Detroit: Become Human // open // covers, outfits, playlists, etc


I’m having a bit of a problem finding images with wrapped presents that are similar to both the Winter Wonderland cover and current Last Christmas cover and I’ve got a meeting at work with managers in just an hour — do you have any other specific idea in mind?


Anything that you think will work will be fine :slight_smile:


I’m just now leaving work, but I found some images on break. Personally, I don’t like any of these but these are as good as I can find and I’m STILL looking for something that would work with the second cover.
If you like at least three of these, let me know, if not, then I’m still looking and will be until I find the right image.

image image image image image image


just stopping by to appreciate your stunning works and oH mY gAdh finally a fellow dbh fan OuO


Lol hardly. Have you SEEN the other designers in the MDC? AND YAS I LOVE DBH SO MUCH! I actually got the good ending and I don’t want to start a new story for the other endings. I EVEN FREED CHLOE AND IT’S NOT THE SAME WITHOUT HER :sob:


Simple [x] Minimal []

Title: Exsanguinated
Subtitle: N/A
Author: 0ReadMyShift0
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Mood/Color scheme: red, black, purple, dark blue
Pictures/Inspo: (please provide at least one)
Ideas: (specific) The story gets a lot of inspo from the show Hannibal if that helps. I’d like something that shows the combination of darkness and fantasy well.
Anything Else: NOpe :slight_smile: just that I like your designs!


It won’t let me post a link for a pic? Something about being a new member and not posting more than five even though i posted one?



What do u mean? Like I love your works, they’re so pretty ^ I know how u feel about Chloe uwu but did u get a new one? my friend got another Chloe, i think she said it was a limited time offer to get a new Chloe. and yesss, restarting the game to get the other endings seems a bit hard. i can’t watch them have the good ending, play the game again and watch them have the bad ending. it breaks my heart just thinking about it


I’m just now finding a way to make covers more cleaner rather than having multiple textures overlap or a slap-text. I finally found the right fonts and textures, too.

AND I’M TRYING TO GET CHLOE BACK! I think you need Internet for it, and my iPhone has a hotspot but limited data, but I’m already being charged overage. :sob:

Instead of just restarting the whole game with “new story”, I’m just playing from checkpoints. I’m sorry, Connor!


Did you get the trophy where you intentionally let Connor get killed at all possible moments? because i don’t think i can even do that T_T and i really, really hope you get a new Chloe because you’re right, it’s not the same without seeing her when you open the game


No, I actually got to keep the same Connor throughout the whole gameplay. That hug between him and Hank at the end about killed me.

I’m gonna go home and see if I can find a way to get Chloe back.


well good for you for keeping Connor alive because at my first playthrough Connor died quite… a lot. like i managed to get him killed in his first appearance at the game and in the interrogation room as well (i didn’t know what i was doing and kept pressuring the deviant) 0u0 did you play casual or experienced?


I played “Experienced” because I felt casual wouldn’t be as fun. Well, as fun as gaming-induced-stress can be :joy:


Hey, sorry, I didn’t see this until now (whoops). Do you have any specific details for the cover idea or the book itself?


playing “experienced” seems better and much more fun because you’ll have to be really careful of your choices (or probably because we think we’re hardcore gamers xD). before i forget, who do you think RA9 is? like my friends are saying it’s Kara but personally I think it’s Markus


What’s a little fun without the risk of killing off all your favorite characters in DBH? :rofl:
In the game, Kamski claims that RA9 is the first Android to awaken. Which is why deviants take on this android as a spiritual figure, a God to the Androids. If this is an Android, and not a code that “unlocks” the androids freedom of choice (perhaps Kamski purposely placed this code that would wake up the androids. “I always leave an emergency exit in my programs,” is what he said at some point), then it could be anyone.
I say Kara because in 2012 or so, there was a short film (which you can buy with points in Extras) that first introduced what would become one of the lead characters in a bestselling video game. They put her together and try to take her apart when she displays emotion, but when she says she’s afraid, they put her together again and let her go. Making her possibly the first to awaken.
Or it COULD be Connor because his model number isn’t far off — RK800.
But Markus lines up most, with his model number being RK200, and there is proof that could show he is RA9. He was gifted to Carl, a prototype from Kamski. The father of androids. They say RA9 will set them free, and Markus has this appearance of automatically knowing what to do. How to set these androids free.
My best theory is a code or Kara or Markus, long story short.

(Yeah, I really delved into that topic lmao.)


omg at least i’m the only person pondering over who ra9 is over and over :joy::joy: i also lingered around the possibility ra9 could be Kara but in the game, she was still an android and only became deviant when Todd was about to hurt Alice. So i’m still pretty unsure about it. I was certain about Markus being ra9 BUT since there were already deviants in Jericho, there’s also a possibility that someone else might have been “the first” to become deviant. arghh i dunno anymore this game is actually making me think :joy::joy::joy:


I could actually write a whole thesis on who RA9 might be, if it is an Android being, and how Markus or Kara could be RA9, or perhaps not Kara, but the Kara (different model) from the short film in 2012?

Ugh, the thinking the game makes me do. I spent all day pondering over just one chapter to the point where I had to take two Advil :joy:


@Spruce_Goose So, I found a few more images and will try to have the cover done tonight.