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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:



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@lavenderlove here is your graphic don’t forget to credit!
if you need any changes let me know.


Title: Dinomelons
Subtitle: Taking Down the Slackersaurus
Author: Jay Puff
Ideas: id like the background to be light/bright with a teen fic/romcom vibes, maybe with dinosaurs or watermelons ( completely optional) my MC is Camila Mendes, and Id like her to be surrounded by Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Hu Yitian and park hyung sik or at least have them incorporated. I thought maybe having her at the bottom on in the middle with them around the sides, kinda like THIS Other ideas an inspo Something like This but with a dinsour shape instead of a question mark, and like a watermellon color pattern. another idea would be something like this
Pictures: hu yi tian1 hu yi tian2 hu yi tian3 park hyung sik1 park hyung sik2 park hyung sik3 dylan wang darren chen darren chen
Maze is better then lucifer

If you need any more ideas or images let me know!


It’s beautiful, thank you!


here’s your graphic if you need any changes let me know


:open_mouth: it’s perfect I love it tysm!!

I didn’t even know I was accepted lol x) what story would you like me to complete payment on?


No payment :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for accepting and the cover! ITS IS SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL! I’ve completed the payment!

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Title: The Bad Boy’s Sister

Subtitle: none

Author: Evie or lavenderlove-, whichever works for you best

Ideas: So I don’t have a particular face claim for this book. However, I do what a girl on the cover, with shoulder-length blonde hair. Her back could be facing the audience if that’s possible, if not, her face The colour scheme should be a mixture of darker neon colours, like purple and blue. I would like to add some smoke effects to the cover to give it a kind of mysterious vibe.

Pictures: these pictures represent the vibe I’m going for. you don’t have to use them, but could you find some pictures with similar moods?

Maze is better than Lucifer


Title: no bueno
Subtitle: I’m fucked up, but I swear I’m trying
Author: Jay Puff
Ideas: I was thinking a light / bright themed background maybe some sort of texture or stock. With Maia Mitchell (something newer I also really like her with her septum pierced) I was also thinking to have one or more of the following nam joo hyuk, Park Seo-joon, Kim Min-jae or Cha Eun-woo. I wanted the cover to have a really happy upbeat vibe with some underlying agnst Some inspo of covers I like are 1. 2 3. 4

I can give more inspo if needed!

I like how This type of cover looks and I thought the image of Maia from The good trouble poster would be good for it but didn’t think any of the boys had anything matching. I also really like the look of This and This. Where the two are maniped together and almost look like a scene

Pictures: can find for u if needed
Maze is better then lucifer


Title: love her, if you dare
Subtitle: this is a secret, can’t be exposed.
Author: aditi jain
Ideas: - selena gomez, in the middle (smiling), zayn malik on the right (serious, mysterious) and harry styles on the left, (smirking). both are looking at her. - above, zayn and selena, and below, harry and selena. - below, selena gomez and zayn malik and above in the boxes, selena and harry (happy) selena above, smiling. Below Zayn and Harry, smirking or worried, with anything related to london in the background. selena in between, while zayn worried, on the right. And harry smirking in the back, looking at her on the left. Or vice versa. above, zayn and Selena as a couple and below selena and harry as a couple. Two parts of the cover, selena with both the boys and then in between, the title.

Pictures: none.

Maze is better than lucifer.


@lavenderlove @Southpuffle both accepted you can comment on any chapter of Tell Me You Love Me or The Way She Moves @noFOOKINidea sorry denied I did this cover for you before on my other thread and it didn’t meet your expectations, don’t think I’d do any justice.


payment complete hun!! :slight_smile:



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@lavenderlove @Southpuffle here are your graphic don’t forget to credit!
if you need any changes let me know.


It’s perfect I love it thank you so much!


@HeartlessVibes1 It’s so beautiful! Thank you so much! Payment completed :slight_smile:



Title: Hush
Subtitle: It almost seemed like a normal night at Ridgeview Field.
Author: Unconscious
Ideas: Its about a girl playing hide and seek in a creepy, old house so maybe something horroresque. I was thinking maybe a girl on the cover, with her hands over her mouth but if that doesn’t work then tape or black scribbles over her mouth. In the background, a cloudy night sky with trees and a creepy, old house.


Maze is better than lucifer!


Oh. I’m sorry, i don’t remember. My bad. Your covers are beautiful.


Title: Death Obsessed
Subtitle: A Dark Death Novel
Author: Kat Emeline
Ideas: the story takes place in new york so a city background of some kind would be perfect. the colors could be blue, silvers, blacks. my face claim is kaya scodelario and matthew daddario. if both of them together don’t look good, then just kaya by herself is fine. I have 3 different ideas. I really like the model placement on this cover something like that would be really cool. my other idea is to have kaya centered on the cover surrounded by dark raven’s feathers. my final idea is kaya holding a black snake like in this cover

maze is better than lucifer!