Detroit: Become Human // open // covers, outfits, playlists, etc


And that works perfectly. I have some of these artists and similar artists saved onto previous playlists and keeps cropping up in my Spotify Shuffle, so I should be able to find something suiting. Accepted!


I am so sorry for such a freaking late AF cover, but I couldn’t find the right image at first and then I didn’t get a proper day off. I still have the editing window open, so if you don’t like the cover, I will happily apply any changes or redo the cover entirely.
If you do use, please remember to credit :hearts:
(Note, the subtitle was left out because there wasn’t the right amount of room, but it can be added somewhere.)



All remaining graphics will be delivered Saturday


I’m not currently looking for a cover but i’m an avid d:bh fan and I’m so shook because I had no idea you could free chloe!?!? i got the good ending but i didn’t get to free chloe. how did you do that?


Character Chapter Ship Story Personal

Title: Breaking Point
Subtitle: (optional)
Author: Leighyeann A. Mies (the story is posted on @leighyeann)
Summary: (Keep it brief) basically, the story of six girls who have to sort their issues out before they reach the breaking point
Character Description: (character and ship playlists only)
Genre/Mood: short story/g×g + the mood is badass and fierce, a little melancholic but also hopeful
Artists/Songs to be Included: please include anything in the lines of Black Widow by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora OR Unconditionally by Katy Perry (an alternative could be Nobody’s Perfect by Jessie J)
Artists/Songs to be Avoided: please no bubblegum pop, overly happy or overly sad songs.
Cover Ideas: (images optional) preferably a girl at a car valet OR a sad girl standing by a window. (She should be blonde-haired)
Anything Else: no thx
Password: RA9


At the very end, once you stick with the end credits, Chloe will talk about the characters and then ask to be freed. In this case, you will have the option to say yes or no. Saying yes means freeing her and I don’t think you can get her back. Saying no means she will reset herself to save herself the pain.




Thx! I’ll complete the payment later.


I’m in no hurry, so you’re good. (I mean, the playlist will still be completed but I’m not gonna be sitting here waiting.)


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heyyy! Just checking in to see about the playlist! Absolutely no rush or anything, I was just checking the queue and seeing it hadn’t been updated in awhile and I was just curious to see where I was on the list :slight_smile:


If you’re already following me, then it’s all good! I’m working on your playlist, along with previous requests, now (I’m in a productive mood at 1 in the morning, so might as well work on everything while I can :joy:)


Yeaaaah, I know. I apologize :sob:
I’ve been working and there was some things that came up, but I’m working on all playlist requests now. If they’re not delivered tonight, then definitely before I leave for work tomorrow


Okay. Thx for the info.


Simple Minimal

Title: A Walk Down Memory Lane


Author: Laura Ann Lee

Genre: TeenFic

Mood/Color scheme: Gloomy/Somewhat vibrant

Pictures/Inspo: In the ideas

Ideas: 1st: The background being something similar to ; as in the balcony scene but have more of a cursive-readable font. A little bit lighter. 2nd: Something similar to / A girl sorting through photographs works too.

Anything Else: I failed to save Chloe. But it’s one hell of a game.

Password: RA9


Okay :+1:t2:


Hey, do you have a queue or something at the moment? I requested this almost 20 days ago and you said it might take a week but it’s been quite a little bit more than that. No rush, but I was just wondering if you had an estimate to when it would be ready so I can stop checking for updates every few hours :joy:


Checking in again. Do you have an update on the status of the playlist? :sweat_smile:


@vexful @darklinglimmer I’m still trying. I almost had them done but work had me working Thanksgiving and Black Friday until almost midnight, and weather has been preventing me from having the proper signal.


Like I said, no rush cutie! Just checking in :slight_smile: Take your time!