Describe A Story Horrifically.



Hunchback of Notre Dame

Angstiness. Nothing but angstiness.


The Great Mouse Detective
It’s like Sherlock Holmes…but Mice!

And if that doesn’t sell it, we cast Vincent Price as the bad guy…EVERYONE loves that voice!



We take how close can we get to the line without actually saying “Hey, kids…this is a sex joke!” and we build a fairy tale around it!


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Kid gets a leotard from a creepy middle-aged man with PTSD who pretends to be the ‘Tin Man’ from The Wizard of Oz.


Infinity War (i already did this but… why not)

Oh snap!

(also an out of context spoiler)




Infinity War (From someone who’s not yet seen it :disappointed_relieved:)

Two Sherlocks walk into a superhero war…


Batman Begins
OMG!! That’s Jack Kelly from Newsies!!! Now he’s Batman!

^my actual reaction to the trailer. I apparently had not seen a single other movie Christian Bale was in since Newsies…

Also, for funsies, I present: This Totally Relevant Meme





Or she could be non-gender associative. #InsideOutTheories


Toads and Diamonds

One girl vomits jewels and the other vomits toads and snakes. Who thought this was a good gift and curse?


Infinity War

(almost) Everyone dies because of a snap, but hey Sherlock Holmes 3 is being made now!


Infinity War (again)

A writer’s worst nightmare.


Star Trek: Into Darkness

Sherlock Holmes lands in Star Trek, and tries to kill everyone.


Disney’s Herclues (for very angry viewers of Disney’s Herclues)
The writer’s of this movie failed Greek Mythology in school, so they decided to make a very inaccurate version of it hoping that they might get a lot of money and an A+


Indiana Jones

I hate Snakes!!


Indiana Jones

Treasure hunting is only allowed when CAPITALISM!


Into the Woods

Several fairytales mix together to tell us lessons we learn are important and be careful what we wish for! But if the recipe calls for hair as yellow as corn, just toss in some corn silk …same thing.


The Office

Death by second hand embarrassment.



Death by sorely needed haircut