Define this Character

Define this character

  • Would your definition change if it were a man or a woman?
  • would it change if it was from the victim’s perspective?
  • Also, where would you expect see this: opening, epiphany, or end?
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When we abuse our families, we become somebody else. And that transformation isn’t necessarily instantaneous, and it doesn’t always happen before or even after. Part way through the abuse, you recognize it for what it is but you can’t stop. So you hang on like some feckless, detached passenger witnessing it all unfold. Sometimes the component to fuel the rage on isn’t pride, or shame, or disillusionment. It’s just ennui. It’s fatigue. Because it’s exhausting being nice each and every day. It’s exhausting looking on the bright side. It’s exhausting having a feign a smile for the sake of others.

So you rest awhile—let your senses rest, even your sense of right and wrong.

My Answer (Spoilered so it won't influence others')
  • No matter the gender, I would call this character an abuser
  • I can see this going anywhere, but if I had to choose, maybe an epiphany?

Thank you for the fast response.

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My definition would not change no matter the gender. I think this person was first a victim and later became an abuser. I see this working best as an epiphany, but it can also work as an opening or ending piece too if you don’t have something strong to substitute for it.

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