Describe A Story Horrifically.



Be More Chill
Boy is sad then takes drugs to become cool.


Rogers and Hammerstein Cinderella (90s TV Movie Version)


Whoopie Goldberg as Queen
Bernadette Peters as Stepmomma
Whitney Houston as Fairy Godmomma

There are more big names, but those are the biggest, methinks. So if y’needed help remembering, there ya go.

Royal family with ridiculous names throws ball for melancholy prince. A dreamy girl gets help of diva so she can attend after clever stepmother and fussy stepsisters leave her behind, but has to be home by curfew!


Something’s up with this Royal family…


Great stuff! And then everyone dies. The end!


Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

everything was fine until he who must not be named turned into a snake creature.





A woman is put in charge of the world as well as a primary corporation. Everything’s going fine - no crime, no poverty - until, on the first day of his job, a new employee makes a horrific mistake that will end in the deaths of everybody in the entire world. She decides that the only way to make things right is to kill the employee who made the mistake, because he is a malfunction and must be erased from existence. If he isn’t, the whole world burns.

Of course, the employee doesn’t want to die, so he travels across the entire world, crossing borders illegally and leaving a path of destruction in his wake.

What movie is this dramatic deconstruction of the dystopian genre, with complex morality and interesting plot?

it’s none other than The Emoji Movie.


The reason I wrote it like this is because this is the actual story from Smiler’s perspective. Sure, she has to kill somebody, but it’s what’s necessary to keep the rest of the world alive. Think about what happened in Infinity War when they didn’t destroy the Mind Stone before Thanos got the Time Stone. She was trying to prevent that.
I mean, she was just trying to save her world.


My Fair Lady
Man changes woman to be what society wants, and when she realizes she’s too good for him, he pouts until she comes back.



Victims of bigotry take on the status quo and destroy the OZONE all at the same time!




Pandora’s Box

Girl learns never to be curious or the world be suffer from it.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Hogwart’s walls get vandalized (with blood.)


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter’s godfather shows up, and things don’t go well…


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Literally the Godfather starring Sirius Black and Harry Potter


Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief
A teenage boy escapes his abusive stepfather by going on a vacation, getting in a car wreck, ending up at a summer camp, then sent around the country doing a chore for a lazy god who won’t go find his own stuff.


A lesbian tries to turn another girl into a lesbian… and also a vampire. Was written by an old, pervy French dude.


Connie Supernatural Friends
A girl in her mid-twenties moved in another world that is literally hell with aliens, monsters, conspiracies and paranormal sh*t.


The magicians

A depressed overgrown self-loathing man-child who thinks life is tedious goes to magic school and another dimension only to get bored with it because life is tedious.


Deadpool 2

Guy constantly breaks the fourth wall but still can’t break the one between him and his dead lover.



Artists in New York have AIDS.


Real Life

The most boring LARP ever, with random generated characters and permadeath.