Yes, it can happen. And it makes sense – different people are different! I think writers need to be aware of that and make a point to discuss it at the very beginning. If the vision is different, amicably end the relationship and look for someone who shares your vision.


Perfect. It sounds like you have a great handle on it.


Found this today and thought I’d share. On the subject of agents/publishers not taking risks and signing new authors. One of my publishers (Orbit) brought on 14 new authors in just this year alone. Here’s the list.

Josiah Bancroft , author of SENLIN ASCENDS

Annalee Newitz , author of AUTONOMOUS

Rowenna Miller , author of TORN

Leo Carew , author of THE WOLF

Heather Child , author of EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU

Sam J. Miller, author of BLACKFISH CITY

Tyler Whitesides , author of THE THOUSAND DEATHS OF ARDOR BENN

Jonathan French , author of THE GREY BASTARDS


Craig DiLouie, author of ONE OF US

Rich Larson , author of ANNEX

Tade Thompson , author of ROSEWATER

Rena Rossner , author of THE SISTERS OF THE WINTER WOOD

Tasha Suri , author of EMPIRE OF SAND


And two of those books were originally self-published (Gray Bastards and Senlin Ascends, a pair of terrific books). Definitely a progressive publisher!


Yep, they’ve picked up quite a few self-published works over the past – including my own.


Hm… this is a very interesting thread.


It was a long read but this thread like all the others are always informative. Thank you @XimeraGrey @MichaelJSullivan @AlecHutson @AWExley all protocols observed. I don’t say much but it truly shows the mark of an individual who can make time out of their professional lives to give back to a community and help fertilize the literary soil so to speak. Do know there are people watching who appreciate everything you do.


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