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@Southpuffle accepted for both you can comment two times on any chapter of The Way She Moves.


Title: my lost soul
Author: imtotallynotokay
Ideas: I was wondering if you could make a gloomy cover with Brendon Urie on it with maybe a door behind him. (The story is about wanting a past lover back but the other knowing its a bad idea so they just say we could be friends again but are love is in the past and its going to stay there.)
Pictures: Here’s the current cover
Maze is better than lucifer.


Tysm hun! Payment complete!

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@Southpuffle here are your graphic don’t forget to credit!
if you need any changes let me know.


@imtotallynotokay accepted you can comment on any chapter of The Way She Moves.

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Payment completed



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@imtotallynotokay here is your graphic don’t forget to credit!
if you need any changes let me know Instead of doing it behind him I tried him being behind the door if you want me to change it to him behind let me know.

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Uhh gorgeous. As always!! Will definitely be using!!

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Hi love! How many banner requests do you accept at a time?




It looks great but him behind the door doesn’t really fit my story could you put the door behind him instead? Sorry about this.

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Hmm… I need eight. I’ll request three at a time for the first six and then the last two at a later time. Is it okay for you? Otherwise, I’ll only request three and ask for other five somewhere else.

Thx for the info!


Title:la Guerra De Hermanas
ideas: 88980915-176-k281363
Pictures: unfortunately I don’t haved pictures. hope that doesn’t really matter.
Note: I’m requesting this for cover for my other account for some resonse its not letting uplonding image idk why
Cast: the sister are twins please use dove cameron, francisco lachowski Austin Butler but when he was young

(Stroy ts not post it yet i’m not done with the summary but it will be once i get the cover, i would be happy to do other payment

Password! Maze is better than Lucifer.


I’d have to see what you’re asking first before I agree to anything. Fill out the form for one so I can see if I can do them.


you’re missing something.


is this better?

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I put the passwords :slight_smile:


wait also I’m kind of confused? you want all four of them on the cover? Just like the example you linked? If so who do you want in front? In Sabrina’s place?


I’m so sorry to confused you i wanted the four people on the cover but not sabrina just an ideas what I’m looking for


no I’m saying if I go by that example who do you want to replace sabrina? Dove?