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Maze is better than Lucifer

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Character or Regular: character
Ideas: I was thinking Dominic Sherwood with a mma ring in the background. Or a gym in the background with punching bags.
Words on Banner: Trenton Callaghan - The Fighter

Character or Regular: character
Ideas: I was thinking Matthew Daddario with a football field behind him. Or him in a room with trophies on display.
Words on Banner: Jesse Callaghan - The Superstar

Character or Regular: character
Ideas: I was thinking Ian Somerhalder with a poker table in front of him. Like this.

Or in the background an office.
Words on Banner: Reign Callaghan - The Hustler

Character or Regular: character
Ideas: I was thinking a motorbike close by Charlie Hannam or a motorbike shop. Or him at the side of the road with a bike.
Words on Banner: Ajax Teller - Skulls MC President

Maze is better than Lucifer. Lucifer is one good show to watch. :slight_smile:

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@Dredge116 accepted! but for the banners can you tell me the last names of the people nnn I only know Dominic and Matthew. who is Charlie? and in the third one is it Harry? - You can complete payment oh and the story is Tell Me You Love Me found on my page. Any chapter will do.


Title: wilt
Subtitle: take what’s left of her
Author: -bornbad
Ideas: I’d like the faceclaim with a sword attached to her back, I’d love for her to maybe be in front of a rose garden or something with a lot of roses, I’d you desired, they could look set aflame, maybe even have The Hilltop from The Walking Dead morphed in there, only if that is possible, if not I’ll be fine without it. It would be ideal if she had a rose in place of her right eye, maybe steams wrapping around that side of her face and then a simple scar peaking out just around where the rose is. If possible, I’d love for her to have some dirt and blood on her. This story is close to being published, I’m just waiting for a cover. Also, I’m close to publishing the other book you made me a cover for, it’s just the playlist artist hasn’t finished my playlist and I’m a sucker for a good aesthetic. If there are certain things you can’t do, or you don’t feel like doing, I can easily change the idea, this is just what I’d ideally prefer.
Pictures: image

image image
Maze is better than Lucifer

you’re missing something

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I believe I fixed it. <3

@BornBad accepted! You can complete payment oh and the story is Tell Me You Love Me found on my page. Any chapter will do.

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payment is complete <3

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drag to new tab to enlarge
@bornbad here’s your graphic don’t forget to credit!
if you need any changes let me know.


I didn’t realise I didn’t put last names with the cast playing them. I just fixed it up.

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that’s fine lmao I’ll start on them now let me know when you’ve done the payment.

SKSKSKSKSK oh my- dude, I love it so, so, so much, it’s exactly what I wanted, the rose- the eye- I’m- but is there anyway you could change the sword to a katana? That’s the only change I need. Besides that, it’s literal perfection.

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I’m glad you like it! Sorry about the sword here’s the fix ! >

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Title: sex toy
Subtitle: as you wish
Author: imtotallynotokay
Ideas: a guy with dark hair smoking with a scene from Italy in the background along with roses growing on the side of the cover.
Pictures:image image

this is the current cover:image

Maze is better than lucifer

missing something.

Hey there! I was hoping you would be able to create a cover for me! I included the storyline instead of a subtitle, to give you more of a feel about the idea of my story.

Title: Danger Lingers in the Heart
Author: mvicks
Story Line:
Mia is a closed book and prefers to stay that way. It helps to keep things from getting messy. There isn’t anything fun about her story anyway. Broken family, no big plans for the future. Don’t you just feel like jumping for joy?
Years after the tragedy that tore their family apart, her mom convinces her it’s a good idea to move back to the Big Apple. Mia knew that her mom was probably running away from one of her problems but she didn’t mind considering she had a few she was trying to escape herself.
A fresh start she said. It would be different she said.
Mia finds herself battling to leave the past where it belongs but that becomes nearly impossible when old friends are reunited.

Ideas: I hoping to have the cover be in a dark mood. Maybe a girl balancing on a rope. Or like a bunch of pictures (varying from bars, smoking, alcohol, children playing) and have them form the shape of heart? Maybe that one was too much to ask for.

I hope you accept!
Password: Maze is better than Lucifer

@mvicks accepted! You can complete payment on Tell Me You Love Me any chapter will do.

Gonna check it out right now :slight_smile: