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Hi! Can someone delete my account on here? I know how to delete on Wattpad, but not here.

Accounts here can’t be deleted. They can only be marked as suspended. (Unless something’s changed in the past few months.)

Really? I’ve seen this: What happens to a thread once an account is deleted? and assumed it can be deleted.

Like I said, something may have changed. Back when one of my friends was trying to shut down their account, they were told it couldn’t be deleted from here but that was several months back.

You could tag a mod and ask them if they can shut it down, otherwise it might take a while for one to see this.

Your forums account can’t be deleted, only suspended. If your Wattpad account is no longer around, a forum moderator can suspend the forums account for you. Is that what you’re after?

Is that GDPR compliant? People should be allowed to delete their accounts? Maybe I’m wrong on that.

I don’t know much about legal-related stuff :sweat_smile: but to the best of my knowledge, Discourse (the provider of these forums) won’t allow an account to be deleted if it has posts which are over a certain age, so we suspend the account instead. You might be able to find out more information via the Discourse Meta forums here.

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What happens when you suspend an account? Can people still see the account? Does it ever return after suspension ends? What about the threads, do they vanish too?

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Let me check this one out and we’ll get back to you, just because I’m not completely sure on the answers :revolving_hearts:

Thank you!

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Okay, so the answers are that if your account is ‘suspended’ it can’t be logged into, but is still here. However, you can go to ‘Preferences’ on your profile, then to ‘Interface’ and check ‘Hide my public profile and presence features’ which would stop other users being able to see your account.

If your Wattpad account is reopened, you can contact a forum moderator to have your forums account reactivated. Your threads would default remain open, unless you’d like them to be closed.

Sorry this is so long winded, but I hope it helps clarify :hugs:

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Hi! Thank you for information.
You may suspend my account :blush:

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We’ll do that for you :heart:

@Azanthiel could you please suspend my account, as I don’t use it anymore.

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Will do :heart:

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Yes, Discourse (not Wattpad) is legally required to delete your account if you request it. They have a whole thread about it if you google deleting your Discourse account.

@Azanthiel would you mind suspending my forum account as I don’t use it anymore?

Hi! Are you talking about your forums or main site account?

Please only suspend this forum account as I would like to keep my main site account. Thanks

I’m afraid we can’t suspend forums accounts unless your main site account is also closed. If you’d like to stop receiving notifications, you can log out of your forums account.