Describe A Story Horrifically.



As a Scrappy fan

You disgust me.


hold up, what?

(As somebody who’s never watched a single episode of Scooby Doo and primarily knows Scrappy from the TVTropes namer for “character the fans hate with a burning passion” and one Youtube video, I am quite unqualified to speak on this topic.)


Scrappy Doo is an obnoxious, yappy, loathsome little bastard. Thank god he was found dead in Miami.


Okay. Everybody hates him because he’s annoying. Except @SoulRaider116 apparently.


(my book) Law of Tyranny

Old woman with anger issues collaborates with depressed teen to resolve legendary breakup gone horribly wrong.


The Crucible:
Criteria for being a witch: breathing, blinking or moving.


Giant Days

A human ball of salt, an overdramatic goth, and a lesbian cinnamon roll who Is Not Ready for the real world are all college roommates in the UK.


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Oh, you wanted an action story about a mysterious ship captain? Too bad! FISH!!


Great Expectations

Don’t trust creepy old women who invite you into their home to “help them”.