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Vexful // Playlist // Post 6 // completed
Spruce_Goose // Cover // Post 18 // completed
Saintc // premade cover // Post 33 // completed
Spruce_Goose // Cover // Post 36 // completed

Vexful // Playlist // Post 74 // in progress
OnaLG // cover // Post 75 // semi accepted
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Character [x] Chapter [] Ship [] Story [] Personal []

Title: Damien Hawthorne
Subtitle: (optional) King of Thunder
Author: Vexful
Summary: (Keep it brief) book showcasing the struggle between a noble king and the queen of the underworld as they battle for the throne and try to ignore their past love for each other
Character Description: (character and ship playlists only) Stubborn and headstrong king. Selfless, will do anything for his people. Torn between his head and his heart, in love with a girl who is the embodiment of evil and darkness, but also trying to protect his people from her. Ability to control lightning and thunder and storms, songs including this would be great :slight_smile:
Genre/Mood: Gryfindor, brave and reckless leader, courage, strong, very royal red/gold vibe?
Artists/Songs to be Included: I love alternative, and male vocals only would be preferred (the neighborhood, panic at the disco, 21 pilots, etccc)
Artists/Songs to be Avoided: anything on the top 40’s? I want songs from like 2010 and up that aren’t super overplayed. I’m trying to find some new music too
Cover Ideas: (images optional) maybe? Not too picky about this
Anything Else: thank you cutie :slight_smile:
Password: RA9




Done :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’m at work right now but expect your playlist (with playlist cover) within 24-48 hours unless I need some more details.


Quick question: How do you want the cover done? (If you see on the playlist examples, my newer ones use different layouts. Or do you want just minimal editing with text?)


I honestly don’t mind too much! However you want to do it/think it looks the best


Just wanted to check because some requesters have a specific style in mind! Will have your playlist ready late tonight (or a few hours anyway, considering I finally have access to WiFi).


Your playlist is now ready! Currently, my phone is at a 6% charge, so I’ll be uploading the cover once that problem is solved. There wasn’t a whole lot of detail, so I tried to find as many songs as possible that suited the character description and summary. I know you said all male vocalists, but I couldn’t resist adding “Love is Madness” by Thirty Seconds to Mars featuring Halsey. If any of these songs don’t work for you, let me know and I will happily replace them with something more suiting. If you decide to use the playlist in a work of yours, please remember to credit.
Thank you for requesting at DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN


thank you so much, just now seeing this!!!


Glad you like it! It was 3:30 in the morning when I posted it so I didn’t have time to upload the cover but I will be doing it within the next 20-30 minutes, depending on how my computer acts. (The app keeps crashing and I think I’m being charged overage for my internet data usage.)


@Vexful The cover is now uploaded! Here’s what it looks like up close! (I kind of went for a simple/template layout because, again, it was 2 in the morning :joy: )




Simple [X] Minimal []

Title: Winter Wonderland
Subtitle: N/A
Author: Amelia Harper
Genre: Teen Fiction
Mood/Color scheme: Mood: Quite bright and happy and the colour scheme to be blues, greens and reds (Christmas colours :smiley: )
Pictures/Inspo: (please provide at least one) This cover is a sequel so anything similar to the original would be amazing
Ideas: (specific) Some kind of Christmas picture with a cursive font (like the one above)
Anything Else: The book isn’t posted yet, the cover will be shown when the announcement is made (hopefully won’t be too far away)
Password: RA9


First off, I loved that book! I’m a little behind on some chapters, but it was so good. Second, ACCEPTED! NO PAYMENT REQUIRED. IF YOU HAVE ANY SPECIFIC IMAGES YOU WOULD LIKE USED, LET ME KNOW


Wow xD I’ve never requested a cover and someone’s already read it (or in this case, the original xD) I’ll have a look for some images :smiley: