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Character or Regular: Regular
Ideas: Think like botanist with like flowers and vines

Words on Banner:When I wrote this I was listening to…Tears by Bipolar Sunshine

Password: Maze is better than lucifer

4 , 6 or 8 : 6
mood/colors : similar in vibe to my banner
ideas: the chapter in orientated around biology and chemistry so lots of yellows and greens a lot of plants
pictures (optional): nope

password maze is better than lucifer

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@Southpuffle @imtotallynotokay here are your graphics don’t forget to credit!
if you need any changes let me know.


@Shayla_oxoo @bon_kiss sorry denied guys I don’t feel like I’d do justice at the moment

It looks great thank you

@teafortanya here are your graphics! if you need any changes let me know!

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omg it looks better than i imagined c: just a tiny change with the last cover do you think you could use this picture instead? i feel like the colours would work better? its up to you though!

that was quick! thank you so much i love them <3

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@ribonucleotide here are your icons if you need any changes let me know

image image image image

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Omg they’re perfect tysm i loveeeee them <3

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uhga like usual absolutely stunning!! tysm will definitely be using!

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just popping in to say heyyyyyyy love uuuuuuuu and your graphics are beautiful as always

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Love you most!!! & thank ya!

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i’ll brb when u open up again. i looooove your graphics man.:sob::black_heart:

No worries! Thankyou for replying!:))

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Title: Midnight
Subtitle: Beasts Are More Than Flesh And Fur
Author: Kat Emeline
Ideas: a forest background with the full moon showing would be cool. I really liked your blend example, sirens, where there was that star texture. I don’t know if it would be possible to include that on the cover but it would be cool if you could. my face claim is camila mendes. I’d like her to be front and center on the cover, and if you could edit it so she had gray eyes that would be amazing. if you also wanted to include a black wolf on the cover that’d be awesome but not necessary. the story isn’t published yet, but is ready to be.

maze is better than lucifer! (big mood)

Character or Regular: Character
Ideas: I was thinking maybe something school themed mixed with random textures for the background. maybe some random pngs, books, lockers, backpack “School” Themed items. with Zhao Yi Qin, Seo Kang-joon and Lee Min Ki. I was thinking Zhao yi quin or Lee Min Ki in the middle with the other two on either side.
Pictures: I can find some if you like.
Words on Banner: The good, the rich, and the bad
Maze is better then Lucifer

Character or Regular: regular
Ideas: I was hoping it could kind of match the cover you made me for Spilt milk and Satellites. the same color scheme with various object pngs. what I was kind of picturing was Lili Reinhart in the middle / more of the focus. with Zhao Yi Qin, Seo Kang-joon and Lee Min Ki on one side of her. Then on the other side of her have Cole Sprouse (with black hair) Vanessa Morgan, Jordan Connor, and Drew ray tanner (if all four don’t fit or aren’t usable cole and Vanessa would be fine too or a mixture of any of the four)
Pictures: I can find some if you like.
Words on Banner: Thanks for reading this chapter of spilt milk and satellites
Maze is better then Lucifer