Describe A Story Horrifically.



Dude Where’s My Car?

Spoiler: They lost a whole fricken car!!



Legal dog fights.


Crimes Of Grindelwald

Dumbledore does not want to fight his racist boyfriend.


Goblin Slayer

Exactly what it says on the tin


@NerdiAuthorGirl OMG :joy::joy::joy:

The Girl Who Could Fly

A story about - you guessed it! - a girl that can fly!


Oliver and Company

It’s Oliver…with a Twist!

(You see what I did there? Huh? Huh?)


Oliver Twist gone to the dogs!


Ouran High School Host Club

6 Rich Bstrds and a Crossdresser.


Alice in Wonderland

No, Really! It’s a commentary on mathematical theory!



Magical boy with daddy issues fights daddy’s biggest mistake.


Ha! I am a sucker for puns! I love this!


Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins but Lin-Manuel Miranda is in it.


MARY POPPINS IN THE FUUUTUUUUUREEEEEEEEE!!! (from the point of the original)


The Good Dinosaur

No, but what if…dinosaurs lived and humans were that critter the boy loves and has to give up! :no_mouth:


Game of Thrones

seven families rape and fight each other over a large chair.



an 11 year old child is encouraged to run from home and force their pet to fight adults for money.


Jurassic Park [Original]

Reason number I’ve lost count why just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD!


Assassin’s Creed

Men running around in hoods that impair their vision and are basically superheroes but not.


The Halloween Franchise

Immortal psychopath terrorizes teenagers while wearing William Shatner’s face.


Kingdom Hearts


I’m confused. […] doesn’t exist in my eyes.


You mean the blurred spoiler?