Check out the list again. I’m not referencing the number of votes in this particular list, but the number of Goodreads ratings overall. You can clearly see that if you look at the books. If there’s another big release from this year then I didn’t hear about it.

Oh, I should note that this list is only trad books.


Ah, gotcha.


If the premise of my book was good enough for you to ask me for a full or partial, dag on right you owe me an explanation. It doesn’t have to be long. What is one minute to say, lacked in this or needed this? So don’t give me that excuse. Please just don’t. I know plenty of authors who have never been asked for neither.

I’m sorry, because I am not totally agreeing that only a selected few are listening and have a good head on their shoulders? Though at least two of them sound highly offensive to me.


Comments like this, smh. I can be the only person in here and I wouldn’t need anyone to back me up.


Those work neck and neck. You can’t have one without the other, you just can’t.

I agree with this comment 100 percent.

It’s already been mentioned that you have to pretty much come with a package of followers, though my author friend was LUCKY enough to get picked, with not even having a huge following. So to me, that agent TOOK A CHANCE. She even admitted in an interview that she took a chance.

Maybe if more agents would take a chance, they’ll one day find that one author that keeps pockets fat and readers satisfied for decades to come.


I’m currently in the same boat. No offers yet and it has been years.


Grab a seat darling, there’s plenty of ‘excuses’ up in here as to why people aren’t the chosen one.


I had one agent said my book was too much tell. So I rewrote it. Sent it back to the same agent 6 months later and she said it was too much show. I about had a fit. lol


My personal favorite. You hit what the agent is looking for word for word. I mean exactly. And they respond saying it is not what they are looking for.


Lol see what I’m saying? The frustration behind this is mind boggling. Let me ask you this, out of everyone on his or her client list, how many are the reigning authors? The ones front line at Barnes and Noble.

I bet you won’t find a lot. I can name drop ten agents that have chosen the best, and then I can name like 50 agents with just a long list of clients, but nothing enough to make anyone quit their day job.


Oh be careful with this comment. Apparently saying so will get you no friends (there’s people here that predict the future) in the industry or you’ve insulted the industry as a whole. Though you’ve mentioned no names, no genre, no specific book out of a billion.


I’ll keep my frustration hidden then. I got rid of the post.


Don’t let anyone in here change your thoughts on anything. You can agree with who you want. Even if it isn’t me. It does not matter.

I want anyone in this thread to feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts and opinion on the subject.

I started the topic.

Just make sure not to name drop agents or company’s they work for. And no insults either, just how you feel about what you’re reading here.


I would never do that. I may not agree with them but I will always respect an agent. The same goes for any person doing their job.


You’re good. I’d like to hear more about those rejections though. I am interested to see what some of them said other than ‘subjective.’


Well I could line my house with them. Most are the regular automatic rejections that are not personalized and done a week after submitting. I can guess no one looked at the query in that short amount of time. Some rejections give advice, which are the ones I love. They tend to be personalized, and the agent shows they spent time looking at your work. Then there are the ones that state you are not a good fit for them even though you present everything they are asking for. Those get me confused since I get no consolation as to why it was not a good fit.


I love these too. I wish more agents would do this, but like mentioned, they don’t have to. But I do think they should especially if they had a partial or a full. I mean why not? Is it really that much time you’re wasting explaining that one thing you didn’t like.




I am not denying that the books didn’t sell extremely well. Which part did you miss where I said that I actually enjoyed the Twilight movies? This all goes back to a story generating a large fan base even when the writing wasn’t strong enough. I read somewhere that said the agent admitted that she had to polish the book tons.

And honestly look at the fan base for Twilight, teenagers. Or young adults and only a possible handful of a much older crowd. When Twilight came out, I was in my twenties, same for Harry Potter, early twenties.

Look the fan base for 50 Shades of Gray, groups that love erotica involving kinky sex. That’s why it sold, there are millions of kinky people out here, and that book proved that theory.


Both Twilight and the Potter series were megasellers because their audience expanded FAR beyond their initial target group. Both were widely read by people of all ages. It was not a handful – WIDELY read by women (and probably men) in their 40s, 50s, even 70s.

50SOG actually did NOT appeal to people who were actually into BDSM, because it got the kink so horribly wrong. It was made popular by people who wanted to glimpse what they THOUGHT was the world of kink (and people in that world who wanted to hate read). It was another one that was read widely outside of its initial target readership.


Do not put Harry Potter into what I said. I only said that I was in my early twenties when that book came out. The books and movies was and will always be phenomenal. I am talking about Twilight’s book, which went FAR beyond the initial target group AFTER a successful movie. The first one. I had friends only buying the books because of the first movie.

And how do you know about 50 Shades of Gray? Are you a personal friend of the author or agent? They ‘thought’. What? You speak for everyone now, huh? You were there, at the meetings? Stop it.