Describe your magic system badly


It’s magic but also physics. And philosophy.


Magic can be used by anyone, but if you know the FANCY words you can do magic better. There’s also three different ways to make magic happen. Magic by how much you can bench, how good you can steal, and how good you can tree


The thing is a thing in the brain that lets people do things.


xD Nah, you’re still only claustrophobic in small spaces. You can fly anywhere else.

There’s actually a counter-type (earth elementals) that can camouflage against anything, but are deathly scared of heights. Basically, nothing comes without a price.


The Shaman’s Choice: Two goddesses give you PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS but literally neither of them actually care about you enough to protect you from the horrible repercussions of using them, like say accidentally manifesting your fears into reality as a giant moon crashing into your village. Also if your people are in trouble you’re screwed lol sorry.

The Tale of Ariadne Thistlebum: There’s Evil Magic and Good Magic and people can only be good at one of them unless you’re a special snowflake, at which point you will proceed to do nothing of importance with your amazing power. People care more about Healy Boy than you because Healy Boy’s magic can be turned into health potions…maybe??? or not! but we’re still gonna kill him and try anyways.

Inksmiths: A witch knows ALL the magic except ink so make killy drawings at her.

Power and Price: Congratulations! You can manipulate all life and death on earth because the god died and his amnesiac friend screwed up! Except also you have Brittle Bone Disease and everything can kill you and you don’t even want this magic. Have fun! [Repeatx5]


Fun prompt :slight_smile:

Wild Mermaid: the Atlantian queen transformed her people into mermaids and powers her city using song power

Teenage Bigfoot: (crappy working title, not wattpad but main project) Fairies arbitrarily hand out powers to some Bigfoots using poorly defined omniscient superpowers. Unclear what their motivations are, presumably chaos.


Grab a bunch o’ ingredients to cure a sick person, call it magic becuase you dont know anything about science
super cool


yeah go ahead, cast that spell! sure, whatever you can think of! that’s the spiri-

oh no she’s dead


Everyone uses a tamed version of magic that would otherwise kill you or torture you if it does not agree with your spell (or just not like you). The tamed stuff will still make you suffer a horrible death or torture if you try to kill something or do not have enough magic to fuel the spell.

Not yet well explained in my story but it will be one day.

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You just have to think you can and dead people will make it so.


That sounds cool tbh lol