Detroit: Become Human // open // covers, outfits, playlists, etc


Will you guys please list 5 songs or artists you would like added? The playlists are almost done but short of a few songs to make it a full playlist. @vexful @darklinglimmer @hatefuls33

After the playlists, I’ll be temporarily closing down the thread for a hiatus.


hmm Panic at the Disco, Daughtry, Banners, Chase Atlantic, Jaymes Young, Alec Benjamin, The Neighborhood. Does that help? :slight_smile:


Breaking Benjamin
Marina and the Diamonds


You can add:
● Say Amen by American Authors ft. Billy Raffoul
● Woman Like Me by Little Mix ft. Nicki Minaj or anything similar
● Side Effects by The Chainsmokers ft. Emily Warren
● How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and The Diamonds or anything similar

These are what I can come up with…


COMPLETELY forgot, I thought I had it done (Well, they were done, I just meant the delivery part) but here are these.

@Vexful , for you, the playlist for Kian Deveraux.
Let me know if you want any changes, and the cover will be uploaded once I’m done with the last playlist and/or have access to a computer. Whichever comes first.

@darklinglimmer , for you, your Dwindling Darkness playlist. I tried to use the songs and artists you wanted included, but it didn’t match the ongoing theme of songs, so I mostly went with whatever Spotify thought to be similar or more suiting. Let me know if you want any changes. (And I cannot add the cover as it is designed by another designer and the incorrect dimensions — 500x500, but I can make a custom cover if you’d like.)

Any other request that isn’t playlist is denied if you haven’t already cancelled.


I don’t see my playlist linked here? Am I blind and just not seeing it?:joy:


Lol not blind, it just removed the link for some unknown reason. Here:


Are you still offering playlist requests? No one I know picks songs as on point as you do!


update: listened to the songs and loved every one! Thank you :slight_smile: