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Bloop part 2


Character or Regular: character
Ideas: you can have the face claim (Aubrey Miller) in front of the façade of a detached house, preferably surrounded by a little garden (optional). Please add butterflies and leaves (the latter are optional) around her.

Words on Banner: Clarissa Kissling

Maze is better than Lucifer (in case you accept, could you make seven more, please?)


Your covers are so beautiful :heart::heart::heart:


thank you!


denied sorry I don’t feel like creating a load of banners atm sorry


I understand. Thank you for telling me anyway. P.S.: Do you know anyone who makes banners? I don’t feel like making them myself, lately I’ve been making covers only and therefore my banners are on the poorly made side…


not off the top of my head no, but I’m sure if you go through the mdc you’d find someone suitable


Okay so I remember doing this cover for you on one of my other threads and you didn’t like what I came up with nnn


Oh I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize!

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That’s fine!


It’s perfect! I love it tysm

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Ok, thx!


I just gotta say I love this thread because Lucifer is my favorite show in the world!!!


this thread is amazing! (unsure if I agree maze is better than lucifer but she’s definitely at least on the same level)


@SpaCed-0ut I love the show sooooo much I’m waiting for season 4 I wish Netflix would release a trailer or something @weirdpurplepanda Maze is in fact better than Lucy!


what i love maze and Lucifer equally but last season maze was being a pain in the ass

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babeeeeee i’m baaaaaack! hope you’re well! could you possibly do another graphic for me?


Sure just fill out the form!

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Title: The Prince
Author: imtotallynotokay
Ideas: I was thinking of having a guy with either blonde, brown or black hair with a crown on his head (doesn’t have to have a crown) kneeling with a sword or a knight without his face showing.
I haven’t posted it yet but if you do decide to accept this I can post it as soon as I get a cover.
Maze is better than lucifer