’m all for free movement of people, goods and stories.


I’m so sorry. What kind of promotion?


Do you mind my asking what you mean by shadow blocked?

Shadow blocked is when only people who follow you are likely to see your work.

It happens on Twitter quite a lot to argumentative politicians. Even if they hashtag a tweet with say #Brexit - it won’t appear in the newsfeed for that tag. Or if it does, it’s hidden in among a pile of spam.

There’s a lot of ways around doing it. And I think Wattpad have either deliberately or inadvertently done it.


Ohhhh. I see.

I’m curious and you may have said this and I just missed it, but was your story promoted?

No. None of my stories have been promoted to my knowledge under any of the new systems. I was featured under the old system for a few months- but well down the list and the story had been doing well (over 40k reads on 14 parts) before it got featured.

I never had any difficulty getting reads before this. It’s changed and very suddenly and dramatically. Any reads are from people who follow me or I’ve met around.

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Hmmmm, I’ve had a few people discover some of my books in the past few months but mainly through contents, book clubs, or people I follow.


I think I am the one who’s jinxed. Wattpad was fine until I started publishing here… seriously :pleading_face: Me too, I noticed a change, although I published my first chapter only on May 2018. The reads declined for all my works, two are worse than another one, and I start to question my purpose here because, I’ll be honest, I only started publishing here to improve my English and exchange with the readers, but with the decline in reads, I don’t get feedbacks, so I find most of the time myself writing for a silent audience … what’s not what I joined Wattpad for. Anyway, I hope that something will be done in the near future, otherwise I will have no other choice but to look for another platform with a more reactive audience, but I hope not. I like Wattpad :sob:


@luliawriter A problem is too that the rising and new lists are hidden. Any time I’d update, I’d get new readers from appearing on either of those - even for a few hours.

Then some would read my other ones.


I thought it was weird this morning when your story had more votes than reads. Like 19 votes to 11 reads. I thought Wattpad was having another stroke or a hissy fit. :joy:

I’m kind of pissed now. It’s hard getting reads on Wattpad and writers like you deserve every one of them.

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@kadauhara99 Thanks. I didn’t notice that. The funny thing is - I never until recently even paid any heed to the reads - just that they were coming - and I’d go off and write something else. Then I spend a lot of time reading too.

It’s just this strange decline to nothing that’s bewildered me. I blamed myself at first but then found ‘the wall’ in most of the tag rankings.

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Wattpad does have glitches and HOPEFULLY they are trying to fix them.

Maybe the decline in reads have to do with wattpad next books being heavily promoted. Just a theory