Detroit: Become Human // open // covers, outfits, playlists, etc


I did have the intention of replying to your previous message but school got on top of me xD


Lol it’s no problem. I forgot about the thread, actually. After 7 days, I finally got an off day, and spent it at the mall :sweat_smile:


@Spruce_Goose So. Here is the result of me just screwing around at 1:30 this morning. Really, these covers just… suck… badly… Honestly, I don’t blame you if you cringe in disgust. It was hard to find an image that had that style that the first book’s cover and the sequel’s cover had, so I had to just start winging it.
It’s awful.
Honestly, I don’t mind redoing any of them. Like I said, I was just messing around and ended up with these four.
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I absolutely LOVE the second one!!! It’s so cool!


Yay! Thank you for requesting :heart:


i just love games that make you think about it all day and night. no wonder i fell into the dbh fandom too quickly and i have no intention on getting back up :joy::joy: it was nice talking to you (you are literally the first person in the internet that i had a talk with about dbh so) hope we can be friends o///o


I used to not care for video games, my brothers were — and still are — addicted to games like Mortal Combat, and then I started watching YouTubers like Jacksepticeye play DBH and it was one of those series that fell like a Netflix show. It was addicting. So, as soon as I got the money, I blew half my check on a PS4 and had to order DBH from another store because the store I went to had sold out.
No regrets.
Best new fandom ever.


Free graphics end tomorrow at midnight!


Simple [x] Minimal []

Title: Chasing Her
Subtitle: An innocent Summer Fling?
Author: KateAnnee
Genre: short story
Mood/Color scheme: bright colours, a happy mood.
Pictures/Inspo: I really like the vibe of this picture.
Ideas: a girl laughing st the camera. My face claim is amelia Zadro
Anything Else: nope thank you!
Password: RA9


Sorry! I lost this thread :joy:
If you’re still interested, I can give the cover a shot.


Yeah Id love if you could give it a go :smile:


I have an off day coming up soon and I can do the cover but need time to add some editing, so accepted. No payment necessary because you waited so long for a reply.


Thank you :blush:



Character Chapter Ship Story Personal

Title: Kian Deveraux
Subtitle: (optional)
Author: Vexful
Character Description: Kian is the definition of a Gemini. He is the villain disguised as a helpful friend and ally, and his betrayal is only discovered at the end of the book.True rebel at heart. He’s careless, and bold, using his looks and flirtatious ways to get whatever he wants. As a bisexual man who refuses to admit that he’s likes men, he deals with a lot of shame and denial along with catholic guilt. His father is harsh and cruel, always making him believe that he was unpure or tainted in some way. He’s a true rebel, always pushing the group to be reckless and do things that will probably get them in trouble. just very chaotic in general.
Genre/Mood: Angst, anger, sadness
Artists/Songs to be Included: All male vocals if you can, and the one you did for me last time was P E R F E C T and fit so well, so the same grunge alternative maybe a lil bit of rock in there. Anything you think fits!
Artists/Songs to be Avoided: Anything super popular and “pop” sounding
Cover Ideas: (images optional) Something do with ice
Anything Else: As for # of songs, honestly as many as you’re willing to do!
Password: RA9


Simple Minimal

Title: El arte de decir te quiero

Subtitle: n/a

Author: Ona Lovegood

Genre: Teen Fiction and Romance

Mood/Color scheme: Violet or blues colors


• I want one cover like this:

Ideas: I wanted an artistic cover, with a couple full of watercolor colors or related to art.

Anything Else: t’s about a girl plump blonde who loves to write and a “bad” guy who likes music. Both must hide their hobbies for what they will say, then upload their creations on a website. The two protagonists hate each other in the real life, but they love each other online and anonimous.

Password: RA9

Thank’s so much <3


@Vexful Accepted and no payment necessary at this point and time (mostly because there may be a week-long wait time due to a few things offline)

@OnaLG Semi-accepted, let me see what I can do first.

@KateAnnee Expect your cover tomorrow night


Thank’s so much♥



Character Chapter Ship Story Personal

Title: Dwindling Darkness
Subtitle: (optional) She will do anything to get him back
Author: Rose
Summary: (Keep it brief) She lost him. Nick Zajac was dragged to the underworld, and Vivian Blackwood was helpless to stop it. Intent on getting back the love of her life, Vivian will have to embrace her inner demon, and get him back. Even if it means embracing the darkest part of her self, and diving into depths that may cause her to lose her soul.
She’ll get him back. No matter the cost.

Character Description: (character and ship playlists only)
Genre/Mood: Sad, longing, angry
Artists/Songs to be Included: Alternative, love the nieghborhood and amber run and breaking benjamin and more. Mostly female singers though
Artists/Songs to be Avoided: pop and country and metal
Cover Ideas: (images optional)
Anything Else: I really want to hit in mostly female songs about angst and becoming darker and losing yourself and becoming obsessive and losing someone you love and just being really angry about it
Password: RA9


Do you have a few more artists or songs you would like to see used in a playlist?


Current songs that I have for the playlist are

-Hurts like Hell- Fleurie
-Let it die- Starset
-Dead in the Water- Ellie Goulding
-Slipped Away- Avril Lavigne
-Here without you- 3 doors down

I’m trying to go with similar themes to these songs, but I don’t want them on the playlist because I’m trying to find new ones :slight_smile: as you can see it’s a little everywhere