Describe a Character in One Word



If you had to choose one word to describe your character, what would it be? This could be literal; say, a personality trait for example, or more like my example…

Connor: Trainwreck.


Gyl: Tentacles.
Sora: Edgy.
Lilith: Spiders.




Aaron- sassy
Etlish- determined
Aesthete- baby
Nolan- troubled
Elias- hopeful
Aliyah- neutral
Ja’ari- angry
Argo- practical
O’neil- merciful
Madison- crazy
Eleanor- composed
Wallace- bastard
Lasayf- confident
Eris- happy
Apollo- destructive
Leenux- loyal
Michealis- friendly
Albius- gentle
Lorelai- warm
Faith- endurance
Raven- strong
Rowena- destined


I feel emotionally and spiritually connected to Nolan


Delfi - regretful
Leon - arrogant
Elvia - impulsive
Reka - playful (there were too many bad traits so I had to spice things up)
Devyn - caring
Rekae - kind (now that I think about it, Devyn and Rekae are very similar…)
Aquita - eccentric
Avery - cautious
Julian - compassionate


Holy shit why can I relate to Delfi :joy:


That’s so sad, friend :sob:
Also I saw your thread on getting 1k self reads? Damn, dude. I’m impressed.


Hahah :joy: RIP, I’m my biggest fan.


Big mood.


100% :joy::ok_hand:


What does ‘credulous’ mean? I could just Google it but I want to continue the conversation.


Gullibility essentially.

1. having or showing too great a readiness to believe things.


Ooh! Learnt a new word today. I don’t really like writing gullible characters, to be honest.


Neither, but what some people don’t seem to realise is that people can be gullible in one situation, and not in another.

I don’t go as far as to label someone as a whole “gullible” just as I wouldn’t go as far as to label someone “stupid” as a whole. Perhaps they are stupid when it comes to a certain subject, but definitely, no one is truly stupid as a whole.

I agree, however, that it would be really annoying and rage-inducing to write a character who is wholly gullible. I would sooner burn the manuscript :joy:


Agreed. There are some people who are gullible or, I’d go to say even dumb, in one situation and not in another. Everyone reacts to different things - well - differently.


Yas, nothing is black and white and it irritates me when authors try to make it appear that way.

It’s like a caveman instinct almost — "either I run or smash ", no in-between :joy:


Divenire - disdainful
Matthew - becoming
Liz - distracted
Lionne - homebound
Marcus - dead
Lenessia - puzzling

And from another story:

Cronin - windy
Ligeia- poe-ish
Lorelei - cloudy
Kelvin - light
Ogron - melting
Livia - irrelevant
Flynn - bro
Luana - moonstruck


I think I relate to Liz :laughing:


Whoa, Marcus is actually me.