Designers, Unite! 2 | another chat thread (sort of)


Welcome to this (sort of) chat thread for designers started by @lrafael98 !


01. Don’t request any graphics here. This isn’t a graphic shop of any kind.
02. Be respectful to everyone.

03. Do not steal any grahpics posted here.
04. Any graphics posted should have a preview watermark across it. This is to avoid people from stealing it.
05. Have fun.


@lrafael98 @Azanthiel @AndressaVan @Lady-Emerald @witchoria @angestria @Mamii_es @LostNeverland4 @The_Pretence @VenomMint @Gugus4682 @edenuwu @cocoalatte7 @espressoenthusiast @inncect

(Let me know if you want your tag removed or added.)


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  • Post 89 - Glow through a window | by AndressaVan
  • Post 105 - Glowing edge around a model | by AndressaVan
  • Post 398 - Glow effect on Ibis Paint X | provided by The_Pretence
  • Post 635 - Painted-like editing | by AndressaVan
  • Post 1262 - Masking | provided by ClaraElisibeth
  • Post 1376 - How to make a photo look like a painting | provided by KimYoonmi
  • Post 1404 - Graphic Design Fundamentals | provided by KimYoonmi
  • Post 1940 - Some Topaz settings | provided by witchoria
  • Post 2314 - Blending | by AndressaVan
  • Post 2429 - Blending Part II | by AndressaVan
  • Post 2562 - Negative Space | by KimYoonmi
  • Post 3228 - Raster vs. Vector | by AndressaVan
  • Post 3477 - Pen Tool | by AndressVan
  • Post 3891 - Vector Tutorial | provided by AndressaVan
  • Post 4339 - Making A Cut Out | by AndressaVan


Did you guys hit the limit already?

ehhhh u could say that .-.

Back home!!

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@AngieJMx @Mamii_es

(@Azanthiel could my comment about the situation with @Mamii_es and the requester have something to do with the previous thread getting closed? I’m lost about why my thread was closed. I just got the messages and I am a bit lost here.)

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If I did, I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

The message stating the reason for the previous thread’s closure was left in the thread before it was closed.

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Yes, I know. I just saw it and read it like four times already. So, whatever they were talking about after I left the conversation caused the Ambassador close the thread because it violated the guidelines, right?

I’m just lost here since the messages were deleted so I don’t know what @Mamii_es posted since the Ambassador also mentioned something about a Discord link.

Thank you.

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The discord link was for the chat Mamii had made, though.

Well, apparently, @Mamii_es and you were the last one talking from I’ve seen before the thread was closed. What did you two either said or posted? The message was deleted.

I just wanna have all of the facts to be able to wrap my head around all of this.
I’ve never had a thread closed before because of a violation of the guidelines so I’m a bit shocked and mad at the moment.

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Mamii had talked with the person. That was the post that was deleted.

And she posted the response the person gave to her or something?

I mean, I know there’s nothing I can do about it but I wanna know.


Can I dm you real quick?

Sure, you don’t have to ask to send me a message.

Also, thank you for opening the new thread. I hadn’t noticed what had happened until I saw that it said ‘thread closed’ so thank you!

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No problem, And I’m so so sorry for what happened.

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Don’t worry about it. There’s nothing we can do about it so yeah. Inhale, exhale. Move on.

At least you opened another thread so it’s okay. People can find this one since you tagged them too - mega thank you for that, by the way!

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I think Andressa and a lot of you guys had posted some links to tutorials and stuff to the last thread. Shall I post them here? Just in case someone needs them?

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Even bigger thank you for starting this in the first place.

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