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Character or Regular: Character?
Ideas: I’d like it to look similliar to the cover you made me for fault line. Rather in the center or on the side have zoey deutch. The behind/ on either side of her rather. Dylan Wang and Darren Chen OR kimiko Glenn and Casey coy. Then downing on posting have poloroids of which ever two you don’t use as wel as Connor Liang, Ceaser Wu, Crystal Reed, Charles Melton and Rob Roco
Pictures: can find if you need!
Words on Banner: thank you for reading this chapter of Fault Line
Maze is better then lucifer

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Character or Regular: character
Ideas: see post #167 but please instead use Jace Norman (David Kemplin), Sophia Lillis (Beryle Chelak), Jade Alleyne (Idaya Stanfield), Isabela Moner (Emercyn Turczynski) and Alisha Newton (Caitland Laskie) respectively.

Words on Banner: David Kemplin | Beryle Chelak | Idaya Stanfield | Emercyn Turczynski | Caitland Laskie
Maze is better than Lucifer

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@Southpuffle here is your graphic don’t forget to credit!
if you need any changes let me know.

here are your graphics don’t forget to credit!

Thx! Picked up!


It’s incredible tysm I love it!!!

Title: spilt milk and satellites
Subtitle: “don’t cry over”
Author: Jay puff
Ideas: 1 2 for the first idea I was thinking a solid or textured background with some various pngs, spilt or pouring milk or a milk carton, a satellite, a Volkswagen Beetle maybe some mechanic tools, foliage, satutes other random pngs with Lili Reinhart I was thinking something more everyday then glamorous. With a dark haired cole sprouce and rather zhao yi qin or lee min ki or Baek in ho standing behind her.

A second idea would be having Lili and rather Zhao Yi qin, lee min kk or baek in ho maniped together Example

A third option would be layered textures or something similload to the first idea
For the background and a couple pngs of Lili ExMple Example Example

Some others I really like are 1. 2.


Pictures: I can find some if you’d like!

Maze is better then lucifer

Title: door of durin
Subtitle: short stories & poems
Author: imtotallynotokay
Ideas: I was thinking of having perhaps the door of durin (it’s from lord of the rings/ the hobbit) with maybe a lake towards the bottom or a forest/vines on the sides

Maze is better than lucifer


Title: Foolproof / Nuts & Bolts / Bubble Wrap

Subtitle: Book 1 / 2 / 3 of the “Fixing Hearts” series

Author: Novella by Tanya Rider (can be on two lines)

Ideas: so basically im requesting three covers. Please only accept if you can do all three because they need to look similar (: i would like it to be romantic so maybe a different couple for each book no celebs or too much face showing. Something similar like all of them holding hands or hugging or sitting lol and with the same font that is noticeable/readable. Mood is not too happy but not too dark. Something simple like your cover for my life in living color




Inspo 2: UnsinkableShip covers

Password: maze is better than lucifer. Also the covers are for my main acc which i will credit you on but is it okay if i do the rest of the payment from this account?

Pack of 1-4: 4




beast boy:

Ideas: An icon of each character from the titans with different coloured themes (robin = grey/black, raven = purple, starfire = pink, beast boy = green). And then maybe their names on each icon. Maze is better than lucifer. Thank you! If you find other pics i’m fine with that.

Everybody above this message is accepted I’m at work so I can’t do the little fancy acceptance thing but you all can do the required payment. The ones with covers you can comment on any chapter of my story Tell Me You Love Me. Graphics will most likely be distributed tomorrow. @princessundercover9 @Southpuffle @imtotallynotokay @teafortanya @ribonucleotide Let me know when payment is completed. (@teafortanya yes that’s fine.)


Payment completed (I was already following you, so I added your book to my lib - let me know if there’s anything else I need to do)! :blush:

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I left a comment on the first chapter of your book and I’m already following you. I plan on giving you credit for both the covers you’ve done. Let me know if I need to do anything else and I gladly will.

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Payment completed

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Each time you request you have to do the payment so yes you’d have to comment again. That’s like me saying I just made you a cover last night do I have to make one again?

tysm hun! payment complete xx

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thanks for accepting - payment complete

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Okay alright can you delete your posts? You’re being inconsiderate and ignorant feel free to undo your payment and please move along to other threads cause I don’t want you on mine anymore. You could have handled this way more professionally you’re making a fool of yourself keep your homophobic comments to yourself, period. Get off my thread.