Describe your magic system badly


Primal Mage: Born with your lifeforce bound to an Old God, you hear his whispers in your ears… bonus: Elemental Magic

Spirit Mage: Drain your own lifeforce to MAYBE have a spirit help you out.

Æther Mage: Strange unknown powers from the void that nobody trusts… oh and there are only ever 2 in existence at once, and even they don’t really know what they can do


4 types of magic:

Dark Arts
Light Arts
Elemental Arts (split into East and West)
Spiritual Arts

All self explanatory. The East and West part is also self explanatory.


Trite analogues to simplified particles physics and pretentious paranormal concepts that, no matter how varied and verbose the specifics, ultimately amount to nonsense justifying unrealistic physical feats displayed in action and stealth entertainment.


On the plus side, even if you’re dead, people still see you and interact with you, but on the minus side, being dead won’t protect you from people still trying to kill you. So…


Kingdom of Ash: four season Queens have magic but somehow selected people know of dark magic from another Queen that everyone can use.

RISE: a magical beacon that was formed over 500 years ago is the source of everyone’s magical abilities, but who cares why? The magical abilities given were categorised into houses and… ummm… that’s that.


The gods gave us powers, because who doesn’t want to spend their spare time reading about a fictional pantheon and their thousands-year-old half-myth histories?

(One of the gods is basically an all-seeing, all-knowing animated coral. So that’s fun.)


Mancer2 Universe: Sometimes the fairies are down with you, sometimes they’re not. If they are, well, congrats, you and every last one of your direct descendents now have elemental powers.

Mancer1 Universe: The same as Mancer2 only there’s an evil scientist up on the mountain and sometimes he screws with your body to give you nonelemental powers. In which case, you’ll probably die.


Everyone walks around with invisible straws on their feet sucking energy from the earth. The different magical classes are broken up into a pyramid of affectibility, and sometimes you’ll get a really good elemental power or sometimes you’ll combust into flames in front of your friends and family and die screaming. Dealers choice. Also, is your neighbor just a normal cat, a cat person, or a cat-person? Who knows! But you really start to question things when you see how often they like to lick the underside of their leg.


A Goddess of Blood gives you a magic mark and it can be charged up by making some thing bleed. If an Ash God marks you, you can do fire magic. If you join a cult and sell your soul you have the ability to make people’s minds foggy. Some people can have prophetic dreams and astral project and summon shit.


That is my book’s mood


sounds fun




What is this book? I need to read it


The set up in mine is that the gods keep changing people’s fates just enough to cause conflict so they can use it as entertainment, and dishing out magic to certain people who dislike each other is a good way to do that

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My book:
You can manipulate the balance of life and death my alchemically creating a phoenix and slaughtering it to trade its living soul continuously with dead souls, only to have it resurrect. But this causes problems because of a deficit of dead souls, so souls from the living world are drained from to balance the soul count. That means that at any given time, you could lose your soul due to a necromancer’s experiments.

I’m still coming up with ideas :frowning:


In mine, magic looks like will o’wisps.
It goes zoom zoom whoosh through the air and bangs into a tree, making the tree grow big, strong, and fertile, and allows the branches to bend at will into harps and things. It affects all nature.


My characters would disagree, but who cares what they think? Dance, monkies, dance!



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Prove it. Read them.



What’s it called?

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