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Can you give us an idea about what the story is about and what the themes are?


Yeah totally!

Nine people, four districts, one city. San Moirae is the City of Luck, and barer of good fortunes. Home to more than 5 million hopefuls willing to place their lives in the hands of the fates that seem to favor that city over any other in the world. Nine lives will become one in the heart of San Moirae. Now that the web is woven, all that’s left is to watch all the pieces fall into place.

This book will be a lot about relationships and friendships and identity and I’m trying my hardest to represent all of you… This is a book about everyday human lives. Every life has an impact on other


Or In The Heart of San Moirae.
Could be an idea for an alternative title.


I think City of Luck would be suitable! More straightforward as the story is focused on this special city which is San Moirae. It makes me feel curious to read it because when I read that title it makes me ask wow why is it called city of luck? I’ve got to read more to know, that kind of thing. Ok sorry I talk too much, but it’s an opinion!


Agree this sounds good too and honestly you can leave out ‘In The’ and just make it ‘Heart of San Moirae’


Thank you so much for the feedback! For those of you that dont know, Moirae is the greek word for the goddesses of fate so yeah it would probably be really smart of me to put that into the title. Thank you!


I personally think the title is fine.


I think your title sounds fine. However I would include the city in the title or add a colon to differentiate between other stories that might have similar names
Heart of the City: San Moirae


How would we feel about San Moirae: City of Fate


Love it! I also love the concept of the book. I’ll give it a read! Good Luck.


Thank you so much for helping me form an idea! You are too kind. Namaste!