Describe A Story Horrifically.



Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

Harry pulls a friggin Jesus.


Apparently, everyone in Dublin likes to drink


Moby Dick
Whale fetish


And remember what kind of whale Moby Dick was…just saying. Herman Melville was up to something there…The color of the whale…The species…The name…fetish is right!


Prince sees ghost, gets terrified and possibly goes insane (we are still trying to figure out if he is insane), tries to kill his uncle, uh oh!

One by one everyone dies…and the only person left is Horatio, poor Horatio!


Anne of Green Gables
don’t ever ever call her “Carrots” or you will get hit on the head! ouch…


The Merchant of Venice- (I am slightly also describing the 2004 version of it as well as the actual script)
Guy decides to make a silly bound about a pound of flesh (why did he think this was a good idea?)

meanwhile a princess named Portion it’s Portia is worried about getting married to a man she doesn’t love, because her father (who is dead) who thought this was a good idea

later…a man named, do you know how to spell his name? no okay then shows up along with Humphrey Goodman I am pretty sure his name is Gratiano…. Anyway, she marries the man because he solves the riddle I never thought anyone would choose a husband that way… .but anyway…
and then bound happens to that silly man, who didn’t think before he spoke they have to go the court Portion and her lady in waiting dress up as men and help the silly man and then trick their husbands into giving them their rings you forgot to mention the rings, you forgot to mention the rings!! the husbands tell their wives when they get home, the wives pretend to be shocked, and then reveal that they tricked them into giving them their rings…
The End
(Note: It was hard to badly explain the subplots of Jessica and Shylock…but I can do a part 2)


The Hobbit
Dragon took over mountain, dwarves get it back, but a few of them die.


Phantom of the Opera

masked man claiming to be “the angel of music” kidnaps girl and makes her sing for him.
While another man is acting overdramatic and tries to rescue girl from masked man.


Youch, you should start a burn thread :joy::joy: You’re killing it!


Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Construction projects ruin everything.


Can I do manga/anime? I’m doing a manga/anime.

Death Note
Penmanship and potato chips have never been more dramatic! Also, Apple addiction, and not the iPhone kind.


Splendors and Glooms
overly strict parents.


Frozen Fever
a sister with a magical cold.



Squirrel!! Wait…


The Magic School Bus
Really advanced school bus.


Sherlcok Holmes and The Red headed League
A Victorian style “Redhead day”
and Sherlock wishes he was a redhead.


All the Legolas X readers books
helplessly romantic readers reads a book where she marries Legolas.

I like Legolas X readers


Hamlet (again)

Everyone dies


Lord of the Rings- The Two Towers
Orc hunting contest, yay!