Describe A Story Horrifically.




Lawyer in Philly has AIDS


Come From Away

A bunch of planes land in a small Canadian town because of a terrorist attack.The Canadians from the town are Canadians.



A necrophilic, beastial tale of a human girl caught in a love triangle with her 10x great grandfather and a glorified puppy.


This One Summer

Two girls witness the effects of teenagers having sex and drinking, and decide to believe that you can get herpes from a flip-flop.


Soul Eater

A bookworm, albino, OCD and a egotistic fight demons, eat their souls and turn into weapons.



A boy joins the cleaning company of the undead and becomes a maid of the afterlife.


Boku no Hero Academia

A boy who eats a hair to get superpower and has an ability to make the fangirls shipped everyone he meets.



The Lion King without Elton John music.



A rowdy, possessed cabbage patch refuses to stay in its lane and decides to harass its present household.



Dave Grohl returns in the role of the devil from Tenacious D.


Love Never Dies
a Phantom of the Opera fan fiction that got turned into a broadway musical that was written by a Christine x Erik shipper. That had something against Christine for some reason, because they killed her off



An action movie with historical inaccurate errors.


Don’t Mess With The Zohan

Literally one giant crotch joke.


A massive waste of money. Really Adam Sandler…just why?


Pet Cemetery

Because the resurrection cemetery turned the cat demonic…we should use it to bring the loved ones we can’t bear to lose back to life! Crap…they killed another person we love…let’s bury this one in the evil cemetery too!


a toddler in a monster’s body accidentally kills his creator’s family


Harry Potter and the Chamber Secrets (once again)

“Hogwarts is safe.” they said, “nothing bad could ever happen in it.”
“HOLY COW! How did the chamber of secrets open!!” they said.


It is proven that a cat is considered a “mud blood” in wizard standards.


A Quiet Place

SHHHHHHHHHHHHH…we must remain quiet.


Romeo and Juliet

They had really bad horoscopes.


Fifty Shades of Grey

An abusive relationship but it’s fine since there’s kinky sex.


Highschool DXD

Fanservice everywhere with demons.