Detroit: Become Human // open // covers, outfits, playlists, etc


I needed a good Christmas read and it was one of the few I found and liked lol


Ahh, nice xD


Just letting you know I didn’t get home until 1 AM yesterday, so I’ll be getting a start on your cover tonight.


That’s fine :slight_smile:


@Spruce_Goose So, I found three good images so far (and possibly three more) and I was wondering if any of these would work out for you?
image image image

And maybe in one of these layouts as an example? (Or something else?)

image image


I love the last image and either layout is fine :slight_smile:


@Spruce_Goose Your graphic is now ready! Originally, I had a few other images that I wanted to use but instead went with these three (which is why I was asking about the layout). I know you said you liked the one with the ornaments but I did two others to provide a variety. If there’s something you don’t like (image, text, font coloring) let me know and I will edit it ASAP. If you do decide to use the cover, please remember to credit.
Thank you for requesting at DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN
image image image


They’re amazing!! Thank you so much!!


No problem! Thank you for requesting :heart:


Is this premade cover available?



Yes! Not sure if I can recall what font I used (I know I still have it somewhere) but it is available. If you’d like it, you can fill out the custom cover form, but just fill out what’s necessary.


Okay, I’ll do that now. :slight_smile:


Premade request.

Old title: Road Trip.

New Title: Finding August.

Author: Saint Caliendo.

Password: RA9




Thank you! :smiley:


Simple [X] Minimal []

Title: Last Christmas
Subtitle: N/A
Author: Amelia Harper
Genre: Teen Fiction
Mood/Color scheme: Mood: Quite bright and happy and the colour scheme to be blues, greens and reds (Christmas colours :smiley: )
Pictures/Inspo: (please provide at least one) You already know the cover,it would be great to have the two of them match, to show they are part of a series
Ideas: (specific) Some kind of Christmas picture with a cursive font (like the one above)
Anything Else: I’m back xD I want the two covers to match and I loved the ones you made for Winter Wonderland :smiley: (I’m using the one with the Christmas tree in the picture for the cover)
Password: RA9


Accepted, of course! No payment required and I will try to have your cover tonight or in the morning. If you have any specific images, let me know! (Do you still want a wrapped present or something similar to one of the three above?)


Wrapped presents would be fine :slight_smile:


Your graphic is ready! I did manage to find the font used but not the effects measurements (I keep most premade cover details on a document but ended up deleted and I couldn’t recover it because it had become corrupt somewhere during the recovery) so it does have very minor differences from the original although hardly noticeable unless you’ve designed it :sweat_smile:
If you’d like any changes (font, effects, etc) let me know and if you decide to use the cover, please remember to credit.
Thank you for requesting at DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN


Thank you so much. :smiley: