Describe A Story Horrifically.



So, I’ve loved this kind of thread back on the old forum and thought, “hey, let’s bring it here!”

The game is about describing a story, it can be your own or someone else’s, as badly as you can.

Example; The Hobbit

Little angry man regrets opening his door.


Uh oh… I might be making some people mad here, so I’m gonna blur this one out…

The Mortal Instruments

Bad Harry Potter fanfiction, with all the good things about Harry Potter removed and replaced with an incest kink.


Gone Girl

Guess ye shouldn’t have cheated on me, d-bag. :rofl:

Idk if I did this right lol


Omg, I am actually laughing. :joy:

@FetchingPenumbra that is so damn accurate.

Girl on the Train

Weird alcoholic stalker look through people’s windows.


Les Misérables

Everyone sings and everyone dies.



Girl on her period uses witchcraft to kill her haters.


Phantom of the Opera

Disfigured person is bullied so much he burns down an opera.


I don’t have anything to contribute with but yass, this is accurate


Hunger Games

The Olympics, now with murder.


The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Author wants to write a novel to nag about the faults of society.


Interview with the Vampire

Old boi tells a very long story


@Juniperosie Which one?

@AWFrasier :joy::joy::joy:

@FetchingPenumbra Oh my goodness, I hate that book so much seeing the title makes my blood boil.


Lord of the Flies

Kids crash land on a deserted island, go crazy with power and kill each other



Guy solves cube to get better women only to find out hell is torture. who would have known?


mortal instruments xD



Dude chooses to postpone and blow up roadwork so he doesn’t have to change neighborhood.


The Interview

A disguised killing order



Whiny girl dates guy who treats her like shit, constantly complains about him treating her like shit but doesn’t stand up to him. It’s fine though because he’s Harry Styles.


Simon VS The Homosapiens Agenda

Boy has to come out earlier than planned.


The Shining

Abusive father and his family, alone-in-a-hotel version.