Desperately need members

The @themermaidscommunity is desperately in need of members.

What we need:
5 Admins
1 Graphic Designers
4 Editors
4 Reviewers
6 Judges
4 Interviewers
4 Publicists


We need only one more graphic designer but all the other positions are desperately in need!!!

We really need members so we can get started. Please spread the word!!!


What is it?

Its a community that we’re trying to get off the ground! Im the graphic design admin :smiley:

Graphic shop opennn

@Forever_D_A are you still looking for members? can I apply for the graphic designer position? if the graphic designer slot is taken, can i apply for the editor one? Thanks!

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Give it a go! I’m not head admin so she’ll decide but yeah please!!

Hi there, I’m no graphic designer but I make book covers, banners, and other stuff.

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Hiiii!!! Welcome to the wattpad writers community!!!

Give it a go and we’ll see what happens :smile: we’re looking to fill other positions as well so give it a go!!

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Thanks for the welcome!!
How and where to give? sorry, And I might do interviewing this too :confused:

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GD looks like just got filled but theres so many other positions to try if you wanna

Flip through this to find positions and apply if youd like :slight_smile:

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Hi there!

I’m going to have to move your thread to the #story-services:general-writing-help Category as you are advertising positions available in your group.

I’m also going to have to edit your post to remove the link to your graphic shop.

Thank you for understanding! :yellow_heart:

Community Ambassador

I’m interested in applying for the editor’s position. Is it still available?

But, could you possibly explain the roles of the reviewer and the judge? I’m interested in those as well!

Are you still in need of editors and reviewers?


I believe there is one spot left for an editor. This link will take you to the application form. Goodluck! :grinning:

Thank you

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