Describe your magic system badly


This :ok_hand::joy::joy: Where and how do you fly if you are claustrophobic? :joy::joy:

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Claustrophobia is the fear of tight spaces, not flying


O yes! Smack my face and hide in shame. My tired brain read agoraphobia! :pensive::pensive: That makes more sense :rofl::woman_facepalming:

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Hmm, I’m not sure how to describe my magic system badly because the magic sucks on purpose. This is slightly spoilery if anyone actually cares about my story, so beware all one of you. Powers are incredibly specific and you only get one. The general population thinks wizards are incredibly wise and powerful, in reality they really know nothing and are fairly useless. They aren’t even sure if everyone is born with powers, because the powers usually have such specific activation requirements that you won’t ever find out.

The main character can jump with superhuman strength in the presence of barrels. Actually, he pretty much has to jump if there’s a lot of barrels, so there’s even a downside to his power. Some powers can be a lot stronger. One wizard has the power to instantly liquefy the person he’s looking at by pulling a very specific face, which happened to be the exact face he makes when he has an allergic reaction. One day that, of course, happened while he was in front of a mirror. Welcome to my silly magic system.


Magic came from the gods but they don’t want to share it with mortals.


Magic is a genetic trait and, if you are found out, you’ll be killed or imprisoned… Also, everyone gets one type of magic except for one person who gets all types.

//sounds like Avatar: the Last Airbender now that I think of it.//


Magic is fully welcome, but if you dont have your license, you are going to get f*cked up by the government.


*if the united states had a magic system



mines still a work in progress but basically all magic is inherently “dark” and thus illegal.

but it’s like a drug. there’s something intoxicating about the use of it. but it stains/corrupts the very nature of the person. starts to eat away at their morality.


It’s a death lottery to be born with a magic ability, which can then get passed onto your kiddos…if you survive long enough to have kiddos. When and how you find out you’ve got the hocus pocus is a hyoog shrug emoji.


basically a rip off of harry potter, but the wands are cooler


People and plants and animals find ways to infuse themselves with Universe Energy thingie and they can…do stuff…oh and the plants and animals can use that to shift into humans, but like only human shaped still plant/animal…oh and bad plants and animals found a way to suck Energy from innocent humans and now humans hate all sapient plants and animals and is constantly committing genocide…and they figured out different ways to absorb Energy and people started their own guilds to teach them and if you ar not fiercely loyal to your guild you are considered a disgrace and no one would sell you any food or let you rent and you’ll prob die…lots of people born into guilds are bastards abasing their power and magic…see, I can explain thing badly
also this is not my world or magic system it’s a few of the most common Chinesse folk lore

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Some gods were bored so they created beings that can control their magic for their source of entertainment. Some gods were jealous and went like: “ew these peasants ain’t worthy of controlling our magic. I’m gonna make mine change shape.”

Their creations evolved and can’t be controlled. The gods went: “Oh shit. We’re screwed.”


series 1. water make the blue deer happen cos jesus is a lamb and there’s a lot of dog people because spinny space fan go fast

series 2. tiny robots make vampire go vroom


Casting is like working out, don’t do it and you’ll probably pass out or die if you cast something too strong. Oh, and you have to learn a simplified dialect of an ancient, long forgotten language that could literally shape the earth before you can even invoke your magical energy.


First of all… What?

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Hey it said describe it badly, not describe it well.


Yes they did. But I still had a vague idea of what they’re saying. Can you explain it to me because I am now very curious about it.

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It’s more scifi than fantasy in both cases, but my series Smile Parallax introduces religious elements to it which takes it back out of the science realm a tad. Some of the more sciency parts of it involve a quantum observer, the superposition of any given state of reality, alternate realities, and string theory. But the religious aspects involve holy water being used as a gate between realms and creatures – angels and demons acting as creatures from other realms, and one type of transdimensional being called the Gwydr is probably best described as a blue deer that appears wherever the barriers between worlds are thin.There’s this uneasy marriage between science and the mythological in that series, which is probably best explained with a ton of spoilers but I can’t share those so it will remain sp0o0ky.

As for the vampires, they’re just androids made of nanobots and poofing into ‘dust’ is more like exploding into trillions of microscopic robot particles that can resume their shape. That’s a totally different series (Zakanshi) set 74,000 years in the future though. It’s only ‘magic’ because the characters in the series are from a technologically held back society and to them nanobots and beings that turn to dust obviously look magical.

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Using your life energy to do crazy ish! Use too much life energy and you die. Monsters and animals can make crazy ish happen too

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