designers, unite! | a chat thread (sort of)


Welcome to this (sort of) chat thread for designers!


01. Don’t request any graphics here. This isn’t a graphic shop of any kind.
02. Be respectful to everyone.
03. Do not steal any graphics posted here.
04. Any graphics posted should have a preview watermark across it. This is to avoid people from stealing it.
05. Have fun.

(I will probably add some more later.)


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Literally honored that I am part of the taglist.

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oh my gosh, me too!

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This is so cool!

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aweeee so delighted to be a part of a tag list!!

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hi, guys!

(I was so nervous to do this.)


@lrafael98 since we were kind of talking about this earlier today I thought maybe this was a good idea to bring up??

Join.Me is a free program that some designers have used in the past. It allows someone to start a session and then share a code so that others can view their screen. The MDC would use it for fun conversations while working on a graphic, to show new designers how to use a technique, or even if they were stumped on what to do with a graphic so that other designers could chat in ideas! I would love to see this come back!

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this is such a good idea!

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It sounds cool. Definitely something that would be helpful as a way to give classes on ps and stuff like that.:grin:

Lol, PS, never heard of it. sadly looking at wallet

yes! there were a few ps classes that would use it

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@EncryptedWriting @xangientx I have to admit that I may have, sort of go through the tag list that @AndressaVan has on her contest thread. That, and I went through one of my old graphic shops to see if any of them were designers.

photoshop c3 use to be free idk if it still is

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Perfectly fine with me, honestly honoured that I was even tagged XD

and shocked, ngl lol

I might’ve of gotten mine from somewhere in the internet without paying or something…


one of my old coworkers fixed my laptop and put cs6 on it for me like 5 yrs ago, idk how and i aint gonna complain lol

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Wish someone did that for me lol.

Why didn’t I ever joined one?!:sob: