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@KateKay3948 here is your graphic don’t forget to credit!
if you need any changes let me know.


yeah send the pics so I can get a feel of what you’re after


Payment completed😊

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@imtotallynotokay here is your graphic don’t forget to credit!
if you need any changes let me know.

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It looks fantastic thank you

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Is it possible to see what it looks like without the wavy outline on the border?

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It is, tysm!


Title: Skylark
Subtitle: N/A
Lil Summary: It’s an icy romance book about a super hot angel because I had a dream about it one night, and it takes place in a snowy location and it’s kind of intimate. The hot angel saves her one night, and then she finds out she’s important, and then the hot angel agrees to help her solve something that can only be done in his crazy alter world blah blah blah and yea they fall in love eventually. Skylark is the hot angels name.
Face Claims/Celebs: Taylor Marie Hill (Kiara) & Marlon Teixiera (Skylark)
Author: Efaline Willis
Ideas: I was hoping there could be some kind of snowy or icey background to keep the main theme. Maybe a color scheme of like blues, and grays, and whites, and then dark/gray-ish blues as well. Hopefully have one or both main characters on the cover, and if you use Skylark or Marlon who’s his face claim, maybe a large set of angel wings behind him. There could be like snow falling, icicles, clouds- anything that symbolizes the cold, really. I’ll put some already made art / the current cover in w the pics so you can get like a general idea. (You can do whatever you’d like, though- I trust your judgement better than mine!! As long as it’s in the same criteria we’re good!) Also, Skylark’s character is always serious and like rarely smiles!!
Pictures: Image result for marlon teixeira ,

, Related image , ,
Cover & Already Made Art: Skylark #JustWriteIt {#Watty's2016} , image
Pass: Mace is better than Lucifer <3 (I LOVE this show btw)


is it better this way? >


@starlet accepted you can comment on any chapter of my story Tell Me You Love Me. & Do I 100% need to use those images? If not can you erase a few It’s a lot of scrolling and they’re really big nnn sorry


Yes it’s perfect! Thank you so much!

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I LOVE LUCIFER! tom ellis is hot AF

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SUP!!! & I agree omfg I’m waiting for s4 Tom and Lesley (plays Maze) are fine asl bisexuality at its peak!

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OMF RIGHT?! lesley can honestly GET IT

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MANIPS I’m going to be extremely picky I’m new at these and to warn yall I’m only “good” with up close like selfie types
Celebrities/pics: Stefanie Scott (brunette) and Tom Holland
ideas: I was thinking a “selfie” type image of the two, with her happy, smiling and him rather happy or goofy (It’s supposed to be their first day of school)
Maze is better than Lucifer


Character or Regular: character
Ideas: jorja smith is the face claim. if you could get a pic of her laughing or just smiling, that would be good. i consider bianca to be a pretty cheerful, very good-girl character. i’d like the colors to be pink and blue, and if you could add flowers around her, that would be v lovely :black_heart:
Pictures: looking for some atm
Words on Banner: bianca
Other: i unposted this story to edit it, as it is titled “Hell of a Girl” (you did a cover for it, which i LOVE) but I’m about to repost it ASAP. thank you sm! love u


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yea that’s fine! I didn’t expect them to actually put the full pics lol, just the links… I’ll delete most for ya

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@Southpuffle @TamiaDaneille accepted you can comment on any chapter of Tell Me You Love Me.

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thanksss i’m going to bed soon, so i’ll complete payment tomorrow :black_heart:

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