delete your story from wattpad

When do you know that it is time to delete your story from wattpad? How do you that your story won’t work there and you need to publish it on another platform or stop writing it altogether?

Isn’t there conflict of interest involved in asking this of Wattpadders?

Seems a pretty personal decision to me.

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I know @abirrosa2 for years now. She has been my reader and only recently she found the courage to post her work on Wattpad. I think from a new writer point of view she is asking… what if no one clicks on our work. At what point we say this is wrong place to post, no one is reading this… that’s my interpretation of the question. In my view if we post we shouldn’t delete… we can keep it and at some point we may get feedback… we should keep hoping


OK. Thanks @royal888.

I would look at it this way: even if one doesn’t seem to be getting reads, does it hurt anything to keep the work on Wattpad and keep writing it?

Usually not.

So, unless one has already found that alternate form of publication and that other method in some way requires removal from Wattpad, there’s no point in deleting a work from Wattpad.


I think I look at it from new writer point of view. It’s common I hear and see new writers unpublish. I always encourage them to keep posting and they just do it because they don’t get reads or they have no confidence… it takes a lot of courage for some people to gain confidence to post work. So I can understand new writers being intimidated or lose hope to give up. We all want feedback and love feedback. It is disheartening when there are no reads and for sure I agree we shouldn’t unpublish and should keep updating

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That depends on you.

If you’re wondering on when to delete it because no one is reading, then the answer is then… well… there is no answer. People aren’t just going to come to your story after it’s been posted. You need to get out there and be active - through Wattpad and through social media. You have to market yourself. And if you don’t do that, then no one will know who are you and thus, your story won’t get read.

Not to mention, even if you are marketing yourself, it still takes time to get out there. I’ve been on the website for nearly six years and although I do have some readers, I’m not getting hundreds of thousands to millions of views or thousands of followers. Over the years, I’ve been improving on my work, making more interesting projects than the last one, trying to reach out to more readers and doing new marketing techniques. The only times I ever deleted a story was if it wasn’t good (in my eyes).

But in the end, it shouldn’t matter what someone else thinks. You can’t please everyone. You can try to improve your work, but that’s it. Writing is subjective. Even if your story is absolutely amazing, there will be tons of other people who think it’s garbage. So… overall, just write a story you enjoy. Write what you want to write and most importantly, write what you want to read.

If you don’t like your story, then delete it. If you think it needs more work, you can keep it up and fix it (re-uploading the chapters). And if you like the story, then why take it down in the first place?

If you think your work is good, but you don’t really know, then get critics to look at it. They’ll help you see the mistakes. When I first started on here, I had no idea what to do. When I had critics to look at my work, they tore it down. And sure, it was heartbreaking (they were harsh critics), and I did cry for a week and wanted to quit writing, but I didn’t. Instead, I grew a backbone and improved my work. It’s still hard to see the negative feedback, but it’s well worth it. I promise.

And I’ve honestly only used Wattpad as a writing platform. I used Facebook (through an author page I created) and poemhunter (a place where I posted my poetry long ago) but once I found Wattpad, I was home. I have seen some other writing communities, but I honestly think Wattpad is the best one.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me it is really good to know that I am not the only one having doubts. I write because I really enjoy creating new worlds. As long as I am happy with my writing I will continue doing it


That’s the spirit! :hugs::blush:

It can be very discouraging, but just know that we’re all in the same boat. :wink:


Thank you so much Sarah It means a lot to me when I get your support and encouragement. I will keep hoping and looking for the best. Writing makes me happy so I will continue till the end.


I don’t think I can add more than @AliciaM21 already said. Those are basically my exact thoughts.

Wattpad is a hard nut to crack so never go into it expecting reads. For me the time to delete my books is when I stop having fun or I just don’t like it. But even the latter I admit to ignoring because I have even one reader who does like it. There a couple books on my profile I hate but I have 1 reader in the past who loved them so I kept them up.

I think the best way to solve the frustration of people not reading is to find other reasons to be here. That way you can take the “if they read, great. If not, oh well” approach. Doing my best to keep that view has helped me out a lot over my time on Wattpad.


I’ve deleted two stories. They were a spin-off series of another series.

I realised after getting some critiques it just wasn’t at the level I wanted it to be and there were some fundamental issues that I needed to address. So I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it.

I’ll never stop writing though. I loved writing before Wattpad and if my fanbase dries out and everything just dies over there, I’ll still love writing and continue to do so.

And even if I had gotten zero reads, I still like being on Wattpad. The community is awesome and being part of the writer’s community is even better. So, don’t be afraid to join. Even if you don’t get a lot of reads, you can still be a part of Wattpad :smile:

Also everything @AliciaM21 said, of course.


@AliciaM21 pretty much pointed it out.

For myself, I have deleted one work. It was a violent novella where no one got past the 3rd chapter. I learned a lot from that book, which helped me evolve my writing quite a bit. I deleted it since I decided to change my tactics with writing.

As everyone has stated, you have your own reasons for deleting it. If you’re unsure, yiu can just unpiblish it, make changes, and reupload it again. A lot of wattpad users do this :wink:

And of course, the community is what makes the experience all the better. It’ll be a different story of there wasn’t one (and trust me, I’ve been there. It’s a totally different ball game :wink: ).


The only stories I’ve deleted here were short writing prompt pieces when I incorporated them into an anthology. Last year, when a publishing house picked up three of my novels, I decided to leave a few chapters of each as teasers and turn the remainder to Private. They are still posted and being actively read, and I feel this helps promote them, their sequels and my other works. :thinking:


I like- deleted over 60 stories that I felt just didn’t work anymore- I felt like I had out grew them and they didn’t reflect me.

…I wish I would have kept the one with like 45k reads up could have used it to promote my new books xD


That’s a shame. Lesson learned I guess with the 45k one.

@ZonderZorg I forgot to mention I’ve made some stuff private as well. It’s actually quite a good thing to know as well @abirrosa2

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There is nothing wrong with failing.

There is nothing wrong with looking back after a few chapters and find that it doesn’t works. As long as you learn from the process.

For every success… I am not even going to say this. But you need to fail a few times to get things right. So deleting books? Why not! If it is obviously a failure so be it. Again, as long as you learn from it. You might not even want to straight out delete it but unpublish it and keep it around.


Well I’ve deleted more stories than I’ve written so there’s that.

As far as I’m concerned, you should delete stories when you feel like you are unable to make the story work as a writer. For example, if halfway through you realize this concept isn’t going anywhere and doesn’t have the legs you thought it did, you may want to terminate it. If you realize it is just a side adventure to probably a much better story, you can delete it to reuse it elsewhere. Or if you recognize as a writer you’re unable to execute on something (I have some concepts I know I’m not at a skill level for yet) for now.

But all of those reasons are entirely internal and only as a writer while the story is being created. Once you’ve finished a story you should never delete it, because it’s already finished anyways and there’s probably somebody who will appreciate it at some point. Either way, it is something you created so it should exist just as testament to the work you do. Remember that as a writer, stories are judged by you on their writing (readers tend to care more about other things). So it doesn’t really matter how much a story is read or what people comment, mostly just how you review it as a writer. What can I learn from my own writing? What can I improve for next time? What did I do well? What are some missed opportunities?

Anything related to lack of success is not a reason to delete a story that you’re still writing because you can’t evaluate a story’s success until it is done. The majority of readers won’t read stories until they’re finished because, you know, we generally don’t buy or get into anything until we know it is finished (or will have a guaranteed ending). And lack of success on a completed story is irrelevant because you shouldn’t delete what you finish.


I just unpublished one of my own, but that was because it doesn’t work in this segmented ‘part-based’ context. Outside of Wattpad it gets really positive response.

I write full novels, and only just discovered wattpad. So I applied one of my full novels to the wattpad format and it just didn’t work. The opening parts suddenly seemed slow and long and with nothing happening. I asked former readers what they thought of the beginning, and they said they had no issues. But this was because they were reading the book as a whole. They always ‘felt’ that it was part of something greater yet to come, so weren’t applying that direct scrutiny to the part in isolation. That’s a different mentality and approach to the book.

I wouldn’t look into your ‘Wattpad success’ as any rating on your writing overall, because what doesn’t work here may do just fine in another context. Think of wattpad as a communal editing and advice tool, where you can hone specific elements of your craft.

If your book is meant to be delivered as a full book, then I say either unpublish, or at least take the comments/response/lack of response in that light. I’d also however try to get some feedback from people reading and judging it as a whole.


Oh I haven’t thought of making things private. That’s interesting. Do you keep them for any particular readership? What’s the thinking there?


With my one, it’s more violent and gory, which isn’t the type of reader I want now. So in respect to those who like that of my style, I’ve made the chapters private instead of deleting it.

I do like and enjoy writing that style, but it isn’t my main focus. I’ve evovled a bit in my writing since then :slight_smile: