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extra info

+ it would be ideal to request with at least three ideas in mind.

+ if you don’t use the cover, it will be turned into a premade.

+ please pick up within a week.

+ inspo is always more than appreciated, even if it’s a book or a tumblr post or anything.

+ as you can probably see, i mostly semi-accept people. that is not a guarantee that i’ll make the cover, it’s a guarantee that i’ll attempt to make the cover.

some examples

ataleofbloodandboneraw thekingfisheralt3 bethecowboy butterflyeffect gameoflies4 thestarsthatfollow2 settesecondipremade%20copy sweettorture%20copy


three premades available

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@username | post | accepting/semi | status

@Rainbow-Mage | 49 | semi | ip
@Christine_Carter | 54 | semi | oh
@evervicious | 94 | semi | oh
@jaylendreams | 106 | semi | oh
@irisdaisyy | 127 | semi | oh
@kumquat_babe17 | 138 | semi | oh

OH ⇢ on hold
IP ⇢ in progress
Pp ⇢ payment pending
D ⇢ delivered

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just in case


open cfcu closed

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Your covers are amazing😍 wish I was in need of one. Maybe for another one of my books in the future!

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that warms my heart! I’ll be happy to make you one when you need it :sparkles:

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:heart_eyes: all your covers look amazing

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requesting > cover

title: be the cowboy
subtitle*: n/a
author: lilli keagan
mood + colors: poppy colors, happy, gen z yellow
ideas: minimalist, cigarettes, hats, maybe a heart
inspo: n/a
pics*: n/a
other: :eyes::eyes:

@podxnok accepted :eyes: hope the beach helps me think of a way to somehow make this look decent :heart:

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Hi lovely! Your form isn’t working working for me! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m on a phone or what but I would love to fill one out for a cover

Oh, you mean you can’t see it? I’m not sure what the problem is but just in case here is the cover form;

<span style="font-size:7.5px;background:#fff;margin:auto;padding:5vw 8vw;dbs; color:#011541;text-align:justify;text-transform:uppercase;letter-spacing:1px;display:block" title="cb sta"><span style="font-size:;padding:3vw;display:block"><font color=f03991>requesting > cover</font> <br><b>title</b>: text here <b>subtitle*</b>: text here <b>author</b>: text here <b>mood + colors</b>: text here <b>ideas</b>: text here <b>inspo</b>: text here <b>pics*</b>: text here <b>other</b>: text here </span>

also please leave a space between the items because it won’t let me do it ☆


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I just copied and pasted it so I hope this works😬

@scraig02 accepted! I forgot to include it in the form, but do you want a simple, manip or minimal cover? I suppose your first idea is manip and second minimal, but just making sure :cherry_blossom:

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Right!! I’m super open to anything though, so feel free to do whatever you want!:yum:

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requesting > cover

title: What Bones Become
subtitle*: dust into dust
author: Anna Rae
mood + colors: edgy, dark, fire, heat, red, rebellion, female
ideas: I’m always torn between manip and minimal, maybe minimal manip? Ha a mix, basically I don’t love too clustered. I want a girl on the cover who looks like she’s headed to war, maybe not her full face showing but totally up to you. Maybe something like all white to symbolize the bones from the title
inspo: .pinterest.com/pin/457045062185554164/
pics*: .pinterest.com/pin/769834130035706493/
other: on my comp, can’t grab emojis, will definitely do payment